(L-R:Vladamir Putin- Head Honcho of Russia..                   Ebola-Electron Microscope--All of US in the Crosshairs of the C.D.C, Gates/Soros/Obama
IAHF List: When I used to live in Hollywood, FL, I used to go to this amazing health club (see video) called the Russian and Turkish Baths, which is right on A1A (Collins Ave) in N.Miami Beach.
I loved this place! It has a Russian Radiant Room with a stone mass that radiates the most intense sauana heat I've ever experienced, and a cold plunge right outside the door so you can luxuriate in ice water after getting your core temp really high! See this video of Russians in an ice swimming club in Moscow- I wish I could go to this place sometime because I used to do ice swimming in Virginia after coming out of the sauna we had along a lake shore there and it is very relaxing and invigorating!!
Its pretty damned obvious that Obama is a genocidal killer who is fixin' right now to do us all in, so although I never thought I'd be appealing to the Head Honcho of Russia, asking for his help to stop this monster, now I figure we have NO CHOICE!!
I grew up in a US Navy family. My dad was a cold warrior who used to fight the Russians, but he always felt the deepest respect for them, and often he'd communicate via Morse Code with some high ranking Russian military guy on his ham radio down in the basement after getting home from work at Bell Labs where he was very much part of this horrible Military Industrial Complex which is now threatening to kill us all via weaponized scurvy and the CIA psyop that is clearly pushing it.
My dad communicated with the Russians because he hated being involved with the development of weapons of mass destruction, and deep down, he wanted peace. He was relieved when he was stripped of "Q Clearance" following a mental breakdown that resulted in his ending up in a mental hospital, as he was able to finish the last 10 years of his career as an electrical engineer doing ordinary engineering, stuff that only HELPED people, no more Defense Contracting.
Please stock up on Sulfur in the event that I might not be able to keep getting it for one reason or another as we come under martial law. I have plenty on hand now, but might not in the coming months because my supply lines could be cut, so if you all put in big orders now, I can keep getting resupplied with large quantities, that that will help us all!
I will throw in a free bottle of Magnascent iodine with any order of 10 lbs, and 2 Free bottles with any order of 20 lbs or more. The iodine will help protect your thyroid gland from radiation, and will help the 90% of Americans who suffer from metabolic syndrome to enjoy better health! No more inflammation, allergies, arthritis, and much improved energy due to the synergistic combo of sulfur + iodine optimizing ATP production in your Mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell! If you feel run down and lethargic, you CAN change that!!
I am sure the chemtrails will be intensifying, and they might even add ebola to what they're spraying on us via aircraft. You will need a ton of vitamin C, but also organic sulfur, a nebulizer, ionic silver, and plenty of herbs for detoxification,,, more specifics on this below the open letter to Putin which I need everyone in America (and around the world) to get to the Russian Embassy in Washington D.C. by emailing it to them at russianembassy@mindspring.com 
I just spoke with a guy named Alex at the Russian Embassy explaining what the Open Letter is about, and he was very friendly, very receptive!  
We sure as hell can't appeal to Obama (or his eugenics handlers: George Soros & Bill Gates) for any assistance, so, just like Edward Snowden, we have nothing to lose by appealing to Putin!! If you want to either go to the Russian Embassy  in DC in person with this message or call the Russian Embassy yourself to talk with Alex, or whoever answers, you can - see details below!!

Main Entrance to the Russian Embassy

2650 Wisconsin Ave., N.W.
Washington, DC 20007
Phone: (202) 298-5700
Fax: (202) 298-5735

Dear President Putin:
I grew up playing the "Stars and Stripes Forever" on my trombone as a member of the Summit High School Marching band, and am the son of Captain Richard Hammell, USN, who was the world's foremost expert on the internal guidance systems of ICBMs and Shipboard Anti Missile systems as a Defense Contractor at Bell Telephone Laboratories during the cold war.
My dad was one of the reasons why you guys removed your missiles from Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and you would have liked him. He had nothing against the Russian people at all, and used to love communicating with your top level military guys on his ham radio from our basement in Summit, just to chat, he wasn't trying to spy, he just wanted to know you guys as people because deep down he hated war due to having served in the Pacific during WW2 where he was the leader of Argus Unit 1, which today would be considered a SEAL team.
Growing up as a very patriotic American, and an Eagle Scout, I never thought I'd find myself writing to the President of Russia, asking for his help, but I am now. I am friends with the person who wrote the Open Letter to you below, and am assisting that person by reaching out to numerous people and groups world wide urging them to all write to you in the hopes you can stop the unfolding weaponized scurvy (Ebola vaccine) from being unleashed on humanity by the arch criminals at the US Department of Defense and the Centers for Disease Control!!
If you want to know more about who I am you can see me in this documentary film titled "We Become Silent- The Last Days of Health Freedom"We Become Silent- The Last Days of Health Freedom", which was narrated by Dame Judi Dench, the famous British actress who donated her time to help us make it. Much of the footage in it is mine, and I am also interviewed along with several of my health freedom allies from other countries.
HERE IS OUR OPEN LETTER- PLEASE HELP US ANY WAY YOU CAN!! P.S. If YOUR EMBASSY STAFF IN WASHINGTON DC WANT PROTECTION FROM EBOLA, WHICH IS WEAPONIZED SCURVY- PLEASE SEE MY DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW YOU CAN PROTECT YOURSELF, BELOW!! Also, If you Reply to This, I will Be Pleased to Post Your Reply to My Double Opt in Email Distribution List of Thousands of People World Wide! You can Sign up for this list at this link and I encourage your embassy staff to do so!
Dear President Putin,

It is very odd to write you, but you have been a sane presence in a world the Western elite is tearing apart, and I am so deeply grateful.  I am writing now because I have children and grandchildren and I am desperate to find a way to stop the global elites' plan for mass murder here.  One night I thought there would be hope if only the truth could be spoken above the barrage of US and global media lies.  And then I thought of you, who has done exactly that at least twice, quietly delivered truths that stopped mass murder.   

Many Americans were grateful for your actions in stopping a war against Syria wanted to much by the US, in your simply asking for proof of who had the weapons and asking about having authorities go into Syria to check.

We also have seen your immense restraint in the face of endless and deadly provocations from Kiev (controlled by our government).  And when the Malaysian plane was shot down and Western media was ready with lie after scripted lie to blame Russia or the Russian speaking people in the southern part of Ukraine, we saw you simply ask basic questions, asking for evidence that had not been provided by Kiev.  And we saw you deliver Russia's data freely.  You brought truth that had been suppressed.  You held steady until, as in Syria, the truth has slowly come out.

While the world's attention was focused by the Western powers on two outrageous things they caused - the downing of Malaysian plane and the attack on Gaza (both starting the day after the BRICS alliance was announced) - another thing began unnoticed.  It is the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.  It occurred around a US bioweapons lab funded by George Soros and Bill Gates
The world is now becoming aware of Ebola but is not getting the truth and has not seen it yet for what it really is.  It is a US and New World Order military operation using disease as the means to bring in UN and NATO troops and the WHO, to take control of countries and populations, and kill millions to billions by vaccines and other means.

Tulane University is working at the bioweapons lab in Sierra Leone.  It had previously worked with the CIA in weaponizing the polio vaccine that caused AIDS in Africa.  http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/origins-aids/  The bioweapons lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland that sent out weaponized anthrax  used threaten to two Senators opposed Bush's plan for war in Iraq, and to push through pandemic emergency laws we are now facing.  Those laws and WHO "health regulations and Bush and Obama presidential orders arrange for martial law, seizure of everything here, and arrange for mass murder.  The Western oligarchs have written in means to profit as each person is taken away, and those who take public away would cash in for doing so.

They plan to take everything.  http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/constitution/item/14989-obama-executive-orders-nationalizing-energy-food-water-everything-else

According to Mr. Neil Keenan, they plan to kill 268 million people here, or 3/4 of the population.  (http://neilkeenan.com/neil-keenan-update-the-last-line-of-defense/)

The mass media is entirely controlled here by the bankers and the pharmaceutical industry  http://www.medicalveritas.org/MedicalVeritas/Volume_7%3B_Number_2_January,_2011.html  so there is little way to interrupt the juggernaut that they have begun, each day with more lies about Ebola spreading, about it being out of control, about it having a 90% fatality rate, about quarantine centers opening, about a rush for vaccines, and now about the Food and Drug Administration just approving a test for Ebola.  

That test is like everything else this government is doing - a rigging of science and reality, and in a way meant to kill.  It always gives a positive indication of Ebola.  http://birdflu666.wordpress.com/2014/08/11/fda-authorizes-uses-of-an-unapproved-ebola-test-which-may-never-show-negative-for-ebola/

The reality is that Ebola is easily containable  http://presstv.com/detail/2014/08/09/374593/ebola-threat-real-or-false-flag/  Dr. Garth Nicolson stated the reassuring words in a an interview just recently.  (It may not even be here, except in government hands, or injected into those 50,000 immigrants the government induced to come here and then immediately scattered across the country ).  Dr. Nicolson is one of the leading scientists in the world http://www.immed.org/reachus.htm  and someone who risked his life to expose the anthrax vaccines which killed over 30,000 of our service people forced to take it.   He wrote about this in his book, Project Day Lily: An American Biological Warfare Tragedy.  http://www.projectdaylily.com/book.htm

Ebola is easily curable as well.  http://www.naturalhealth365.com/natural_cures/ebola-virus-thomas-levy-1095.html  It only takes vitamin C at IV level doses. The force of the cure can be seen in this 60 Minute video of a man who doctors said had H1N1 and should be removed from life support.  http://www.3news.co.nz/Living-Proof-Vitamin-C---Miracle-Cure/tabid/309/articleID/171328/Default.aspx  Instead, he was given IV vitamin C at high doses and is alive and well today.  

Here is a video of the NZ lecture on Vitamin C after the cure there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1kD3BolXnE

Here is simple explanation of how this was possible, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e07P6rj2Xx8 which changes everything about how one views disease and health.  The video is also the one missing in this article on the Dawn of a New Age of Medicine: Physics Offers A Unified Field Theory of All Disease  http://yupfarming.blogspot.com/2010/10/dawn-of-new-medical-age-and-collapse-of.html

Here is a powerpoint presentation on what it can do.  http://www.peakenergy.com/downloads/VC.NZ.Sept.2010.pdf

Here is a video of Vitamin C's endless cures as well as its total safety and the extreme costs to any government of not using it.  http://www.medfoxpub.com/cgi-bin/htmlos.cgi/medfoxnews/PrimalPanacea.html
Here is a video of a lecture on vitamin C to professionals, with an overview of its cures.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpptUsJFCEY

One molecule - in contrast to nuclear weapons which can cause endless diseases and even destroy the world - can free the world from all diseases and it can save the world from the Western banking elite who have been causing all the wars.  

The Western elite are inseparable from the pharmaceutical industry that put Hitler into office   http://www4.dr-rath-foundation.org/PHARMACEUTICAL_BUSINESS/history_of_the_pharmaceutical_industry.htm  

And they are now behind a plan to murder not just in the US but worldwide in the billions, to take global control.  One can see their depravity and their plans here.  http://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2014/08/07/the-elite-decapitation-and-obamacare-by-william-davies-this-is-big-very-very-big-and-connected-to-the-ebola-false-flag-j/  

You can see their connections to the Bushes here  http:/rense.com/general7/gw.htm .
Henry Kissinger may not rest in peace for his murderous role in all of this.  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/a-universal-declaration-of-resistance-to-mandatory-vaccinations/

"National Security Council Document 20506: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests -
This 1974 memorandum drafted by Henry Kissinger led directly to the unleashing of experimental vaccines on the unsuspecting public. It sighted countries as targets for "initial population reduction experimentation to be implemented around the year 2000". They identified India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia & Columbia for study. 3 million Filipinos ages 12-48 were given a test vaccine that ruined their health. North American Black & Native American Women were each given the same vaccine resulting in sterility rates of 25% & 35% respectively. The directive came from the WHO and was directly tied to Kissinger's report.

"It followed a 1972 report (Bulletin #47) issued by the World Health Organization which referred to an immune virus requested which would selectively destroy the Human T Cell System, to be distributed in conjunction with a Nationwide vaccination program "to observe the results". This coincided precisely with the extensive Small Pox vaccination program in central Africa - shortly preceding the outbreak of Aids in Africa, America & elsewhere. The determining factor most common in Aids victims is the breakdown of the T Cell System in the body. Another coincidence."
Memo 1:http://drcarley.com/pdf/WHO_Memo_1_searchable.pdf
Memo 2:http://drcarley.com/pdf/WHO_Memo_2_Searchable.pdf

The US knows that vitamin C is powerful for health and is a total threat to the pharmaceutical industry which is why they have been doing so much to stop its use in adequate enough amounts to be effective.  https://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2014/06/25/do-not-fail-to-read-a-follow-up-to-the-flu-is-not-the-flu-the-public-needs-to-what-the-fda-has-been-doing-to-ban-the-production-of-essential-iv-solutions-and-to-shut-down-compounding-pharma/

The letter is to ask you if you would once again ask some simple questions as you have with Syria and the Ukraine, only this time, would you ask questions of the world about the militarized Ebola "pandemic" ?  Would you give the world some simple truths about Vitamin C's capacity to cure Ebola, so people are not longer frightened and the true global military purpose of Ebola, in one moment, becomes exposed to the public?

A word from you will be heard around the world.  It could be enough to stop the guillotines and gas chambers and concentration camps set up here.  http://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2014/08/07/the-elite-decapitation-and-obamacare-by-william-davies-this-is-big-very-very-big-and-connected-to-the-ebola-false-flag-j/  It might be enough to save Africans who have already been sterilized, sickened or murdered in the millions by the WHO and US using different kinds of weaponized vaccines.  

Could BRICS offer millions of bags of solutions of IV vitamin C as a gesture of friendship to countries in need?  The US is one such country because the government has gone so far to stop IV vitamin C cures that it has worked to remove access even to the normal bags of fluids for hospitals use.  https://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2014/06/25/do-not-fail-to-read-a-follow-up-to-the-flu-is-not-the-flu-the-public-needs-to-what-the-fda-has-been-doing-to-ban-the-production-of-essential-iv-solutions-and-to-shut-down-compounding-pharma/

Questions about Ebola and truth about vitamin C and offers of IVC will not make you better friends with the Western elite who are trying to create WWIII against you, but it will make you billions of grateful friends among the people of the world threatened now with mass genocide, and many will cry in relief to learn that we can all be free of disease, inexpensively and easily.  And it will make you a hero to all the world which is waiting for the Western elite to be stopped, so peace and justice and health can come to our beautiful, beautiful world.

If you could again ask a few simple questions that the whole world needs to hear, maybe we could have peace and I can look at my grandchildren and only think about how wonderful they are and what they are doing and about making little things for them.

Please, would you help us?  They plan to murder us and our children.
With all best wishes,
An American who is extremely thankful that Russia has given the world you at this moment in history.
P.S.  Included are two pdf's with much more detailed information.
President Putin, I am friends with the person who wrote this open letter. Please help us get it out to the masses via "Russia Today" and any other media outlets you possibly can!
I promised to provide your Embassy Staff with assistance. Please see this previous alert, sent yesterdayous alert, sent yesterday, and please see my archived e-alerts here!
If you would like to personally speak with me, I can be reached at 1-360-945-0352 H&W, or your Embassy staff in D.C. can reach me toll free at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific time. If you miss me, please leave a message and the best time, your time, to call back. You can help protect my life by calling this to the masses attention!!
John Christopher Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
President- Sulfur for Health- www.sulfurforhealth.com
Consultant to the Life Extension Foundation
Member- Hall of Honor- Freedom Force International
Note: I am part Narragansett.  I am also Scots, English, and Danish. My grandmother and aunt were proud members of the Daughters of the American Revolution. My ancestors first came here to America thousands of years ago across the land bridge from Russia to Alaska, and my European ancestors first came here to in the 1500s to what now is the state of Rhode Island. I hope I may have the honor of meeting you in person some day! If you ever find yourself in Vancouver BC, Canada, or in Washington State, you are always welcome as a guest in my home. Ditto for any of your Embassy Staff.
556 Boundary Bay Rd.