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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
March 26, 2010
Notices for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

MONDAY, MARCH 29, 2010

•    Collections will be made only from the roadside
•    Do not place materials at public or private wharves
•    Materials are to be put out only during the weekend prior to the collection week
•    Material put out later than the Monday of the collection week will not be collected
The total quantity per household should not to exceed 3 cubic metres (1m x 1m x 1m)

Acceptable items
•    Appliances such as stoves and fridges – remove doors
•    Frames with glass removed – break glass into newspaper, wrap securely and put in household garbage
•    Paint tins and fuel containers – with the lid off and no liquid
•    Manageable quantities of: delivery pallets, wooden stairs, decking, gates, fencing, guttering, down piping, iron sheets and water tanks – cut down to 1.2 metre lengths and able to be lifted by one person; nails must not stick out – please hammer down; hot water systems – emptied
Place metals in a separate pile to other general clean up materials

Unacceptable items
•    Asbestos, batteries and household chemicals
•    Building materials – wall linings, gyprock, studs, timber beams, tiles, concrete
•    Car, motor and boat parts, rubber tyres – rims are accepted
•    Food, gas bottles, glass including windows, panes, mirrors, panels, shower screens, picture frames, liquid paints oils, fuel, soil, earth, fill, bricks
•    Recyclable materials – paper and cardboard, soiled wrappings, vegetation, plants
Unacceptable Items will not be collected – please remove from roadside

Kimbriki Waste & Recycling Facility is not licensed to accept hazardous waste
To remove unacceptable materials contact a private waste contractor

Household chemical collection will be held at Mona Vale Beach car park
Saturday & Sunday, April 17 & 18, 2010

The following household chemicals can be disposed of free of charge on the day  
•    Paint and paint-related products – thinners, strippers, varnishes etc 
•    Pesticides, herbicides and poisons – fungicides, baits and poisons, wood preservatives 
•    Solvents, household cleaners motor oils, fuels and fluids, batteries, gas bottles, fire extinguishers
•    Pool chemicals, acids and alkalis, hobby and photography chemicals;  fluorescent tubes

Visit the Household Chemical Clean Out website: www.cleanout.com.au or 131 555

General Clean Up and Metal Recycling
Chemical Collections For Offshore Residents brochure available here

For further information, go to the Pittwater Council website: www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au/local_services/waste_and_recycling

Scotland Island and Western Foreshores General Clear Out will be occurring on the week commencing 29 March, 2010 – New Initiative!

Council has been encouraging residents to recycle electronic wastes wherever possible. Electronic waste is defined as:

•    Televisions
•    Computers
•    Printers
•    Scanners
•    DVD and VCR players
•    Modems
•    Gaming Machines

United Resource Management has been requested to carry out the following procedures for the collection and recycling of electronic wastes from Scotland Island and the Western Foreshores:

1.    Collect any electronic wastes that are presented at the roadside or at public/private wharves.
2.    Store the collected electronic waste items in a separate area at Cargo Wharf, Scotland Island, during the general clean up week.
3.    At the end of the general clean up the electronic waste will be transported to Rowlands Reserve boat ramp, Bayview.
4.    The electronic waste items will then be collected by 1800EWaste for recycling.


Peter Rodham, Council's Environmental Health Officer, is co-ordinating this electronic waste collection. Peter's contact phone number is 9970-1137 if you wish to discuss any of the electronic waste issues with him.

Scotland Island Presents  - "ISLAND DUHS"
STARTS TONIGHT - March 26,27, 28
Scotland Island Community Hall at 7.30pm

Tickets $15.00 available from PMC HILL Real Estate Church Point

Click image to load flyer
artwork by Nettie Lodge
Gareths 1st performance in English after almost 20 years in Japan
Gareth doing closeup magic in Japan
Gareth at Mini Car owners club in Brisbane

Note  that the comedy show is 'R' rated. If your bringing your  mother, let her know there is nudity, profanity & poor taste........ just  to balance the nice stuff.

Manly Daily

RESIDENTS have suggested a helipad on Scotland Island for faster emergency transport to hospital.

Evacuations are currently carried out by a co-ordinated Rural Fire Service boat ride to Church Point then an ambulance trip to Mona Vale or Royal North Shore hospitals.

The trip takes up to 20 minutes from the island to Church Point, then 50 minutes in a normal road trip to Royal North Shore.

Karin Kruger, from the Scotland Island Residents Association, said evacuations are planned and organised for pregnant women but not other emergencies.

“When things happen really quickly you need to make sure you have all the emergency services access here,” she said.

The idea has been discussed for several years, according to the Rural Fire Service, but has not been taken further.

Ms Krueger said helicopters could land on the mud flats around the island during low tide.

Pittwater Council community relations manager Sally Williams said it could examine the helipad idea. “The council has not previously received any inquiries regarding this issue,” she said.

“We could examine the feasibility of a dedicated helicopter landing area at Catherine Park (on Scotland Island).

“This could take the form of a mowed area with signage if required.

“In the last 10 years, there have been around 10 evacuations of this kind.

“Our view is that any helicopter landing on the island would therefore be a very rare event.”

A spokeswoman for NSW Ambulance Service said it would use the medical helicopter in certain emergencies if a landing place was available.

You Asked..
Want a FREE standard bag (enough for a family of 3-4) of fruit and vegetables every week fresh from Flemington Markets?

Have approx 2- 2.5 hours to spare every Wednesday afternoon from 1.45pm with time to still meet the school ferry?

I would love to hear from you!
For more details call Justine 0413724113

Found a 2 man Kayak with paddles, floating around Lovett Bay on Sunday 14th March. 
Also selling a 17 foot 1/2 cabin fiberglass , no motor, new steering $990..
Thanks Scott... 0404315076...

For Sale 
If you have something for sale that you think locals would like - let us know and we will put an entry in the PON at the beginning of each month...
We have two white, two-seater sofas (176 cm long). They came with the house when we bought it three months ago, but we don't need them. They are FREE for anyone who wants them, but must be picked up. They need cleaning or couch covers.

Interested? Call Tracy (0415 426 327) or Iain (0412 525 488) before the next council collection. (photos attached)

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