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July 2021  IN THIS ISSUE:
  • Final Tips in this 3 part series for Awesome Training
  • Please note that I have retained tips  that are only applicable for in person training sessions, and don't apply to virtual sessions!
  • Keep them handy though for when we do return to normal training sessions once agin! (Can't wait!)                                             

Quotations of the month:
 "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and i learn." - Benjamin Franklin
"Sameness is the enemy of the speaker."Patricia Fripp CSP
Final Tips (series of 3) that will make you an Awesome Trainer!
This last training tip newsletter focuses more so on the trainer's/instructor's  planning prior to and methodology during a training session.
Here are a few tried-and-true techniques that I myself have utilized over time as an  educator and education consultant facilitating students' and teachers' growth for most of my adult life. I have transferred many to my professional speaking life.

Want to ensure a friendly, receptive atmosphere?
- As one of my long-time mentors (Darren LaCroix 2001 WCPS) has taught me, make the seating for the attendees more welcoming...maybe semi-circle seating as opposed to straight, rigid rows (I always get to the room earlier and re-organize the seats!)

- Also, try to avoid having too many seats. I often remove a few back rows. Better to have extra people entering late and add seats to the back, rather than have them view many empty spots especially at the front.

- Another piece of advice is to acknowledge and address any distraction...maybe it's too hot, too cold, a mishap may have occurred, etc. Best to address what they are thinking anyway and avoid their minds from wandering off on those exact issues or concerns.

Want to connect with them, even before you get to the platform to start the training session?
If you have my book: "Speeches That Will Leave Them Speechless," refer to chapter I (Introductions) If not, I will outline a proven method for writing an introduction that connects before you come forward to speak in another newsletter.

Attendees not coming to order at the start of or during a training session?
When you try to get their attention, especially they are entering and chatting or when they are completing a discussion task, don't expect them to stop immediately. Allow 30-35 seconds for them to complete sharing their thoughts or opinions with their small group or to a partner, and then call them to order again.

Attendees not answering questions you ask?
Ask them to turn to a neighbour and discuss their thoughts; once someone else privately acknowledges what they share, they are more likely to share their thoughts/answers/opinions with the larger group

Having a Q & A section?
As mentioned many times before in previous newsletters, never end with Q&A ; if you plan to have one or a few of them during the training, then do so, BUT never end with it as it may take them on a totally different tangent (a recipe for disaster)!  Always end on your own positive, encouraging, hopeful note with a tangible next step.

Noticing that attendees are losing interest, looking lost, zoning out?
Then change something...your volume, pace or pitch of voice, your instructing methodology (maybe slide data dump, lecture overload) may be being repetitive in an area and remember "Sameness IS the enemy of the speaker!"

Want them to remember main points and take action?
- Before closing, you may opt to have them think, pair and share: discuss with a partner points they liked or 'aha' learning moments and debrief to the large group.
- You may choose to call out phrases with 1 missing word and they shout out the 1 word answers (terrific way to end a training session on an upbeat enthusiastic note while at the same time, re-enforcing points discussed; meeting planners LOVE to see them energetically popping out answers of what they discussed and learned!!)
Until next month, successful speaking to you....and terrific training!   Wink
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