Dutch & Hypnosis for
Anxious Language Learners:
Room for 2 more Participants!
You know some Dutch, but you are scared to use it?
Join our special course!

Day 1:
Anton Budhy Tanesha will help us learn
different relax & hypnosis methods.
Language: Dunglish
(native Dutch participants are welcome too)

You can also sign up for this day only:
€150,- including lunch & material.
This day starts at 10 a.m.!

Day 2 - 5 (10:30-16:30):
Dutch course taught by me, while you can choose your method of relaxation/hypnosis (or none at all)
Level 1-1.5: people who have tried to learn some Dutch, but were afraid to start speaking.

€955,- total (5 days), including lunches & material.

All of this because I know how traumatic language learning can be. You can read my personal story here: http:// www.learndutchfast.nl/ downloads/ 25thanniversaryLDF.pdf
You can register until next Wednesday.
Full = Full!
P.S.: Don't forget about the
Living with a Dutchie next Tuesday night!
Sylvia Clements, Learn Dutch Fast, www.learndutchfast.nl