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July 5, 2015

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

SIRFB Fireman's Ball

Last Reminder - 60th Anniversary Fireman's Ball

Arrangements are well in hand for the Fireman's Grand Ball next Saturday 11 July commencing at 7:00pm:
  •     Confirmation that the following dignitaries will be attending - Pittwater Mayor Jacqueline Townsend, Local Federal Member Bronwyn Bishop and RFS Assistant Commissioner Steve Yorke
  •     Gourmet finger food has been procured
  •     Complementary champagne and sangria has been procured
  •     The bands - The Byrne's Unit and Tabatha & Co are tuned up and ready to go
  •     The fire shed is being glammed up
  •     This is the last opportunity to join the celebrations
Please book and pay online as there will be no door sales. 
If you are unable to pay online please contact our treasurer by email to to make alternative arrangements.

Bookings will close at close of business Tuesday 7th July

Link to Book and Pay

We look forward to your support to make this an enjoyable celebration.

We apologise to any recipients who may have already booked or sent apologies.

Kind Regards,

Nathalie Muir
Social Secretary SIRFB






Dear Community Member,
Thanks to those who have completed the survey and particularly to those who have made comments. The survey closes this coming weekend and we encourage all those who have not yet made a response to do so.
The link is here:
The results of this survey we will publish shortly after it closes and they will form the next step in our strategic approach to this issue. The timing of the release of our survey results will also correspond to the release of the much awaited IPART recommendation on whether or not the Priority Sewerage Program should remain in Sydney Water’s Operating License .
SIRA Committee

A Letter to the Editor:

Dear Sir,

I note, with some concerns, that we are once again required to sign up to the water line service, and,  inter alia, affirming our recognition that such water is Non-Potable.

I fear that this absurdity is about to spread further amongst the Off-Shore community.

Can we look forward to:

Pay Ausgrid for electricity supply, on the proviso we don’t turn on our lights!

Pay Church Point Ferries for multi-trip fares, and agree to only use(and pay) the Pink WaterTaxis.

Seek approval from the Council for installation of a bio-cycle system, and have such granted with the proviso that we never use the toilet.

Have on-going phone bills from Telstra, and agree to them removing the lines.

Book the Community Hall, for a family party, and agree that no actual people, or dogs, will visit the premises.

Pay levies to SIRA for a set number of trips in the Community Vehicle, and acknowledge the new announcement that it is prohibited from travelling on any Island roads.

Ah, what a brave new world!

Yours most sincerely,
Disgusted, of Tunbridge Wells.

Casual Work Wanted

My name is Anthony I am visiting from France. I am staying with Paul and Tracy and would like to find some casual work around the Pittwater.

I have helped Paul re-build his boatshed. 

I am able to help in the garden or general jobs required around the house.

Can you call Paul, his number is 0416800040

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