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- January 2001 - 

Volume 2, Issue 11; January 2001



A New Year and a new millennium. A time for assessment of past performance and a time for planning. A great time also to improve our personal health and well being. Living in paradise gives us a great opportunity to tune our bodies. With swimming, sailing, rowing and walking all freely available to us, there can be no reason to be other than taut and terrific. But there is also the opportunity to share some New Year conviviality with friends... Ahh well, maybe next year....

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In this Issue:


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Challenges for 2001

At the break of the new millennium, we are not short of challenges, the major ones being:





Roads and Drainage

With Christmas and the New Year out of the way, the Roads and Drainage Workgroup will recommence its action, working with Council, to start improving the roads, based on the results of the R and D Survey. We will keep you up to date through the Email Newsletter as well as the normal hard copy Newsletter. 

Emergency Water

You have now all been advised by a letter from Council, together with an accompanying one from SIRA, that we have to improve the present Emergency Water system, upgrading it in 2 stages.  First, replacing the present ‘always breaking down’ infrastructure with pipes and fittings acceptable to Sydney Water, plus adding water meters to each house, probably a storage tank at the top of the Island, giving a ‘trickle feed’ to all houses.  This will eliminate all the complaints about short supply, water theft etc and, at the same time, remove the continuing and onerous task of the EW Supervisors. It will also mean that some houses at the top of the Island, which have never been able to get water, will be able to do so. The Emergency Water will be run by a Trust, set up by SIRA, but independent of it.  It will be a system similar to one that has been operating in Berowra Waters for some 30 years very successfully. All houses that connect will make a contribution to the set up cost (to be determined and advised) but will then buy water at mainland rates (around 90 to 100 cents per 1000 litres) Instead of the present $4.20  and thus eventually ‘pay off’ the investment and thereafter profit from the deal. The second stage, some 10 or more years down the track, will be to go to full ‘water and sewerage'. The EM Workgroup has commenced regular meetings, chaired by Shirley Page.  Many people have offered to help, and that help will be welcomed further down the track.

Shortly, a hard copy Newsletter will be posted out, followed by a special General Meeting.

Church Point Wharf Developments

It is now nearly 2 years ago that a public meeting in the Mona Vale Hall almost unanimously voted for the motion: “That Pittwater Council recognise that the existing Church Point Wharf is important to Pittwater’s heritage, that Council adheres to the heritage guidelines as set out in the Burra Charter and that Council investigate and consult on a more appropriate design to accommodate disabled access incorporated in the existing structure” Plans developed by architects Ron Barrelle and Dermer Bennett were presented that would both retain the heritage character of the wharf, as well as provide disabled access.  The Council plans provided only a ramp and pontoon structure.  This would completely change the character of the existing wharf, which goes against the Burra Charter.

This Charter specifies that the curtilage, or surrounding area, of a heritage listed building (the Church Point Store is such a building) should remain in the same character. Further work by these architects, who give a lot of their time and are dedicated to protecting and improving our Pittwater heritage, have made additional significant improvements to the design.  It gives to disabled, as well as less abled people (and this includes old people, people on crutches etc.) something a moving ramp and pontoon simply cannot do, and that is to provide a solid, stable platform, with a choice of steps or ramps, to board a ferry or taxi or any watercraft.

Its stable platform also enables people to walk out above the water, and be surrounded by it. The interesting thing is that disabled people say that they enjoy this opportunity.  A ramp/pontoon successfully removes that enjoyment. To see a good example of this type of wharf, go to the National Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour, where a new one has been constructed.  The good thing about Ron and Dermer’s design is that this one will work even better.  And the thing that should really please the Council on our behalf - they are getting top professional advice at no cost!. Despite the overwhelming vote by the public, together with the far superior design, we believe the Council still wants to push its ramp/pontoon system. So, watch this space for further information. 

If you would like to discuss this and make any constructive suggestions, ring Greg Roberts on 9979 9599.

Mona Vale Hospital Update

At the end of January you will receive a `Newsletter’ from the Northern Sydney Area Health Service (NSAHS). It sets out ‘Options’, and asks you to vote on your preference. The clear preference to all of us in this area is to vote for the retention and upgrading of Mona Vale Hospital.  If a new hospital were to be built it would probably be somewhere south of the intersection of Wakehurst Parkway and Warringah Road, towards Bantry Bay. It would be a bad choice for all off-shore residents, adding another 10 to 15 minutes to get to hospital in an emergency in normal traffic, and considerably more in peak hours, holiday times and also when Wakehurst Parkway is cut off by the not too rare occurrence of fire, flood and accidents.

 The Survey that went out with a Rates Notice last year signalled that 97 % of Pittwater wanted to retain Mona Vale Hospital and have it upgraded moderately, and to include palliative care.

The critical requirement is that everyone fills in and returns this next survey, because if we don’t, the areas of Warringah and Manly will outvote us and Mona Vale Hospital will disappear. In addition, everyone is invited to come to the Public Rally as detailed in the attached publicity piece

For any further information, ring Greg Roberts on 9979 9599 or visit our website at

  The Dog Race

As usual, the Island to the Point dog race was held on Christmas eve, much to the delight of the huge crowd. Unofficial estimates put the numbers at about 700!  The race was won by an attractive black Labrador named Diesel in fine style from a big field. It was a beautiful island evening and the crowd managed to quench their unending thirsts in style. Anyone for a share in the bottlo? If you missed this great occasion, put the date in this year's diary. It's any easy one to remember...

Pittwater Olympic/Paralympic Auction On Australia Day

Pittwater Council will hold a silent auction of Olympic and Paralympic memorabilia at the Pittwater Australia Day Breakfast at Newport Beach on Friday 26 January. This is a golden opportunity for peninsula residents and visitors to purchase a memento of the Sydney Olympic Games. 

Thirty Olympic and Paralympic flags, Paralympic Torch Relay T-Shirts and Torch Relay road banners will be auctioned. (Olympic Flags are red, blue and aqua, while Paralympic Flags are green.) Some of the T-Shirts have been signed by actors Peter Phelps and Shane Withington. The auction will take place on the reserve adjacent to Newport Beach Surf Club. Items can be viewed and bids placed in the boxes provided from 8am till 9am. Minimum bids are:  Flags - $30, Road Banners - $20, T-Shirts - $10. Celebrity Auctioneer Shane Withington will announce the auction results at 9.45am. Terms are Cash Only. Buyers must be present with proof of identity to collect their purchased item. Enquiries: Erica Goodsir, Tel: 9970 1108/0409 991 721.

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The Carpark - a contributor's view:

At present there are numerous dangerous pot holes in the "paving" of the car park, particularly  at the Western entrance....These need urgent attention  as sooner or later someone will be injured and I would not be surprised if this results in a massive law suit.....

Surely this can be attended to immediately, particularly in the light that the revenue from the parking does not seem to be being returned to the maintenance of this area


Pittwater Mayor Patricia Giles will present Australia Day Citizen of the Year awards to two residents at the official ceremony at Pittwater’s Australia Day Breakfast at the Beach at Newport Beach on Friday, 26 January.

The winner of the Australia Day 2001 Pittwater Citizen of the Year Award is Craig Goozee, of Avalon. Craig has worked tirelessly for two years to raise contributions to cancer research. After the death of his daughter Jessica of a rare bone cancer in June 1999, with family and friends Craig formed a charity called "A2B4C" - Avalon to Broadbeach for Cancer - to raise funds for cancer research. In early 1999 Craig undertook a solo surf ski journey from Avalon to Broadbeach in Queensland which raised over $150,000. This was divided between the Children's Cancer Institute, the Oncology Ward of Sydney Children's Hospital and Camp Quality for kids with cancer. Last March Craig completed a 5000km run, cycle and paddle from Albany, West Australia to Broken Bay, raising over $250,000. This was divided between the Children's Cancer Institute, Sydney Children's Hospital and the Starlight Children's Foundation.

The winner of the Australia Day 2001 Pittwater Young Citizen of the Year Award is Harley Cross, of North Narrabeen. Although only 20 years old, Harley has already performed above 450 hours over five years in community service with St John Ambulance Australia's Manly-Warringah Division. These have embraced different types of duties, with most involving young people such as the peninsula Youthfest and Pittwater Youth Dances. Harley has already received an Award of Merit from St John Ambulance Australia as well as a Rotary Youth Leadership Award in 1999, and is currently studying nursing. He is regarded as an excellent leadership example for youth on the peninsula.

Mayor Patricia Giles said: "We are delighted to give these two wonderful Pittwater residents the level of recognition they deserve for the outstanding community service they have provided both for cancer research and for the youth of Pittwater. They are fantastic representatives for Pittwater and we are all very proud of them."

Mayor Giles will also present a Pittwater Medal to the 2001 Pittwater Australia Day Ambassador - Olympic Yachtsman Colin Beashel, of Avalon. Since 1980 Colin has competed in 5 Olympic Games and in 1986 was named Australia Yachtsman of the Year; in 1995 NSW Yachtsman of the Year; and in 1999 again named Yachtsman of the Year. (please see attached summary)

Colin is a great ambassador for yachting, for Pittwater and for Australia.

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