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ISA Hamilton Section
April 2007 Update
April - Spring is in the Air...In This Issue:

1 - Next Meeting - April 24th
2 - Golf Tournament - May 25th
3 - Annual General Meeting - May 29th
4 - Your Subscription & Privacy..


Our Next Meeting  -  April 2007
Date: Tuesday - April 24, 2007
Time: 5:30 PM  -  Meet at the Plant's Conference Room
5:30 PM  -  Introductions, Overview & Pizza
6:30 PM  -  Plant Tour
7:30 PM  -  Reconvene at the Conference Room for a Recap and Q&A
Venue: Woodward Avenue Water Treatment Plant - Hamilton, Ontario
700 Woodward Avenue, Hamilton, Ontario
►►  Link to Map/Directions  ◄◄

Please be sure to confirm your attendance!!
Reserve your space for the Plant Tour and confirm your attendance via:
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- Telephone Jack Vincent - (519) 304-0489
Subject: PLANT TOUR - Water Treatment Facility (Hamilton)
  City of Hamilton - Water TreatmentThe tour will consist of the “Low Lift Pumping Station” which draws water from approximately 900 meters into Lake Ontario.  We pump an average of 300 mega liters per day and begin the initial chlorination and screening process.    Following the “Low Lift Pumping Station” will be the Sedimentation Process where the water is cleaned further using coagulants, causing a settling of the particles.    Passing through the Control Room, we will discuss the SCADA system which monitors quality control all the while 2 Operators oversee the entire system, every minute, of every day.    On to the “Filter Building”, we will see Filters originally constructed back in 1933, while the opposite end of Filters were brought online in 1957.  We will see how the water is filtered through the “Gravel” beds, monitored and passed into the Clearwell, all the while maintaining characteristics such as Chlorine Residual and Turbidity.    Finally at the “High Lift”, we will watch as 6 Centrifugal Pumps, up to 2000 horsepower move the water off to reservoirs surrounding the city, supplying a population of 480,000 covering from Grimsby to Waterdown.

How are particles removed from the water?      We will be entering the Filter Operation, which was partially constructed in 1933.  Within the Filter Operation, we will see how “Special” beds of gravel are used to assist in the filtering of the water, all the while maintaining quality measures.  We will look closely at the SCADA System, which closely monitors all Water Operations and meet the Water Operators who will be in control of the entire process.
What happens to the Water before it gets to your house?      We will see how the water is disinfected, cleaned further, and finally pumped out to various holding reservoirs throughout the City covering a population of 480,000 in an area from Grimsby to Waterdown.    We will discuss further treatments before you actually taste the water, such as Chlorine Disinfection, uV Systems, and Fluoride addition.

Speaker: Berny Portolesi  -  City of Hamilton
  Mr. Berny Portolesi jr., works for the City of Hamilton Water & Wastewater Division as an Instrumentation & Control Technician. Berny holds dual Provincial Trade Certification by carrying both the Electrical License and the Instrumentation & Control License.  In addition to being an ISA member, an ISA Hamilton Section Executive Board member, he is also a Certified Control Systems Technician, (CCST) Level 1.   Berny is presently the current Chairman for the Provincial Trade Advisory Committee for Instrumentation.


Golf Tournament - May 2007
Date: Friday - May 25, 2007
Venue: Chippewa Club Club  (Chippewa Road - Mount Hope)
Time: 12:00 PM (Noon) - Shotgun Start
Cost: $95 per Person
  Corporate Sponsorships are available
$ 100.00 when purchased separately
   $ 70.00 as part of a corporate foursome package price of $450.00

ISA Hamilton - Golf TournamentDon't Forget...  Mark Your Calendar Now and be sure to Make Your Plans to join us for a great day of Golf and Social Interaction!!

FRIDAY - MAY 25th, 2007

Additional information and details are available on our web site.  Be sure to visit our Golf Tournament web page for the most up to date information.


Have some questions?   Need more information?
Please contact Bob Popek via e-mail (bob_popek@dofasco.ca) or via phone (905 548 4204)


Our Annual General Meeting - May 2007
Date: Tuesday - May 29, 2007
Time: 6:00 PM - Dinner (Cash Bar & Dinner)
7:00 PM - ISA Hamilton Section - Annual General Meeting
7:15 PM - Technical Presentation
Venue: Pinetree Restaurant - 397 Centennial Parkway North - Hamilton
Follow this link for a map and directions to the Pinetree Restaurant.
Dinner cost is $5 for ISA Members and $15 for non-members.
Please be sure to confirm your dinner attendance!!
Reserve your space for dinner and confirm your attendance via:
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- E-Mail message to Jack Vincent -or -
- Telefax sent to the attention of Jack Vincent - (519) 304-0488 -or-
- Telephone Jack Vincent - (519) 304-0489
Subject: The Return of the Age of the Generalist
  Randy Park - Thinking For Results !!One of the key purposes of society is to organize people's skills and abilities such that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. As societies grow, they present the opportunity for narrower and narrower specialization. This caused Konrad Lorenz to quip "The specialist knows more and more about less and less and finally knows everything about nothing."   Throughout the 20th century, specialization was the key to success in business as well as technology. Yet as we begin the new millennium we are increasingly confronted with evidence that a collection of specialists often does not make the best overall decisions. What is often missing is the "S" from ISA - a focus on the whole system.

In past presentations for ISA Hamilton, Randy Park has helped us understand and improve our thinking and decision making processes - what he calls Thinking for Results. In May, Randy will discuss the next, deeper level of thinking which will be required for personal, business, and societal success in the future.

Randy Park - Thinking For Results !!Beyond simply gathering relevant information and making a decision - something that can be a challenge in itself - the new level of thinking that is required constantly looks for new information in ever widening circles. The foundation is self awareness and systems thinking, the tactics include critical thinking and scenario exploration. But the emphasis is not on finding the minimum number of important parameters to include, but the maximum.   One of the critical characteristics of the next generation thinker is to gather information outside of their specialty - in essence, to be more of a generalist. From simple family problems to the issues facing our societies globally, the "Law of Unintended Consequences" seems to crop up more and more frequently. If we focus on our own narrow situation, it is easy to ignore the complex interrelationships of today - at our peril.  Through anecdotes, examples, and exercises Randy will guide you to a deeper level of thinking and provide concepts and tools you can use in your life. Practical as well as thought provoking, this is a session you don't want to miss.

  Randy appears at ISA Hamilton through the generous sponsorship of Professional Project Services and Sage Metering Inc. They have also kindly arranged for all attendees to receive an autographed copy of Randy's book "Thinking for Results."
Speaker: Randy Park   B.Sc., M.Eng.
  Randy works with organizations to tackle unrecognized obstacles and promote long term success. With "Thinking for Results" he has worked with corporations and associations to deliver Better Decisions, Faster Solutions, and Fewer Mistakes. His approaches are rooted in his technology background where for over a decade he designed world leading test equipment. It was at that time he realized that many problems - both technological and people related - arise when we don't understand our thinking processes and our own thinking strengths and traps.  Through entertaining yet powerful exercises, examples, and stories, Randy helps his audiences think about thinking - and improve their decision making, problem solving, creative thinking, strategic planning, and interpersonal communications. Randy is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) and the International Federation for Professional Speakers.
  For more information about Randy Park,  Randy's schedule and/or his presentations....
Please visit the Thinking For Results web site at


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