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Event highlights at Bookshop West Portal:
Writing And Your Health starts Sunday, March 9th
Meet Author Laura M. Flynn Wednesday, March 12th
A Reading and Musical Performance by Dan Cassidy Thursday, March 13th
Author Cara Black Tuesday, March 18th


New Writing And Your Health Class with Dr. Abby Caplin
Five sessions beginning March 9th, 2008
Sunday evenings, from 7:00 - 8:30 PM

Research has shown that the writing process is useful as a therapeutic tool for people living with medical conditions. This unique writing workshop is designed for those with healthcare concerns who would like to share their experience through writing. Dr. Abby Caplin, a physician specializing in Mind-Body Medicine, will guide participants through a process of reflection, allowing time for writing and sharing if desired. No writing experience is necessary; just come with an open mind and a notebook.


Upcoming Events At BookShop West Portal

Meet Laura M. Flynn, Author of Swallow The Ocean: A Memoir
Wednesday, March 12th at 7:00 PM

As a little girl, Laura Flynn thought her mother could do no wrong. A strong, free spirit, Sally Ann Barton was the center of her daughter’s imagination. Laura loved to hear tales of when her mother-young and looking for adventure-set off for Paris where she met Laura’s father. They returned to San Francisco and had three daughters embarking on what might have been the most charmed of family lives. Instead, by the time Laura was eight, Sally’s hold on reality began to slip away. Swallow the Ocean: A Memoir is the beautifully written true story about what it’s like to experience a parent’s schizophrenia through the lens of a child who has no language for mental illness. Most of all, this memoir is a tribute to the ingenuity of children in the face of catastrophic events.

Irish Slang's Got Snazz (SNAS), A Reading and Musical Performance by Dan Cassidy Presented by Bookshop West Portal and the Crossroads Irish-American Festival
Thursday, March 13th at 7:00 PM

Daniel Cassidy, winner of the 2007 American Book Award for, How the Irish Invented Slang: The Secret Language of the Crossroads. Cassidy has discovered the hidden Irish language that inhabits the every-day-speak of the American vernacular. Words like “jazz”, “poker”, “slum”, “holy moly”, and “dude” are just a few of the thousands of words that are revealed in this book and in Cassidy’s ingenious, musical and theatrical presentation about how we’ve all been speaking Irish our whole lives but never knew it.

Meet Cara Black, Author of Murder In The Rue de Paradis: An Aime Leduc Investigation
Tuesday, March 18th at 7:00 PM

Aime is thrilled when her one-time lover, Yves, an investigative journalist, returns from his assignment in Egypt and proposes marriage. But after a single night of bliss, his body is discovered in a Paris doorway. His throat has been slit. Aime is determined to avenge him. The trail leads to a sleeper jihadist and embroils her in Turkish and Kurdish politics.

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