Sage Hill Farms and Vintage Store

On Second Thought

Spring is peeking through-even though we still have many wintry days ahead.

My daffodils are about 10” high and beautiful to look upon. They are green!

Little green shoots under the lavender, thyme, sage, and oregano are also signs of warmer workings in the ground. I don’t encourage or discourage...they will find their own level of stability if left to work with Mother Nature.

The Native section (pet project of hubby Michael - the man behind Sage Hill Farms ) is also perking up. I will admit it was not a project I thought we needed (mostly because it was another “do”), but I have come to see the beauty and the benefits. If you are thinking of adding or starting a native project, this site will supply you with a lot of good info.

A Chapter We Would All Like To Avoid~

We have such abundance and freedom in this great nation...and, it is all teetering on destruction by powerful greed and people without human conscious.

Consider…this is the year we all need to educate and put into place the know-how of survival by protecting or developing our own food source…not so much because there won’t be food, but it won’t be healthy…we are already dealing with that issue on a certain scale… will not get better dear folks without getting worse…the deed is done, the fallout is certain.

Below are links to update on why this is no longer doubtful. 9.cfm 635.cfm

Perfectly dramatizing the “Revolving Door” between Monsanto and the Federal Government, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, formerly chief counsel for Monsanto, delivered one of the decisive votes in the Citizens United case, in effect giving Monsanto and other biotech bullies the right to buy the votes it needs in the U.S. Congress.

Get To Know and Understand Essential Oils

This is one of the best things we can do for maximum protection of our health.

As an Antioxidant:

Lemon essential oil consists of 68 percent d-limonene, a powerful antioxidant.

Balancing pH:
Lemon essential oil provides a pleasant way to help balance your pH. The pH of lemon is just about perfect for the human body. So if your body tends to run too acidic, drinking a few drops of lemon oil in water two to three times a day is a healthy practice.

When our pH is balanced, most disease issues won’t be present.

Always make certain your E-oils are certified pharmaceutical grade. This is very important - otherwise you are wasting money, time, and you can easily become sick from using lesser grade oils.

Pruning Flowering Shrubs in the Spring~

Remember to wait until your spring bloomers have bloomed and faded to prune. If you prune prior to blooming you will destroy the blooms for the next spring.

A jump start on first plantings: purchase as soon as the plants become available in the garden centers or nurseries, or plant your seed early and let them grow awhile in pots . Transfer to the outside/ground as soon as the soil is warm enough.

Attention Local Readers/Customers/Friends

February 3rd is our local fundraiser for SAAW-Southern Alliance For Animal Welfare-spay and neuter program.

(When) Friday Feb 3rd
(Time) 11:00 AM-1:00 PM
(Where) St. Mary Magdalene Church--Washington and Elk
(Offerings) savory soups, breads and desserts
Eat in or take out!

Please plan on joining us for this event - it will be the Third Year for the Savory Soups event

Debbie Formosa always does a beautiful job with decorations-makes for a very special lunch hour.

Sage Hill has opened an E-bay store!!

As some of you know, Mike and I have been dealing in antiques for many years; while we don’t do it as a business any longer we still have much to offer. Vintage jewelry, postcards, sports-cards (mostly baseball) and Trade cards.

Books and many different Ephemera items.

The store is in the early stages of set-up…so check in often - new items are being loaded every day.

We offer nothing less than Excellent to Near Mint condition….this is the best you can find in Vintage conditions.

Visit us at Would love your feedback as always.

Enjoy the remainder of the winter and prepare for spring through books, websites and forums….so much to learn and do~

Let me know if I can be of service~

PS: Note…if you are looking for yummy recipes -take a peek at my good friend Dina’s place- at:

I have recipes there somewhere….

You can also find Dina at Facebook!/profile.php?id=160541204 8

Enjoy the goodies~~

Bea and Mike Kunz
Sage Hill Herb Farm