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Zig Ziglar has said: “People don’t care how much you know, they want to know how much you care.”
In order for them to trust us, as speakers, and take heed to our advice for them to better their lives, we can’t just talk “at” them, giving advice, leaving them on the outside looking in, we need to open doors and invite them into our world to observe, hear, know our true human selves!
December- 2020 In This Issue

· Frustrations we experience when we leave audiences on the outside, only  looking in

· The two ways to move people to action

· Five ways to open doors and let them in             
Quotations of the month:
   “When stories nestle in the body, soul comes forth.”
   - Deena Metzger, poet, storyteller

   “Heart always wins over head.” - Ed Tate, 2000 WCPS

   "Emotion is the fast lane to the brain."  - Doug Stevenson

Open the Doors Wide and Let Them In!
But I gave them all the steps, the statistics, the facts needed for them to enhance their lot in life! What happened? How did I lose them? Why couldn’t I feel a connection with them? Although they were looking at me when I made the main point, I’m not sure that they were fully awake as there was no nodding, no light in their eyes, or apparent engagement! What can I do better next time?”
Ever experienced this above scenario…as a listener …worse still, as a speaker?
We all have the potential to be effective speakers. People are moved to action in 2 ways: both intellectually and emotionally. By using the linear, left brain mode of speaking, you only affect their minds, not their hearts. Flesh and blood stories to which they can truly relate in a human to human experience are necessary for emotional connection. That said, simply telling a story is not adequate; there are very specific ways to deepen the emotional connection.

 OPENING DOORS for your audience with your stories and LETTING THEM IN:
- endear you to them
- deepen the emotional connection between you 
- then they are more likely to be moved to action

Open your story by tapping into their minds with possibly a You-focused question or profound statement to get them mentally involved by reflecting on an answer or nodding in agreement.   
Be Open to purposely creating and asking questions to increase their curiosity. Don’t give away the climax of the story too soon but do ensure no questions are left in the minds of the audience at the end.

Be Open and ready to expect the unexpected and get into the moment if something occurs or arises; let them view you as flexible and spontaneous, and therefore human!

Be Open and at ease to disclose frailties, faults, failures, firsts, frustrations, flaws…not only can you be humorous by disclosing a specific “F” but you don't appear 'special' and above them; instaed, you make yourself similar to them.

Be Open to use stories that revolve around emotions: sadness, happiness, anger, surprise, disgust and fear. Everyone will identify with those emotions at one time or another in their life, albeit in their own unique story. Take them down, then bring them up again with hope.

How open are you to utilizing the above techniques? Are you already using a few of them and experiencing deeper connections with your audiences?
Join me next month/ next year when we discuss another speaking skill IN A BRAND NEW YEAR...bye bye 2020!!!
Until then, I wish you successful speaking, but more so, a Merry Christmas and Happy New year!  
Stay safe and well
Health and prosperity to you and your families!
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