Hey Bills Fans!

Did you know that the last time the Bills had sole possession of first place in the AFC East after Week 3 was in 1996? Our 3-0 Buffalo Bills take their one-game lead over the Patriots (hey, check out the tire tracks on Tedy Bruschi's back!) into St. Louis on Sunday. The Bills and Lambs -- err, Rams -- kick off at 4:05 pm.

Please note that there is a concert at the Boston Garden starting at 7 pm, so parking around the North Station area will be limited. Street parking is likely to be non-existent and the lots around the Harp will be charging their usual high rates. If you're coming to the Harp, please plan accordingly; take the T if at all possible.

Because of the concert, the Harp will not be able to open up the downstairs to Bills fans this week. They need the room to handle the pre-concert crowd, who will surely enjoy spending some quality time with a few hundred Bills fans, right?

We'd also like to remind everyone that the fun can only continue if we all act responsibly. Under no circumstances will illegal or disrespectful behavior be tolerated. Any behavior that can jeopardize our standing at the Harp, or cause problems with the City of Boston and/or the police will be dealt with acccordingly. This may include ejection, banning for the rest of the season, or even arrest. Thank you for your cooperation.

REMINDER: Sabres/Bruins on November 8 -- If you are interested in going to the Sabres/Bruins game on November 8, payment is due no later than Monday, September 29. The preferred way to pay is through Pay Pal. You can do this easily by going to our website, http://www.bostonbillsbackers.com/pay_pal.html, and clicking on the button, which will take you directly to the Pay Pal site. If you want to use PayPal directly, our email address is 'backers@bostonbillsbackers.com'. Tickets are $40, but please remit $41 per ticket if paying through PayPal to cover their fees.

Jeff will also be collecting money for hockey tickets this week at the Harp. Please find him at halftime or at the end of the game.

Go Bills!