News statement by ANC Western Cape
[No embargo, 10 June 2016]
ANC Western Cape shocked by DA involvement in Israel propaganda week
The ANC Western Cape is shocked that the Democratic Alliance (DA) continues to support Israel. We are more shocked given that this is happening in a province where just over 200 000 South Africans marched against Israeli Apartheid and its oppression against the Palestinians.

Earlier this week, the Israeli embassy organised a "water event" as part of its propaganda week titled #IsraelSAweek with the participation of several DA leaders. Among the speakers advertised at this Israeli propaganda event is a speaker described on the events website as having "served as an officer in the Israeli Defence Forces". 

The organisers of #IsraelSAWeek aims to charm South Africans and to woe several politicians into legitimizing the Israel government and its illegal occupation. The DA however needs no woing, along with the ACDP, COPE and several other morally bankrupt parties. It is reported that they were happily enjoying Israeli cherries and fruits while taking selfies with the Israeli ambassador. The DA has again exposed itself, even during this pertinent time as we head towards elections, as being more concerned about their lobbyists and funders agendas than the people who vote - like the over 200 000 people that came out on our streets of Cape Town in support of Palestine.

Recently the lobbyists who organized this propaganda week even tried to trick ANC leaders into attending, after failing they even falsely advertised that one of our senior leaders would address their event, but true to the values and the resolutions of the ANC he never attended the pro-Israel event. 

The ANC remains very clear in our solidarity and support to the people of Palestine and will not compromise our values, as we know full well the importance of solidarity in the struggle and fight against Aparthied. While the title of these propoganda events form part of their ongoing attempt to convince us their narrative that "only with them can South Africa survive droughts", many countries like Iran and the Netherlands have wonderful water solutions that we can learn from. In this regard we welcome SA government's recent partnership with Iran to develop desalination plants along all coastal communities to boost water supplies, lead by our comrade and minister of Water and Sanitation Cde Nomvula Mokonyane. 

The DA have been captured by Israel's lobbyists and we challenged them to dispute this, they have, through their actions, shown where they stand. They are not able to speak up for human rights, because they appear to be dependent on funds from Israel and its sympathisers. The ANC officially participated in the recent pro-Palestinain and human rights campaign titled "Israeli Apartheid Week” while the DA is participating in and supporting Israeli embassy initiatives like #IsraelSAWeek - the lines are clear.

For comment contact: Faiez Jacobs, ANC Western Cape Secretary +27 (0) 83 633 7690