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28 June 2010
Special Event: Stitch Yourself at the Science Museum
...... SPECIAL EVENT ...... Stitch Yourself ......  SPECIAL EVENT ...... Stitch Yourself ......   SPECIAL EVENT 
Tiny Purled People excitement-flavoured greetings to you

This is a special newsletter to announce the Stitch Yourself Exhibition at London's Science Museum on Wednesday the 30th of July from 6.45pm to 10pm. Come and see the tiny stitched parade! (Apologies to those who got this newsletter twice. Technical difficulties)

Please note: Your normal Stitch London newsletter will be along this Friday with the usual news, articles and free stitching stuff. You can see the last one here

 Stitch Yourself for the Science Museum

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You are cordially invited along to the Science Museum on the 30th of June from 18:45 till 22:00 to witness the woolly wonder that is our Stitch Yourself exhibit for one night only.

The exhibit features over 230 entries from all over the world and it's possibly the only time you'll ever get to see an army of tiny stitched people take over one of London's most shiny museums.


Time: 6:45pm to 10pm
Venue: Science Museum
Exhibition Road
South Kensington

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The Stitched Selves will be displayed in the main Energy Gallery for the world to see and this will be your only chance to see them in the Science Museum itself.

You can also check out the Knitted Chromosomes stitched by Lauren 'Deadly Knitshade' O'Farrell and Marion 'Bluestocking Stitcher' Crick in the Who Am I? gallery on permanent exhibition.
We're being swamped by a Stitched Self army at Stitch London Towers at the moment. They've all been catalogued, tagged and put safely in boxes. You can see some of the madness on our Stitch Yourself: New Arrivals blog post here.

We promise pictures and live Twitter tweets from the event on the night for those who can't make it along.
If you do come along say hello to Deadly Knitshade and her camera. She'd love to meet all of you having spent the last couple of months looking after your Stitched Selves.

We'll also blog each and every Stitched Self over the next few weeks so you can see every single one in detail.

If you miss out on the night then watch this space. We're planning on showing off the Stitched Selves at some big knitting events later this year.

The journey of your tiny doppleganger has only just begun!
Hope to see you at the Science Museum. If not then follow the event live on Twitter, discuss it on our message board and babble about it on Facebook.

See your Stitched Selves later, Stitch Londoners

The Stitchettes x


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