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Your Help is Badly Needed to Defeat Big Pharma, the FDA, Codex, the TCC!! How You Can Help Give the Bastards MIGRAINES!!
At 03:53 AM 5/7/2012, you wrote:
I tried your sulfur for three days.  It was the foulest tasting thing that I have ever eaten.  I had a headache for all the three days and I couldn't continue eating the sulfur.  Do you have any suggestions?

Yes, I have several suggestions, and thank you for getting in touch with me.
I will provide this response not only to you, but also to everyone on the IAHF list. Theres a wealth of info in this response, including info on how to build your own native american sweat lodge, and how you can help me stay alive so Sulfur For Health will continue to exist as a major thorn in the side of the New Whirrrrrrrrld Odor!
I also have PART of the story of the FBI visit, and subsequent obviously unsuccessful visit to my house from a government goon squad sent to kill me....(I'll be glad to send any interested people the proverbial REST of the story.... as Paul Harvey would say...... provided you help ME stay ALIVE by helping me GET OUTA DODGE!!!)

Re the foul taste- many people, including myself have a problem with the bitter taste of sulfur water. There are different strategies for getting past that. I have tried a few and they all work, but different people prefer one or the other so you might try them all and decide for yourself which works best.

Option 1: Get some peppermint drops. Many companies sell peppermint essential oil. Put a couple drops directly on your tongue. It will overwhelm your taste buds with peppermint taste and then when you drink the sulfur water you won't notice it. Some don't like the taste of peppermint oil though, so that might not work for you. If it doesn't, please try this:

Option 2: Put some honey on your tongue to coat your taste buds. I prefer coconut honey because it's only 35 on the glycemic index and I have a problem with hypoglycemia so stay away from regular honey, but this option isn't yet available to the general public in the USA because Mestiza coco sugar is not yet available in commercial quantities in North America (it will be by June though) This is my girlfriend's company, and I am sure that once this product is widely available it will be especially helpful to many who use sulfur so bookmark this page and make a mental note to return to it in a month. In the meantime though, you can use regular honey.

You might consider raw unheated organic honey from Amos Miller, an Amish farmer in Pennsylvania as an optimal choice because it has greater nutritional value than heated store bought honey, but if you have any blood sugar problems it might be better to either use peppermint drops until the Mestiza coco honey becomes available.

Mestiza is about the best tasting substance you ever put in your mouth! Its incredibly delicious, and it's a superfood because its not denatured by heat! It's RAW, so it has all the amino acids, vitamins, and minerals intact! No other coconut honey can make this claim! It's not heated above 105 degrees, all other coconut honey is! Coconut honey is not made by bees. It's the nectar from the spadix of the coconut tree. The spadix is the male and female flower of the coconut tree. Farmers climb the tree 4 times per day and cut the Spadix with a machete to collect the sap which drips. That is rendered into the sugar by driving off the moistore.
Mestiza also sells raw coconut sugar that is also a superfood due to the proprietary low heat process they use which makes it better than any other coconutsugar on the market! Take some time to study the photos and other info at I think you'll find the site interesting! We were just at a trade show in Pasadena California this past weekend, and we'll be a the Fancy Food Show in the Washington DC Convention Center in June where we will really be launching this product, hoping to get the attention of gourmet chefs, restaurants, health food stores, and many health conscious people who are concerned about the massive rise in obesity and diabetes, problems our product can help solve!


The reason you have had a headache is that you are having a Herxheimer's or healing reaction to the sulfur, which is in fact working exactly the way it is supposed to work. You should not stop taking the sulfur, what you should do is pay attention to the instructions and hydrate optimally which you have most likely not been doing. You need to understand something important about sulfur: when you take it, you are flushing toxins out of your liver and kidneys.

Thats the reason you've been having a headache. (Obviously its GOOD to flush toxins out of your body!!! What is the lesser of two evils, to have the relatively minor inconvenience of a  headache due to a Herxheimer's reaction or get
cancer, Alzheimers, Morgellon's disease, or some other serious illness due to the radiation from Fukushima and or the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us for population control purposes by aircraft:
  also be sure to watch this hard hitting documentary film What in the World Are They Spraying?


You haven't been drinking
enough water to dilute these toxins which are being flushed out of the liver and kidneys and your body's tissues to be able to DILUTE THEM, so your blood is carrying these toxins into your brain and it is causing you to have headaches.

The solution is very simple:

In the instructions that accompanied you package, I told you that it is very important to HYDRATE OPTIMALLY. That means you must drink HALF YOUR BODY WEIGHT in ounces of water!!! I weigh about 200 pounds. I therefor must drink HALF that weight in OUNCES, or 100 OUNCES or ONE GALLON of water per day!!

That is more water, MUCH more water than most people are used to drinking. Some people have told me they "can't" drink that much.
One guy told me he couldn't due to benign prostate hyerptrophy. I suggested he take saw palmetto extract to shrink his swollen prostate which was putting pressure on his bladder making it hard to hold his urine. He took that suggestion, solved his problem with BPH, and also solved his problem with frequent urination. Now he has no problem hydrating optimally, he is able to use sulfur twice a day, he reported back that his energy level is now off the charts, and he's very happy with the calm, grounded feeling he has from alkalinizing his gut, which neutralizes the acid caused by STRESS!!!

If I can drink a gallon of water a day, anyone can drink a proportionate amount, either more or less depending on their body weight,  its just a matter of DOING it. When I got for walks, I bring a water bottle. I keep a water bottle on my desk and drink some water ever half hour.
(Sure, I piss a lot more, but I just envision myself pissin' directly on FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, who's father was the President of the American Eugenic's Society,, or alternatively, I imagine myself pissin' on the evil jerks who are flyin' the CIA's spray planes, or on Eric Holder, the reverse racist who is trying to trigger of a race war to get martial law going so the Obamination can become Hitler the second, or on John Holdren, the Obamination's Science Czar, (who advocates forced abortions, and forced sterilizations just like the Chinese commies do.)
When I go run errands in my car, I bring a water bottle. Most people are dehydrated, its a common cause of DEATH!!!

 Using a SAUNA helps, because its much EASIER to drink large quantities of water when you use a sauna since it makes you so THIRSTY to sit in a room that hot. Every time I use the sauna at the pool where I swim I drink many liters of water in a bottle that I bring with me into the sauna, and that also helps me to DETOX.

I have an infrared sauna at home that penetrates very deeply into the internal organs, more so than a conventional electric sauna. (I was amazed to see that this same sauna I paid $700. for several years ago is now available on the web for less than $200.)
I am part native american, and really like going into the sweat lodge. It makes me feel great every time I do it! I would recommend a native american sweatlodge to anyone, anywhere in the world! Here is how you can build one in your backyard:  See these images    For thousands of years, native americans have been using the sweat lodge as a tool for good health.
There are different types of sweats for different purposes. A medicinal sweat for treating cancer is not as hot as a sweat for healthy people, you don't stay in as long, you don't bring in the same number of "grandfather's which are the hot lava rocks heated in the bonfire which you bring into the middle of the lodge using a shovel and place in the pit, the hole dug into the middle of the lodge that you sit around on the ground.

Its dark inside a sweatlodge. No light comes through even on a sunny day. Its like being back inside your  mother's womb, and when you come out between rounds, its like being reborn! You can jump into a freezing cold stream between rounds which feels amazing, its rejuvenating! Exhilarating! Good for you! At the end, its traditional to have a pot luck feast, everyone shares food, and just enjoys the wonderful feeling you get from cleansing, from chanting, from singing, from playing drums, from sharing your innermost feelings and prayers with the others in the sweat lodge. For thousands of years this has been a form of therapy, a way of life, a way of preparing for battle, a way of healing illness for  millions of indigenous people all over north america.

When I am in the sweat lodge, I find myself thinking of my Scots ancestors and how their lives were saved by my Narragansett ancestors. It causes some stirring deep in my soul. Some vibrational connection to my roots, and today, thanks to the internet, these ancient secrets can be shared with people world wide, many of whom are examining this ancient native cultural tradition and that is why today people all over the world are building sweat lodges! Even in Europe! There are people in France, Germany, Switzerland, all over the place who are paying attention to this sacred, ancient tradition! It is not a "religion" it is a way of life! And  it is very healthy to sweat, and to hydrate afterwards!

I am a Christian. I attend two different churches, a Catholic Church, and a Lutheran church. I see value in them both, but also see value in the ancient native tradition of the sweat lodge. Prayer works! Praying while sweating really works! There are no athiests inside a native american sweatlodge because you feel rather like a Lobster being cooked to death, but its a very exhilarating feeling when you come out between rounds and jump into an icy cold stream and it doesn't even FEEL cold, it just feels GOOD, it feels exhilarating, and you feel so much more alive afterwards, you feel happy, calm and grounded, no matter what might have been bothering you before you went into the lodge!
Before going into the lodge, you get purified. You must remove all jewlery. Your watch, any rings. You put them on the mound outside the door. There is a protocol that should be followed that is steeped in history. The lodge must be built in a particular way. The lodgekeeper runs the ceremony, and guides participants. There is singing, drumming, and praying. There is fellowship. It is a very powerful, very healing shared experience. It will help us world wide to defeat the New World Order's tyranny if more people learn about this tradition because native americans have been overcoming genocide for generations. The sweat lodge is such a powerful tool to overcoming evil oppression that the white man has attempted to BAN it, and to ban native american languages and cultural traditions such as the sun dance, another powerful tool for prayer, healing, and for building character.
The NWO is trying to force GAIA worship on us because it ties in with their genocide agenda, see The Green Agenda.
We are undergoing BIOWAR as I've told you guys many times, and if you think having a HEADACHE is a bad thing, maybe you should think about what you could experience if you DON'T detox all these toxins that are being sprayed on us via aircraft:

I hope this helps. I am going to send this out to the entire IAHF list because I worked hard to answer your question. I hope you find my answer helpful. Please keep in touch and let me know if the headaches go away when you hydrate optimally! If you stop taking sulfur, you might stop having headaches, but you could also get Alzheimer's diease, cancer, Morgellons disease, or have other much more serious problems due to the radiation from Fukushima and from the Arsenic, Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Iron, Zinc, and Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria being SPRAYED on us for Population Control Purposes.

My goal is to thwart UN Agenda 21 and Codex by making the best MSM in the world available to the masses! That will cause serious HEADACHES for the Bilderberg Group! They can't ban sulfur, its got a WTO # (2930.90) which makes it impossible to stop the flow of sulfur over international borders!!!
It is CODEX PROOF because sulfur is needed for far too many industrial applications for them to be able to easily ban it, but they CAN ban it in health food stores- they've banned it in Canada..... I know a store that sells it under the table up there, but they're running the risk of being raided by so called "Health Canada" which is nothing but a trade association for big pharma just like the FDA is in the States!

The FDA wants to be able to do the same thing, so they have a SCAM that I'm trying to raise $$$ for in order to STOP! The FDA's scam is called the "FDA Trilateral Cooperation Charter" (with Canada and Mexico). You can learn all about this evil scam here: 
I have gone to Capital Hill to push for congressional oversight re FDA's illegal actions in this regard after forcing them to give me their internal documents on this via the freedom of information act. I had an attempt made on my life for doing this and at one point was forced to flee from Florida because government goons were sent after me to KILL me, talk about HEADACHES!! Damn!!

First I had a phone call: "Are you Mr. John Christopher Hammell?" the caller asked. "Yeah, who is this who knows my middle name" I replied. "This is Junior Ortiz, I am with the Miami office of the FBI, the caller answered. "I've got to come to talk with you" he said.

"About WHAT, I answered, feeling a sick, numb awful feeling in my gut as if I was about to be literally CRUCIFIED for sticking my neck out to oppose Big Pharma, for blowing the whistle on Codex, for pushing for oversight on the TCC, for going up against the world's most powerful investment industry.

Anyone wanting to know the rest of THIS story can learn what happened NEXT for a donation of $200. or more that I need to get out of North America in order to stay alive. I promise to keep Sulfur for Health going after I leave, but right now I need $$$ to paint my house and to refurbish my kitchen so I can sell the place. You can make your donations here. You can also help me make a badly needed sequel to the health freedom film that I was in 6 years ago titled "We Become Silent- The Last Days of Health Freedom" by buying sulfur, by stockpiling it in case Reactor #4 at Fukushima totally melts down which could destroy all life on planet earth according to this well researched article.

You could get autoshipping each month at and you could forward this massively, and you could call all the people you forward it to urging them to read it! You could post it to more websites! You can do so much to help me give the Bilderberg Group, Big Pharma, the FDA and all the other elements of coersion headaches. Hell, I want to give the bastards MIGRAINS!! I am at WAR!!! Help me!! Please help me give 'em bloody bleedin' piles, eh? Where theres a will, there is always a way, the Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, the Soros, the Obamas of this world CAN be driven into EARLY GRAVES and given VERY SERIOUS MIGRAINES if enough of us would just JOIN FORCES against them!!!

Now you know why I have had attempts made against my life! Now you know why I've had Federal Marshals on my doorstep here in Point Roberts, and why I need your kind assistance to be able to have the $ to fix up my house so I can sell it and get outa Dodge!!!
Now you know why I might not have long to live, why I am on the RED LIST of people to be executed prior to martial law, which is on the way! Please! If you can, help save my life! Help me get the $$ I need to make a new life in another part of the world, and to keep IAHF and Sulfur for Health Going so I can continue to be a thorn, a SERIOUS THORN in the side of the New World order and not end up in a concentration camp! How would you feel if these alerts stopped one day? Wouldn't you feel like you lost a pretty good friend?
I am literally putting my life on the line for all of you. I will stop doing this entirely if I don't get the support I feel I need to make it worth my while to keep on. I weigh that decision daily because I am left with no choice.
If enough of us pull together, we CAN make a sequel to "We Become Silent", the film I was in 6 years ago that you can watch for free here. It was narrated by Dame Judi Dench, the famous British actress. We need film maker Kevin Miller to make a sequel, but it will cost $70 Grand. If we don't get this film, we will never get congressional oversight on the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico. I've been blocked in my efforts on the Hill so far due to rampant corruption: the Oversight Investigations Subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee is awash in Pharma Pac donations.
With prayer all things are possible, even the total and complete destruction of the FDA, their international counterparts, the UN, and the world's biggest investment industry: Big Freakin' Pharma!! Help me give the bastards MIGRAINES!!!    I hope that helps put things in perspective!
Your Friend,