BHAF National Allotments Week

Dear Site Rep,

National Allotments Week 8-14th August 2016

We all know how important allotments and are for us and our local community, but how aware are non plot holders of the many benefits that allotments bring? National allotment week aims to raise awareness in the general public and also local governments as to how important allotments are for physical and mental health, and the local environment. We know they are a valuable community asset, and we want more people to be aware of that.

We are suggesting that perhaps some site reps or local associations might consider having an open day on Sunday 14th August as part of National Allotments week, and perhaps have a communal (bring your own) bar-b-que or informal gathering. We could have 'visit your local allotment' posters and maybe some advertising in the local paper. Plot holders could be encouraged to 'show off their plots'. There would obviously be guidance that visitors should not go onto plots unless invited. The BHAF could pay for Charcoal, tea, biscuits etc if neccessary with a small grant to each participating site.

Its just an idea at the moment so please email us back if you think it might be a goer on your site.


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Best Regards,
BHAF Committee.

Brighton and Hove Allotment Federation