Hi, folks—

Winter weather is on its way, which is what prompts me to write this email. I have been in the lama (llama and alpaca) business for over thirty years, now—so why have I been wearing synthetic fleece jackets and cotton socks instead of natural lama fiber apparel? Because I’m an idiot? That could be, but I’d like to think that it’s because Altiplano Insulation and the New England Alpaca Fiber Pool weren’t there for me at the time. Well, they’re here now, and I am happy to report they’ve been added to the Sopris Unlimited line of products. You want warmth, comfort, breathability and sustainability? Now’s your chance. If you’re like me, you’ll never look back. The only problem that remains is what to do with those cotton socks left sitting in the drawer—I liken it to the quandary of what to do with your old halters when you’ve finally found the SoprisX design.

These wonderful wool products are directly related to another new product that you might be interested in: fishing rods. My ingenious brother-in-law, through twenty-five years of grueling experimentation on the trout streams and lakes of Colorado, has come up with a hybrid fly/spin pack rod design that will knock your cotton socks off. We call it Sopris FSH, and this beautiful, hand-made piece of work will beckon you, beginner or expert, to dawn your fiber options and head to the water in any season. The only caveat is, these rods are hand-built one at a time by the Amish family in Iowa who works for us, so be sure to place your holiday orders soon!

We are outdoors people here at Sopris Unlimited. This is, of course, why most of our products have to do with the outdoors. I’d like to introduce you to one more outstanding outdoors product, The Backcountry Llama magazine. You might think from the title that this magazine is about the use of lamas in the backcountry, and you’d be right. But Alexa Metrick (the editor and also my daughter) has broadened the scope of this publication to include stories about all kinds of non-motorized backcountry travel, policy and environmental news, camp recipes, plant identification, and much more. We are sorry that we cannot offer free shipping this holiday season. However, starting November 15, 2014, we would like to send you a free one-year subscription to The Backcountry Llama for any order over $100 (before S&H). If you have already renewed your 2015 subscription, you are covered for 2016. This offer expires February 15, 2015. (One subscription per customer.)

You can tell I’m excited about Sopris FSH, our Fly/Spin/Hybrid travel rod and the addition of Altiplano Insulation and New England Alpaca Fiber Pool’s products. I think you will be, too. These are top-notch products, which is just what you’ve come to expect from us. So warm up to  Sopris Unlimited and Think FSH.

Happy Holidays!
Charlie Hackbarth
P.S. We've made a few changes to our website to make ordering easier, including adding a "View Cart" button to the top of each page. We're in the midst of a complete site re-design, so if you have any other suggestions, please let us know!
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