Normally the Bye Week is a time to say “well at least the Bills can’t lose this week…”, but not this year! Our Bills are back and heading up north to Toronto to battle the wounded Washington Redskins. Are we happy the Bills are giving away a home game to Toronto? Of course not! How can we get back at them? By drinking all the Canadian beer in New England! Yeah… that’ll show ‘em…

So come on down to the Harp this Sunday (4:05pm kickoff) and cheer on the Bills. As always we’ll have the following great specials:

* Free Halftime Buffet with wings and 2 entrees
* $10 pitchers of rolling rock
* $12 pitchers of Labatt Blue
* $15 buckets of Labatt Blue and Blue Light bottles

Want to come down early? No problem! Harp will be open at noon and showing all the 1pm games.

We have a couple of important announcements related the buffet. Unfortunately, too many people have been "stocking up" at the buffet for friends at their tables. This is inconsiderate to those who are waiting in line so from now on we will be enforcing a "one plate per customer" policy. If others at your table want food from the buffet, they will need to wait in the line. We've also noticed people piling plates sky high -- again, this is inconsiderate. If you want a meal, order from the menu. The buffet is a snack provided by the Harp for our benefit. Please do not abuse the privilege or it might not last.

Also, keep in mind that the tables in the upper bar area in front of the stage are reserved for those ordering from the menu. Thank you for your consideration of others, and don't forget to tip your wait staff!

Finally, we’re happy to announce the following upcoming events at the Harp:

WED 11/2 - Sabres vs Flyers - 7pm
SUN 11/6 - Bills vs Jets - 1pm: 2nd ANNUAL MIGHTY TACO DAY!
SUN 11/13 - Bills vs Cowboys - 1pm - CHARITY DAY sponsored by Wegmans! Beef on weck and a special guest
SUN 11/20 - Bills vs Miami - 1pm - ZUBAZ DAY! (order your zubaz now from

Thanks to all who came out for our Sabres game this week! Can’t wait to see you all this Sunday as the Bills start their push for the playoffs. LET’S GO BUFFALO!!!