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In the last email I sent to you, I strongly asserted that the Codex machinations to block consumer access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range were part of a broader eugenics agenda, and I strongly urged all Americans to call Congress via the Capital Switchboard (202-225-3121) in opposition to HR 418 which threatens to attach databases and biometrics to our drivers licenses to turn them into defacto National ID Cards . (If you missed this list mssg, its at https://www.ymlp.com/pubarchive_show_message.php?jham+284

Evidence exists which shows that these cards would be used to block movement within the USA via random check points, and to block people from boarding planes thru the creation of "no fly lists." Could you be put on a "no fly list" or detained merely for expressing anti government views? Could you be detained merely for insisting you have a right to ingest whatever you wish into your body (including dietary supplements), or for refusing to take "medication" the government insists you take?

Could your children be taken away by "Child Protective Services" if they are screened for "mental illness" at school and you refuse to allow them to be put on toxic psychotropic drugs, even though you (and the FDA) know they can induce suicide?

Could the UN Codex initiative to ban our access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range be just one small part of a much larger agenda of societal control?

Before you conclude that I am a paranoid nutcase- please ponder the following information from Dennis Cuddy, PhD, and after you have pondered it, please get copies of the DVD of our Emergency Health Freedom meeting at http://www.glycommunity.com/iahf out to every health food store within a 50 mile radius of your house and urge the storekeeper to sign on to the IAHF email distribution list via http://www.iahf.com

Please consider donating to IAHF & allied organizations to assist us in fighting this desperate global battle for health freedom. By July 9th, unless we succeed- a eugenics oriented global trade standard for vitamins and minerals will be ratified in Rome at the next meeting of the Codex Alimentarius Commission and all nations will be forced to conform to it.


"At the first State of the World Forum hosted by the Gorbachev Foundation mentioned above, speaker Sam Keen evoked loud applause when he remarked, "If we cut the world's population by 90%, there won't be enough people left to do ecological damage." Think what it would take to reduce the world's population by 90%! Wouldn't it be unconscionable for a moral society to just stand by while Sam Keen or any other population controllers carry out their plans?"....... excerpted from:

Mental Health, Education and Social Control, Part 7 2-8-05


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Still with me? More than most people, I understand the full magnitude of the New World Order's plans for societal control because this concept of FREEDOM is not an abstract concept to me.

Its been said that those who've never lost their freedom, don't know what that word really means. I think thats true. I once lost my freedom for 4 long years spent mired in the psychiatric gulag where our state controlled medical establishment almost killed me with shock treatments and toxic psychiatric drugs before I was able to smuggle in the vitamins that enabled me to escape their clutches and start rebuilding my life over 20 years ago.

If you haven't yet read my story, and would like to, it can be found at http://www.iahf.com/on_the_back_wards.html In doing this health freedom work, I am fighting for my life. Some trying to do spin against my message have attempted to depict me as a "lunatic". Its important to me that people know the truth.

Some might conclude that we can't win this battle for health freedom, that theres just too much arrayed against us. Please don't think that way!! Daily I pray for guidance, because I don't want to become like a deer caught in the headlights of this onrushing New World Order train. Please join me in prayer, and in taking action to oppose the eugenics agenda!!

Help wake up sleeping health food store owners and vitamin company owners who are being lied to on the Codex issue by pharma elements controlling the vitamin trade associations. We CAN DO THIS! Get copies of the Health Freedom DVD "Push Back from Codex Cliff" at http://www.glycommunity.com/iahf and pass them out to every health food store in your area!! Please know that a core group of us are working overtime to defend your interests. Please help us to help you by joining with us in this grass roots battle!