Richard Herring Newsletter
March 2017
March onwards
What a month it's been for me. I got a horrible bug off my stupid sexcrement, but had to get all my work done, so I've been touring, writing and coughing my way through February, in the hope that the month of March will be less exhausting.
But oh bottoms! International Women's Day is coming up... no rest for the pedantic. A couple of people on Twitter have suggested sponsoring me per tweet this year. That might be a nice thing to do. If you want to give some money to Refuge or any charity of your choice in return for this mind-bending day of madness then that would be cool.
The Best
I am now 20 dates into my 67 date tour and it's been going really well. Thanks so much if you've come to see it. Still plenty of opportunities, but lots of the gigs are selling out (you're too late for Fareham, Colchester, Newcastle and Edinburgh), so book ahead.
But here are the March gigs
2nd March - Worthing
3rd March - Fareham - SOLD OUT
4th March - Colchester - SOLD OUT
5th March Canterbury
9th March Aldershot (NOT MANY TICKETS LEFT)
10th March Bath
11th March Lancaster
12th Barton-upon-Humber (NOT MANY LEFT - CALL VENUE 01652 660380)
19th Salford (NOT MANY LEFT)
20th Newcastle (SOLD OUT)
21st Edinburgh (SOLD OUT)
22nd Glasgow (SELLING FAST)
31st Winchester (NOT MANY TICKETS LEFT)
Still plenty of dates in April and May, so check the webpage for details. And we've added 3 more gigs in London in June.
We are not planning to record a DVD of this show, so come and see it LIVE!
Thanks for all the support with this - the final gig in February sold out and we've got some really good stuff in the bag. We have one more day of filming for sketches and lots of editing to do and some cartoons to put together, but we're hoping we will be able to release at least some of this series in May. There's lots of people working really hard on it. I think it will be worth the wait.
Everything Happens For No Reason
The filming of the Channel 4 taster tape of my new sitcom went really well. We're just putting the finishing touches to the special effects (seriously) and I think we get to show it to the bosses in about a week. And we should hopefully get a decision one way or the other pretty quickly. I never say this, but I think it's really good and if we don't get a series from this, then I really don't know what I have to do to get back on the telly... I just want to be on the telly.
I have now written first drafts of all of the scripts for this and we have an amazing cast lined up (don't think I am allowed to say yet) and I never say this, but I think it's really good. We're recording them all this month and they will be on Radio 4 in June. I just want to be on the telly.
RHLSTP is on hiatus until its return in June. Tickets are on sale, so book now. I won't have any names lined up until much nearer the time, but as ever, there are some great possiblities.
And for the next few weeks we're releasing the full length interviews with experts that we did for my Meaning of Life podcast. Marcus Chown and Richard Wiseman are up already.
You can watch the series on video on Youtube
(also vimeo and iTunes)
Or listen at the British Comedy Guide
I will also be recording a bonus RHLSTP at the Wells Comedy Festival in May.
And we're just putting the final touches to the Emergency Questions book. Once that's done we will be sending out all the remaining RHLSTP kickstarter rewards. Sorry they are a little bit late.
Oh Frig, I'm 50!
I am returning to the Edinburgh Fringe in August for the first time since my ill-fated visit in 2015. It's the 30th anniversary of my first appearance at the Festival and my 40th Fringe show. I will be doing previews of the new material from May (including at the Wells Festival) so keep an eye on my gig guide for details.
I am not sure that I will be touring this show, so catch it in Edinburgh if you can. There will be details of venue and tickets as soon as it is confirmed.
Even by my standards this is a crazy busy time. I am enjoying all the work, but it's been a very stressful year so far. But there's some great stuff coming up for you to enjoy and as always thanks so much for the support and for buying the tickets and the DVDs which keep all this other stuff going.
Oh and if you're wondering. There is an International Men's Day. It's on November 19th.
Richard Herring