Let’s celebrate the release of the second album from the electronic travelers Boeoes Kaelstigen. »Overcomes Love, Time & Space« is now available for your listening pleasure.
Artist: Boeoes Kaelstigen
Title: Overcomes Love, Time & Space  
Label: Adrian Recordings
Guests and co writers: Asha Ali, Name the Pet, Vanbot, Stax Osset & the  Swedish top diplomat Erik Cornell.
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2015-05-22: Trädgården - Stockholm (S) - Release Party
2015-05-23: Dubbel Dubbel - Malmö (S)

Movement and change have always been fundamental parts of Boeoes Kaelstigen’s music. With their second album, a whole previously untapped source of inspiration is now pouring into their works: The Big Feelings.
Technocratic concepts are now sharing center stage with stories about love. Even the instrumental tracks are filled with more depth and warmth than ever. The new works by Boeoes Kaelstigen mark a giant leap forward for electronically enhanced pop music.
The album is co-written with some of Sweden's most promising pop stars, Asha Ali, Name The Pet and Vanbot. The duo's fascination for futuristic production is represented by a pan-continental collaboration with Melbourne's most hyped artist at the moment – Stax Osset.
»Overcomes Love, Time & Space« is finished off with a spoken track where Swedish top diplomat Erik Cornell tells a vivid story of the feeling of being in an intellectual weightlessness. A phrase that effectively summarises both emotional confusion, and Boeoes Kaelstigen's new album as a whole.
Written and produced by Boeoes Kaelstigen in Stockholm, Minsk and Berlin, 2013-2015. Artwork by Martin Löfqvist.
It’s a warm, straightforward piece of synth-pop.
Jamieson Cox
Cloud-soft synths froth against shruggy fingerclicks and spaced-out bass […] slightly dislocated from the noise and reality. It's the kind of dreamy dance-pop […] that'll have you lost in your own head for hours, whether you're dancing, partying or sat at home alone.
Laurence Day
In a time when house music has became a product, victimized by consumerism and a throwaway spirit, especially among swedish producers, it is beautiful to see something thorough and truly conceptualized. But believe when I say I am not a nostalgic. I just really enjoy contrasts. I like idea of creating something omniscient, something that overcomes love, time and space. My opinion is that they are truly on the right track.
Bjorn Widmark
Der Track schwebt wie diese leuchtenden kleinen Teilchen durch unser Zimmer und lässt sich niemals richtig fassen. Und wie auch der Track ist die staubige, lichtdurchflutete Szenerie viel zu früh zu Ende, nämlich wenn uns unser Ordnungssinn dazu zwingt, endlich den Frühjahrsputz anzugehen; aber jetzt noch nicht, jetzt lehnen wir uns erst einmal zurück, lassen den Staubwedel in der Kammer und hören noch ein bisschen „Damm" von Boeoes Kaelstigen
Interview: Radar Magazine