Laser Training Center
October 2011

Paul Goodison, Olympic Gold Medalist, World and European Champion, is coming to Cabarete, to try and win the 10th Caribbean Laser Midwinter Regatta January 13th to 15th, 2012.
The bad news for Paul, is that #1 ranked Nick Thompson* will be here to defend his Caribbean Midwinter title, assuring a tough battle and a very interesting event.
The good news is... you can join, too.
Paul and Nick will also be guest experts in our Up, Down, and Around clinic January 3rd to 6th, and the Pre race clinic, January 8th to 11th, 2012.

Most sailors can not keep up with Paul and Nick, but will have an opportunity to learn from the world's best craftsmen what each boat handling maneuver should look like, and how to keep the boat always speeding forward.  British Olympic team winning coach Chris Gowers will take part in some of the debriefings, and will be an additional resource of knowledge.

To register for the clinics and or the regatta,  send us a note.

Master's clinic and regatta, January 17th-21st, 2012.
For the sailors who race in club events, or master events, and want to come and enjoy high performance coaching without any super heros around, we have designed the Pre Brisbane Master clinic. Dates: January 17th to 20th, followed by a one day in-bay regatta, January 21st.  Coached by our head coach Rulo using onboard and coach boat cameras, we will cover all aspects of the race course. When was the last time you practiced reaching for more than two minutes?  Even if the answer is: "I can't remember", or "never",  you qualify.

For reservations and more information contact us here.

Looking to spend a whole month in Cabarete?
Here's the all inclusive package deal. Come January 1st, leave on the 31st, participate in all three clinics, two regattas, stay at the Sans Souci Park Hotel across the street from our club, have 3 meals a day at eZe restaurant, and enjoy unlimited miles Laser charter. All for just $3,990.00. For more details send us a note.


Compass, or no compass?
20 years ago the majority of racers had a compass on deck, now they don't. We asked US coach Brett Davis what has changed?
The first upwind leg is very tight, with not a lot of space between boats.
Sailors should keep their head (eyes), outside their boat, look for open lanes with clear air, angle to the next mark, angle of the boats around them, and of the boats in the opposite tack.
To really benefit from the compass upwind, one has to sail the entire upwind leg at least once before each race to make sure they get the correct bearings on the course. This is usually a difficult task.  Most Laser sailors  use the compass now days just to help find the favorite end of the start-line, and to see if they are on a header or a lift, compared with the prior upwind leg, after rounding the bottom mark."
Bottom line: If you have mastered all other aspects of Laser racing, you are ready to consider using a compass. If you are on a big boat in open ocean with no coast as refrence or view of the next mark, a compass is a must.

Have you watched the Advanced Laser Boat Handling DVD?
The DVD that teaches how to maneuver like a champion.
Using different viewing angles, including coach, on-board and aerial cameras, sailors can use step by step images on how to master maneuvers throughout the race course.

Over 50 minutes of video to improve your: Light wind tacks, medium wind tacks, strong wind tacks, light wind gybes, medium wind gybes, strong wind gybes, windward mark rounding, leeward mark rounding, and penalty turns.
Tillerman of the famous blog site for Laser sailors Proper Course wrote:  "The Advanced Laser Boat Handling DVD is available from the Laser Training Center for $49.95. .... I would probably have paid even more for it; it's that good."

*Yes Tom, I noticed that Nick just moved down to 3rd on the ISAF ranking, but that was after I wrote the first draft.
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