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IAHF List + Ralph Lotz, also Bill Sardi: Re the London Times Article (Below) Titled "Vitamin Pills to Be Banned in Britain" Dated June 29, 2003

My friend Paul Taylor in the UK will be lobbying the House of Lords tomorrow in London, but you need to keep in mind what is really happening here:

The outcome in the House of Lords will not go our way. It can't. The reason it can't go our way is that the Conservatives who are on our side are very heavily outnumbered by the Labor Party who already made their feelings known on this issue in a debate in Parliament about "whether or not England should harmonize to the EU FSD"

Tony Blair's Labor Party are Pharma Whores of the worst sort, and they have already flipped the bird to the people of England, informing them in no uncertain terms that England no longer exists, that it has been subsumed into the Dictatorship known as the EU, and that they "WILL" follow EU law. (Ha!) (Good Joke!!)

So..... here is what is going to happen: the Conservatives in the House of Lords will register a very loud protest vote against the implementation of the Statutory Instrument that is set to harm-onize England to the EU.

When they are ignored, it will set the stage for a firestorm of protests in England, for a revolt the likes of which England, and the Pharma Cartel has never seen, because what will be our only option after the vote comes down in the House of Lords and the Conservatives are outnumbered and pissed on again?

You guessed it: a LAWSUIT to OVERTURN the EU Food Supplement Directive, and THAT is EXACTLY what the Alliance for Natural Health have been feverishly preparing to launch, backed by a huge global tidal wave of public opinion which is mounting globally behind their efforts, especially with the realization that "as goes the EU, so goes Codex, as goes Codex, so goes the world."

See http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=33229
See http://www.iahf.com/anh_lawsuit.html
See http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2003/2003_preprint_eu_01.html
See http://www.rense.com/general38/supp.htm

People should donate to the Alliance for Natural Health's lawsuit via their website at http://www.alliance-natural-health.org

Americans can send checks made out to IAHF POB 10632 Blacksburg VA 24062. IAHF and ANH are working together.

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The American industry has been awakened to the awful reality regarding the truth contained at http://iadsa-exposed.tripod.com There is no place left for Dennin and Pettman to try to hide. They have been bypassed.

The American industry now grasps that they are traitors, that Pettman will do ANYTHING to appease the European Commission to please his pharmaceutical masters. Ditto for Dennin of Pfizer. Anyone who ever embraced them as their "saviors" is now running 180 degrees to ANH, and the global coalition building around them, because they and ONLY they have the moral high ground right now. Fortunately, they are working with one of the best law firms in England, one of the few that has ever succeeded in overturning an EU Directive. This firm can't WAIT to take this case, because they KNOW we have the TRUTH, the SCIENCE on OUR SIDE!

What is emerging is a new coalition as the TRUTH continues to come out: This is the battle for DSHEA all over again..... on a GLOBAL scale.

CAN we win? Damn straight we can, and we WILL too.

Bill Sardi wonders if S.722 is likely to get "rammed through" on us because our industry "has lost the moral high ground" due to products such as coral calcium, and sea silver.

While I agree we have a few bad actors in our midst, I remind that S.722 only has one cosponsor,and I say that if Waxman or anyone else in the House dares to come out with a House companion bill to S.722, that we will see a war erupt against this legislation the likes of which this country has never seen- a war that will make the battle to pass DSHEA seem like a sunday school PICNIC.

What will FUEL OUR TROOPS in this war is a realization that the push to ram S.722 through on us is just one small piece of a MUCH bigger picture- a picture that can't be fully seen til you factor in the highly questionable Australian Pan Recall, the fact that Canada gazetted new regs on June 18th which harmonized them to Australia, the fact that 4 lawsuits are pending against Health Canada and C420 is moving in Parliament to overturn the gazetted regs, and the fact that one of the 4 lawsuits was originally filed in '97 and has been laying dormant and the fact is that the effect it had when it was FIRST filed was that it resulted in the health minister at that time being driven out of office during an election year.

Well, guess what? Its an election year next year in Canada, and the current Health Minister, Anne McLellan is already feeling the HEAT, and SHE could be driven out of office TOO!!!! So we are witnessing a fascinating hockey fight north of the border, and I predict that Trueman Tuck of Friends of Freedom, combined with the Strauss Herb Co, combined with Biomedica, combined with Truehope Inc. will drive C420 through at Second Reading, and that the ruling Liberal Party of Canada will suffer mightily over this at the polls.

I predict the Canadian people will rise up and throw off this yoke of oppression, fueled in part due to an awareness of how what is happening in Canada ties in with what is happening globally. They do not WANT to be harmonized to Australia, a nation where between 14-1600 products were just wrongly yanked from the shelves under false pretenses, without a single product assay to prove alleged "contamination." The weapon used in Australia? SITE LICENSING.

THATS what the Canadian people are fighting against, and the AMERICAN people TOO because this summer, the FDA is going to come out with illegal GMP regs that will exceed DSHEA's statutory authority which only allows them to be FOOD BASED, but FDA is attempting to come out with GMPs that are even MORE STRINGENT than pharmaceutical GMPs and there is NO JUSTIFICATION.

Emord is already sharpening the long knives, and Pearson and Shaw are grinning in the wings sayin' "Bring it ON bubbuh! bring it ON!"

And IAHF and ANH and the growing coalition that is rising around us are sayin "Yeah man! Bring it ON!"

Why? Simple: the US Industry is waking up. They're starting to connect the dots.... faster and faster and its NOT TOO LATE to TURN THIS AROUND!

The Cartel has ICDRA at the UN level, but ICDRA is about to run head long into IAHF and ANH combined with an awakened American industry combined with CFH, NHF, AAHF, AHHA, Pfam, and a growing number of other allied groups combined with millions of irate consumers world wide wielding pens, pulling voting levers, and if that aint enough, WHATEVER IT TAKES to win, and win we WILL because to LOSE is NOT an OPTION.

Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements, hormones, and herbs were gifts to us from a benevolent creator who loves us and who gave them to us for healing purposes. They cannot, and will not be stolen from the people of this world via the elements of coercion, the forces of darkness.


John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
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For years now, my friends and customers called me "Chicken Little" and told me, "not to worry about CODEX, we have DSHEA." Now even the blind should be able to see what the Hell is going on. Is it a coincidence that this is all happening at the same time in Australia and New Zealand and now S722? I have written my esteemed Senator Durbin from the People's Republic of Illinois who authored this travesty and asked him to withdraw S722. Right! And that will happen right after they repeal the excise tax on telephone bills and gasoline. Senator Durbin has never met a business or an individual that he wouldn't like to regulate.

Now the NNFA comes up with this program through the generous support JR Carlson Laboratories owned by John Carlson, a pioneer in the Health Foods industry that doesn't sell fads and embarrasing crap like Coral Calcium. Just well researched, premium quality, scientifically valid stuff, which is what this industry is supposed to be about. Thank you John. But.... Where is the generous support from the Big Guns with the Big Bucks? The Coral Calcium Promoters, the Colloidal Minerals Mavens and the Sucralose Suckers? How about our Multinational Raw Materials Confederates? (er, the drug cartel?) Perhaps thay are already in meetings to decide what the"safe upper limits" are for nontoxic orthomolecular nutrients. Not safe upper limits for consumers. Safe upper limits to protect drug companies from safe and effective alternatives to Toximolar Medicine and a Medical Monopoly that was foreseen by Benjamin Rush at our Constitutional Convention.

Please make your customers and friends aware of this Advocacy Action Kit. The announcement emphasizes the impact that it will have on the retailer's business. Frankly, I am more worried about the impact that it will have on my freedom to have the ability to treat my own debilitating bipolar condition with the only substances that work. This is a basic issue of the individual's right to freedom from the Medical Dictatorship. May God help us.




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Subject: Vitamin pills to be banned in Britain
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June 29, 2003
Hundreds of vitamin pills to be banned
David Leppard London Times

A WIDE range of natural food and vitamin supplements used by millions are set to be banned from high street shops. Ministers are introducing regulations that will outlaw the sale of 270 minerals and vitamins used by people suffering ailments from arthritis to PMT.

They want to bring Britain in line with new European Union rules based on tougher standards in other EU countries where many of the substances are already banned. The move has, however, provoked a furious political backlash by opposition peers who will try to block the regulations in the House of Lords tomorrow. They claim it is an unjustified curb on consumer choice and are backed by a host of celebrities including Sir Paul McCartney and Sir Elton John.

Earl Howe, the shadow health minister, said: This is a civil liberties issue. If consumers can't go out and buy things that do them good just because of the nanny state then that is a very sorry state of affairs. The substances on the new proscribed list are used in hundreds of multivitamin and food supplements. Holland & Barrett, the health chain, said it would wipe out sales of at least 1.5m bottles a year worth £6m. Among the minerals affectted are boron, mainly used to maintain healthy teeth and bones, sulphur, used for skincare and arthritis, and vanadian for reducing cholesterol and fighting diabetes.

Other products such as vitamin B6, for countering stress and PMT, and vitamin C, used to tackle infections and colds, as well as zinc, to protect the immune system, will only be allowed to be sold in far lower doses than now. Under the law, manufacturers of banned products would have to prove they were safe, which would require tests that they claim would make them prohibitively expensive.
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