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By providing energy from renewable energy sources and implementing energy efficiency in different fields, we go a big step towards a sustainable future – clean and secure.
Devoted to this goal, the well-renowned South-East European EE & RE Forum facilitates and accelerates the entering of new products and technologies into the Region by linking it with international know-how.
The forthcoming 9-th edition of the event will bring together top industry professionals and will put on display latest products, technologies and services.
It will give you a unique chance to meet and address representatives from a wide range of industry sectors: renewable energy, grid operators and utilities, energy efficiency, smart buildings, energy storage business, hybrid and electric vehicle sector, building industry, finance, etc.
We are presenting below some of the 2013 exhibitors and we invite all companies with relevant activities to consider how to get involved.
Via Expo Ltd.    T +359 32 512 904    E     W
The new SolarMax P series string inverters specifically developed for solar plants up to 6kWp. Thanks to the proven HERIC®-topology the P series offers high efficiencies of up to 98% and thus maximum reliability.
Additionally, the successful SolarMax MT series has been complemented by the new 8MT2 string inverter with an output power of 8kW. The three-phase inverter is particularly suitable for flexible use in the field for detached houses and multiple dwellings. Thus, SolarMax now offers a comprehensive portfolio that can be used to perfectly implement both small domestic plants and decentralised large-scale plants... 
Global Hydro Energy GmbH
Global Hydro Energy is a young, dynamic company that operates worldwide in the hydro power technology sector. As an independent Austrian company we offer our customers the advantages of a flexible and innovative provider with international project experience acquired through global export activities.
Core competence:
Small hydro power plants up to a maximum of 15 MW “water-to-wire”
Products / Services: turnkey electrical engineering and automation solutions produced in house
Production capacity: approx: 50 turbines / year ...
Energy Innovation Magazine (UK) – will present at the Exhibition its printed publications.
Here is a short overview of the last winter edition, dedicated to the energy efficiency in buildings.
We take a closer look at energy efficiency in buildings in our winter 2012 edition. Placing this in context, Antoni Hidalgo comments upon the economic, environmental and social importance of Europe’s building stock. Adrian Joyce explains the benefits of renovating it, but that meeting this challenge by 2050 will require a near-tripling of the current rate of progress. Luc Bourdeau and Stefano Carosio discuss public-private co-operation and the development of a strategy for the entire value chain, from design and commissioning through to end-of-life optimisation. ...