Richard Herring Newsletter
May 2016
Four months into the Celebrity Year of Death
Hi all
Somehow I have survived this long in spite of the Grim Reaper stealing all the world's biggest celebrity talent... that can't mean.... no, I am sure he is just saving me for the big finale in December.
The big news is that I have invented the cutlery-ifix. So will never have to work again. So here's my last few bits of work before the cheques start rolling in.
Thanks to everyone who donated to the kickstarter. We made our target and a bit more and so now we have to make the bloody thing.
And if you want to donate some money to go towards filming AIOTM and the new series of RHLSTP then head here.
I am really hoping I can make something very special for you. It's going to be a mixture of old ideas reimagined and loads of new stuff. Hopefully it will surprise and entertain you.
Happy Now?
The Happy Now? tour is coming to an end
There are only 11 gigs left and two of them are sold out. You may have missed that I am doing another one in Leeds and one in Peterborough
30th April Winchester Theatre Royal (less than 20 tickets left)
7th May Windsor Arts
8th May Belfast (SOLD OUT)
19th May Chelmsford (SOLD OUT)
20th May Cambridge (not many tickets)
21st May Didcot
10th June Peterborough
We are releasing retro video podcasts each week on youtube, vimeo and iTunes, but in June and July we will be back with some fresh new ones
They're on every Monday in June and July at the Leicester Square Theatre at 7pm. I don't have any confirmed guests at all yet, but am trying for more big names, so it's worth booking ahead as they tend to sell out once the guest is announced (and all of them are good - Ray Peacock, one of the lightest in attendance terms, was probably the best of last series)
We're working out how we're going to pay for it, because it seems too soon to go for another kickstarter. But I am sure we will film most if not all of it.
The Best
We're just putting together my next tour which will be a Best Of... called Richard Herring: The Best.
Here's the blurb:
Richard Herring, King of the Edinburgh Fringe, Metro columnist and the UK's Podfather (RHLSTP, AIOTM) picks his favourite routines from his 12 one-man shows and crams them into 60 minutes for your delectation. From his deconstruction of the genealogy of Christ to him proving that racists are less racist than liberals, via some of the best knob jokes in the business. Will your favourite routine make the cut?
A great introduction to this influential cult comedian for the newcomer and a welcome greatest hits for long term fans. 
"a gloriously infantile delight in mischief, provocation and inspired rudeness” - The Guardian
The confirmed dates are already in the gig guide (but there's a lot more to come)

While You Were Away
And it's won the audience award at a big European Festival and is going to be on in Cannes too. I am really pleased with how it turned out. I am not rubbish in it.
Me1 Vs Me2 Snooker
The podcast continues and celebrities keep on dying in the hope of getting the arena named after them. But there's some exciting news coming up as I will be playing some live frames in front of an audience at an extreme arts festival in June. I will let you know the details when I have them.
Also I now need reading glasses. The countdown to Oh Fr*g, I'm 50 starts here.
I love you
Richard Herring