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April In The Gardens~ A Lovely Place To Be

Hello to all our gardening friends. Yes, it is that time of year-digging and planting time!

Frankly…I dig as little as possible. Love the raised-bed method of growing….so little digging! Want to know more? www.sagehillfarmsandvintagestore. com/raised-bed-gardening

We are still not past that last frost date in most areas of the country, so…still holding back on some steps.

We can however prune our roses now-even though mine and maybe yours-are already blooming. Just prune the dead wood and cut back all the spindly growth.

Tip: I use a wood glue and with each cut I make I drop a small amount of glue into the opening…keeps wood-borers and water from getting into the stems…which can cause rot and disease. (The glue will not do any damage to your plant.)

Never be afraid to prune….it is the life of any garden -it’s exercise for the plants.

Any trees and shrubs still to be planted should be done no later than mid month.

Prepare your ‘summer’ garden beds-turn the soil and add organic matter-compost, etc.

We can divide summer and fall blooming perennials, feed evergreens, fruit trees, shrubs and lawns.

Don’t forget to spray peach trees now for leaf curl, blight and canker. There are good organic options for this. Check your local co-op or favorite nursery.

Herbs….thyme, rosemary, sage, oregano, chives, Bronze fennel, and parsley-should all be putting out new growth…in my case…I’ve already begun to harvest thyme and parsley.

Today I planted Calendula-a medicinal cousin of the garden type marigold.

It will grow alongside the White sage…should make a lovely color combination. (The two look very much the same-but, don’t confuse them as the garden marigold is toxic to both humans and animals.) The garden marigold is the one you scatter throughout your garden to eliminate pesky bugs/insects.

Herb Plant Sale
April-17, 18, and 19th…
Hours--9:00 AM until 3:30 PM

Easter is only a week away…I’d like to encourage all parents to take a stand on the goodies you choose to fill those beautiful baskets for your children. More than any other time of year…food colorings/dyes are used in astronomical amounts. These are so very dangerous to the health of us all…and especially growing children.

Many fabulous and rich colors can be derived from many different vegetables…boiled cabbage leaves renders a lovely red…onion skins a delightful yellow, the list is endless.

Just Google "vegetable dyes" and you’ve got it all right at your fingertips.

We are looking forward to having delicious/organically made cookies from the ‘Sugar Shack Farm’ a local-and my neighbor of a few ridges away Miata makes the most beautiful goodies…talk about talent!

A reminder… for locations of farms and farmers markets in your area.

Happy gardening and a beautiful Easter holiday~

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