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IAHF List: Daniel Page from Quebec called me about this and we talked a long time, please help to rapidly and massively disseminate his info, he's caught the cartel red handed using a hidden camera trying to use massive subterfuge to do a hatchet job on oxygen therapy!! This is OUTRAGEOUS, and Daniel needs and deserves ALL of our help to spread this info widely!!

I know how effective hyperbaric oxygen is because I saved my mom from having to have her legs amputated by taking her to an oxygen clinic that uses HBOT. The Cartel is TRULY evil to suppress oxygen as a therapy!! Tell your elected officials about this, shout it from the rooftops! Tell everyone! Post it on your website and let Daniel know, thank Daniel for his good work, he's one of the unsung heroes of the offensive line, out there defending all of our health. Send him $5. and he'll send you a CD rom showing this jerk Dr. who he caught trying to cover up the truth about the healing power of oxygen! I'm going to get this to Ed McCabe!

From: Daniel Page

Subject: Help needed to spread the news of this MAJOR Medical cover-up about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for sick kids !
To: John Hammell

Dear Health Freedom advocates,

The big guys of the medical / pharma Cartel are trying to eliminate Oxygen Therapy worldwide !
Please take a look at this huge medical conspiracy to cover-up the real conclusions of the first scientific study in the world for children affected by Cerebral Palsy that has never been made public yet since it happened in Quebec (a french pseaking province) more than 3 years ago !
We need your help to let everyone know about this and we will have Health Freedom once and for all ! This is the most documented evidence of work of the ''Masters of disinformation'' ...



Daniel Page....... Keep Reading Below (JH- note):


Summary of the ''unrevealed'' Conspiracy against
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) …

My name is Daniel Page and I live in Quebec City, Canada. I have researched and promoted, for the last 12 years, several advanced alternative bio-energetic technologies (Rife, Lakhowsky, Beck, Drown, Skilling, Reich, EAV, etc) as well as oxygen therapies (Ozone, HBOT, hydrogen peroxide) which have been and are still aggressively suppressed and censored by the medical and pharmaceutical cartel. So I became actively involved in the fight for Health Freedom since 1995 because of that.

I have developped my own advanced design of ozone steam bath in 1999 which led me to find out about the Hyperoxy mild hyperbaric chamber from California, which one of my friends from Montreal got the distribution for Quebec shortly after. As an alternative technology developer, I decided to build my own design of mild HBOT chamber with some ''advanced'' technological features.

We soon found out that the first ''so-called'' scientific study in the world on the potential effects of HBOT for children affected with cerebral palsy - which was still unapproved by the conventional medical ''police'' - was initiated in 1999 right here in our French speaking province (making it easy to hide from the english community). The results were made public at the end of the study in july 2000 but strange rumors and events started to happen then ...

We already felt something was wrong with the way the story was presented in the conventional medias. Legal and Licensed Doctors (...) working for the Quebec ''government'' were apparently trying to convince the parents, the population in general and the international scientific community to believe that it was not effective … when all the pilot projects and so-called ''non-scientific'' studies and demonstrations proved exactly the opposite !

In march of 2002, my friend introduced me to a group of investors who were about to open an innovative Oxygen Bar in Montreal. I became their supplier because I had also developped an exclusive type of oxygen bar controller. But, one of the shareholders happened to be one of the honest doctors that participated into the Quebec HBOT study ... ! In fact, he was THE doctor who did initiate the study with the help of several parents who were putting pressure on our government to cover the fees for this therapy and make it available for these kids …

In Quebec, we have a public insurance health system … but insurance companies were covering the costs outside our country, and/or many private clinics were available elsewhere in Canada and the world but not a single one was allowed in Quebec. We too have a strong College of Physicians that harrasses any and all alternative therapies … and they were not recognizing the efficacy of HBOT... Oh, What A Surprise !

It was only in December 2002 that I had the opportunity to discuss with this doctor about what really happened in the course of the study. I couldn't believe what I heard ! I asked if he had a file and I received his report which he wrote more than 2 years ago … It was only in January that I took the time to read it. Totally astonished by what I discovered, I immediately called him, asked for more details and received his complete file on February 14th - yes, Valentine's day. I realized right there that I was in front of the biggest and most documented evidence of medical fraud in research ! I decided to assemble the CD-Rom and started the next day. And then in March, we found out that an International Conference on Cerebral Palsy was scheduled in Quebec City (where I lived all my life) from April 30 to May 3rd. The corrupted doctor who has been put in charge of this study was, of course, featured to present the ''official version'' of the results (fraudulently manipulated against the main researchers consent !) as well as another one who was presenting a piece of junk that was never co-signed by the other researchers.

On Friday May the 2nd 2003, we caught the ''puppet doctor in chief'' with a hidden camera and this exclusive footage is on our CD-Rom ! But we found out at the same time that those behind this monstrous fraud started to spread negative propaganda and even more fraudulent articles in some other prestigious British medical journal regarding HBOT !

We now have enough proof against these people and this ''system''. We have to stop the silent war the pharmacartel has been leading against sick but also healthy people from all over the Planet for way too long now ! And the only way to achieve our goal is to expose this outrageous imposture and Declare Health Freedom Worldwide which will bring other major changes as well …

They prevent millions of children and adults worldwide from having access to a cheap, SAFE and effective alternative treatment, and we have more than 20 000 people affected by cerebral palsy only in the province of Quebec (and that's not including other degenerative or neurological diseases !). Millions more could be helped in so many fields. Ten's of thousand of amputations could be saved annually, and the list goes on and on ... so many human lives needlessly destroyed or shortened ... but the big guys BEHIND conventional medicine and the pharmacartel don't seem to care about our health so its about time we act to end this tyranny ! The bottom line of this ''Business with Disease'' is Profits and the equilibrium of the artificial and inhuman global economical system !

We have tried to reach the ''Parti Québecois'' who was in office then to confront them with this horrendous conspiracy and prepare the ground for change but to no avail until now, as well as several organizations involved in that field, some Quebec alternative and conventional medias, conspiracy and anti-globalization organizations, and several artists from Quebec. But they are probably too afraid since we haven't heard from any of them yet. Or they might simply consider this medical fraud / conspiracy to be just another one on the desk ...

Well, It's not ! We can survive weeks without food, days without water, but less than 2 minutes for most people without oxygen ... Therefore, the therapeutical aspect of ambiant air (21% Oxygen) UNDER PRESSURE is the biggest threat for the pharmacartel and conventional medicine ! And the recognition of this criminal cover-up will open the door to all other safe, effective and non-toxic alternatives that have been censored and suppressed the same way for more than 100 years.

All the details can be found on our website at www.humans-united.qc.ca
or if you don't have high speed internet connection or if you want to have a copy of this historical cover-up, you can order the complete CD-Rom for 5$ US, plus shipping fees.

Humans United is an organization that promotes Health Freedom and the emergence of all other Advanced Alternative Solutions. Individuals, alternative clinics and organizations can help this worldwide disclosure action by purchasing our exclusive mild HBOT chamber which is only available through Humans United.

We urgently need the support and help of all alternative, underground, ecological and humanitary organizations in spreading this urgent news to all other organizations and individuals interested in bringing the long needed changes. We also need Popular Artists and public figures who are truly interested in the advancement of Health and Freedom to get involved to end that conspiracy right here in Quebec !

Thanks for participating in the coming of the New Energy Revolution !

Daniel Pagé, founder and vice-president
Richard Verreault, vice-president
Humans United
International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 10632 Blacksburg VA 24062 USA
http://www.iahf.com; http://iadsa-exposed.tripod.com
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