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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach

August 1, 2015

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia - Volume 16, Issue 852


  • Scotland Island General Clear Out
  • Kindy Cafe
  • SIRA Notice
  • SIRFB - Before you light that fire
  • RFS Open Day
  • Fireman's Ball Photo Gallery
  • SIRFS Fire Shed Dinner - Bledisloe Cup Night
  • Think Global - Act Local
  • Local Council Notices
  • Mona Vale Library Events
  • Offshore Small Business Fair
  • Co-Op Club Presents August Lineup
  • Does Your Child Need Some Extra Help with Learning?
  • For Sale - Car
  • For Sale - Kayak
  • Free
  • Need Help - General Labour
  • Mummy Nanny
  • Wanted Boat
  • The Local Contact Guide
  • Join SIRA
  • Archived Newsletters
  • Your subscription Information

  • Scotland Island General Clear Out

    Monday August 3

    General, Whitegoods & Metals



    The total quantity per household should not to exceed 3 cubic metres (3m x 1m x 1m)

    The total quantity per household should not to exceed 3 cubic metres (3m x 1m x 1m)


    • Asbestos, batteries and household chemicals
    • Building materials – wall linings, gyprock, studs, timber beams, tiles, concrete
    • Car, motor and boat parts, rubber tyres – rims are accepted
    • Food, full gas bottles (open valve), glass including windows, panes, mirrors, panels, shower screens, picture frames, liquid paints, oils, fuel, soil, earth, fill, bricks
    • Recyclable materials – paper and cardboard, soiled wrappings, vegetation, plants
    • Unacceptable Items will not be collected – please remove from roadside


    • Appliances such as stoves and fridges – remove doors; frames with glass removed – break glass into newspaper, wrap securely and put in household garbage
    • Paint tins and fuel containers – with the lid off and no liquid
    • Manageable quantities of: delivery pallets, wooden stairs, decking, gates, fencing, guttering, down piping, iron sheets and water tanks – cut down to 1.2 metre lengths and able to be lifted by one person; nails must not stick out – please hammer down; hot water systems – emptied
    • Metals to be kept separate, where possible, to be taken to Kimbriki Recycling & Waste Facility for re-processing and re-use
    • Place metals in a separate pile to other general clean up materials

    Download Flyer Attachment Here..


    Scotland Island Cafe

    Kindy Cafe, Sunday 2nd August at the Kindy

    Yes, Kindy Cafe is on again at the Kindy from 10am, Sunday 2 August....... and again on the first Sunday of each month from 10am.

    It would be great if you could come along for a coffee, great if you could spread the word, and even greater if you'd like to bring a cake, or something, or help on the day! :-)

    Funds raised will go to the Scotland Island Kindy. The play areas at kindy will be open for all to enjoy during the cafe. Take the opportunity to let the kids play while you relax with a cuppa & cake and while you're there, even check out all our wonderful kindy has to offer!

    Please let Ian know if you plan to bring something and/or help so we have an idea of how things are looking for the day. Thanks!

    Hope to see you there.

    Special thanks to Sophie Maple for preparing our wonderful flyers!







    Soon you will be seeing a brand new Community Vehicle and notice some changes in the signage – but the service (and type of vehicle) will remain the same.
    Since inception, the Community Vehicle service has been managed by SIRA.  This was made possible by grant funding from the NSW Government through Transport for NSW and support from Pittwater Council who purchased the vehicle and leased to SIRA funded through the grant.
    Due to changes in funding regulations, SIRA is no longer able to manage the new contract obligations directly and has partnered with a large community transport organisation -  Easy Transport Manly Warringah Pittwater (ETMWP) in order to keep the service operating into the future.
    ETMWP will manage the funding and compliance and Pittwater Council will source and service the vehicle with SIRA co-ordinating operations and the Island drivers still providing the service.
    For customers, the service, charges and contacts are unchanged.
    SIRA is grateful to ETMWP for stepping in and working closely with the SIRA Committee, Pittwater Council and Transport for NSW to ensure this valuable service to the Island community can continue. Information on other ETMWP services on the mainland will be available in the vehicle.
    David Hegarty
    Vice President



    Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade

    Before you light that fire...
    ...a guide for residents burning vegetation.

    At this time of year many residents think about burning off excess vegetation which might become a fire hazard in summer.  This kind of planning should be applauded, but there are some rules that need to be followed to ensure that burns are conducted safely and comply with government and fire regulations.

    What kind of approval do you need?tree
    The first step is to determine the reason for the burn.  If the burn is to reduce bush fire hazards you can get a Bush Fire Hazard Reduction Certificate free of charge from the Rural Fire Service.  You should contact the Waringah Pittwater Fire Control Centre on 02 9450 3000. If your planned burn is for some other purpose you should contact Pittwater council for advice about what approval you require.  You can access the application form for an RFS Hazard Reduction Certificate and other useful information here

    Do you need a Fire Permit?
    If your burn is planned during the Bushfire Danger Period, which usually runs from 1 October to 31 March each year, or your burn poses a danger to a building, you will also need a Fire Permit.  The aim of a Fire Permit is to ensure your burn is conducted safely.  It may impose specific conditions on the way the burn is managed.  Fire Permits for burns on Scotland Island are issued by qualified Officers of the Scotland Island RFS.  You can request a Fire Permit by contacting Waringah Pittwater Fire Control Centre on 02 9450 3000 or the Scotland Island RFS on 02 9999 4404.  Please provide a reasonable amount of time for an RFS Officer to complete an inspection prior to the date of your planned burn.

    Who do you need to notify?
    At least 24 hours before you commence your burn you must notify the Waringah Pittwater Fire Control Centre on 02 9450 3000 of your intention to burn.  You must also notify your neighbours at least 24 hours before you start your burn.

    What happens on Total Fire Ban days?
    On the day you plan to start your burn check the weather conditions and forecast.  If there is a Total Fire Ban you cannot start your burn – even if you have a Fire Permit.  On Total Fire Ban days all Fire Permits are automatically suspended.

    For further information please refer to the Rural Fire Service web site www.rfs.nsw.gov.au or contact Scotland Island RFS on 02 9999 4404.

    Save the date – Sunday September 13 – Rural Fire Service Open Day

    The Rural Fire Service Open Day is a key step in preparing the island and its residents for the upcoming fire season.

    This year we are hosting a fire shed dinner on Saturday September 12 and we will then be opening the fire shed from 10am on Sunday September 13.
    There will be plenty of things to do – fun things for the kids including learning the basics of fire- fighting and using a fire hose. 

    Adults can practice using fire extinguishers, explore the fire dangers in typical island homes, test different types of smoke alarms and prepare a bushfire survival plan.

    If you have been thinking about joining the Brigade it will also be a great opportunity to talk to members of both the Community Fire Unit and the regular brigade.

    The BBQ will be running from 10am so come on down and have morning tea or lunch with us.

    2015 Fireman's Ball - Scotland Island RFB 60 Year Celebration Photo Gallery

    View the gallery online HERE


    Scotland Island RFB Fire Shed Dinner

    Fire Shed - Footy Night

    Saturday 8 August 2015 from 7pm

    As the August Fire Shed Winter Dinner is on the night of the Bledisloe Cup we will be having a Footy Night
    BBQ hamburgers and sausages, on bread rolls with onion jam
    Nachos (mince and vegetarian) with salsa and sour cream
    Ice-cream desert

    Door prices will be $15 for Adults and $10 for Teens
    We offer a discount on all tickets booked online!

    Please join us for a fun night watching the game on the big screen


    The team at SIRFB


    Think Global - Act Local

    Bushcare this month on Scotland Island



    Local Council Notices

    Pittwater students take Hollywood by 'storm

    Pittwater students take Hollywood by 'storm'Pittwater Council’s Coastal Environment Centre has been working closely with local schools to engage and educate them on stormwater education.

    The project ‘Nothing but Rain down the Drain’ was carried out during term two and involved students attending a number of workshops about stormwater pollution.

    Natural Environment & Education Manager Mark Beharrell said the program involved almost 240 students from Maria Regina Catholic School, Elanora Heights Public School and Narrabeen Lakes Public School, which all participate in the Peninsula Community of Schools Program.

    “The goal of the education program was to engage and give students a thorough understanding of stormwater issues,” Mr Beharrell said.

    “Some of the students were then invited to create a two-minute eco movie on the topic that Council could then use to help educate the broader community.

    “We hope the eco-movies will lead to increased awareness of what goes into our drainage system and reduce pollution,” added Mr Beharrell

    The education component involved Council staff running a series of stormwater incursions at the participating schools, looking at how water moves through our catchment and what it takes with it.

    Students were then taken to their local waterway where they conducted both chemical and biological investigations, preparing students with the facts they needed to complete their eco movies.

    Mr Beharrell praised all students participating in the stormwater investigations and the movie-making workshops; and especially recognised the contributions of those who were intricately involved in making the productions—from script writing to storyboard creation to starring in the production.

    “The mini eco-film project was a great success and the videos created are outstanding,” Mr Beharrell said.

    The three videos can be viewed online at Council’s YouTube channel www.youtube.com/user/Pittwatercouncil.

    The unique project was an initiative of Pittwater Council staff who felt the films were an engaging way to educate our youth and broader community.  Each of the films was produced by Pittwater Council in conjunction with local production company Contently.

    The project was funded by the NSW Government Greater Sydney Local Lands Services and supported of the Peninsula Community of Schools.

    Mr Beharrell reminds residents that everyone can play a part in preventing harmful substances entering the drains.

    For further information about stormwater pollution visit:

    Contact: Community Relations
    Phone: 9970 1119 or 9970 1114



    Gloria's Handbag



    Saturday 22nd August

    There will be two performances on Saturday the 22nd August, one at the Pittwater Retirement Village and one at the Mona Vale Library.

    “Six characters, expert storytelling, opera singing and magic tricks; all performed by a cast of one.” – Keeping up with NZ
    Community Development Librarian
    P: 9970 1606

    Includes afternoon tea
    at Pittwater Retirement Village
    and wine and cheese at Mona Vale Library.

    Budding Writers Competitionflyer

    Be in the running for cash prizes with Mona Vale Library’s short story writing competition known as 'When I was eight years old'.

     This is a great opportunity to describe what being eight years old means to you.

    You may have grown up in Pittwater or arrived here later in life; either way we would love to hear your recollections of that time.

    There are three categories:
    1. adults
    2. secondary students
    3. primary students.

    Entries close 15 August


    Offshore Small Business Fair 

    We have some fabulous people on the island running small businesses, from chocolate making to computer repairs and programers, literary editors, counsellors, graphic designers, music teachers, remedial masseurs... you name it, and yet little is often known about them as professionals.

    To be held in the Community Hall and park simultaneously with Kindy Cafe morning on the 6th September.

    Those interested in 'strutting their stuff', will set up their card table with flyers, to meet and greet islanders, many of whom will be surprised to know that the friendly face down on the wharf, is just the person they need to help them.

    There would be no charge and only Only Offshore residents would be invited to attend, so that it doesn't become a mainland business commercial venture.

    Please email your expression of interest to Juliet ...  iam@julietholmesacourt.com

    This little Fair will benefit the Kindy Cafe, whilst helping build our wonderful community.


    The Co-Op Club  Presents: August 2015 Bookings

    Church Point CafeArtists play between 3-6pm

    Artists play between 3-6pm

    Sun August 2: Dragon  :image

    Todd Hunter formed the band Dragon in New Zealand in 1973 and his brother Marc joined in 1974.
They moved to Australia in May 1975.
 Dragon toured Australasia, America and Europe in the 1970's and sold over a million records before disbanding in 1979 .
During this period the band had hits with This Time, Stlll In Love, Sunshine, Get That Jive, April Sun In Cuba and Are You Old Enough written mainly  by Paul Hewson. 
Dragon reformed in 1982 and Rain became a hit for Dragon in 1983.
During the 80s the band released the albums Body & The Beat and Dreams Of Ordinary Men.
 Dragon toured with Tina Turner in Europe in the mid 80's, sold another million records world wide before disbanding in 1990.
During this period they had hits with the singles  Rain, Speak No Evil, Celebrate, Dreams Of Ordinary Men and Young Years. 
Todd and Johanna Pigott wrote the song Age Of Reason for John Farnham, which became a No.1 single in  Australia and was a hit in Germany and Canada in 1989.
Age Of Reason won the APRA song of the year award for 1990.
Marc Hunter passed away in 1998 and the band was defunct for eight years
In 2006 Todd reformed Dragon Mark Williams on vocals and acoustic guitar, Pete Drummond on drums, keyboards and vocals and Bruce Reid on guitars and vocals.
Dragon was inducted into the Australian Hall Of Fame in 2008 and the NZ Hall Of Fame in 2010. 
Dragon have played over 600  shows with the current lineup

           $20 booking essential!   *** SOLD OUT!***

    Sun Aug 9: Wassado   :image

    Moussa Diakite was part of Mali's generation of pioneering musicians in the 1970s and ‘80s, composing and performing music heavily influenced by the Wassoulou styles of his homelands in southwestern Mali. Moussa joined the ‘Super Rail Band de Bamako’ as it's lead guitarist in 1979, also playing with the legendary Toumani Diabate's ‘Yanga Orchestre’ and  eventually joined world music star Salif Keita from 1987-1992. Since moving to Sydney in 1992, Moussa has inspired the Australian African music scene. Most recently he has been in Mali recording an album of his music in collaboration with some of West Africa’s finest, due for release later this year. Join us for a special performance of Moussa’s 100% dance guitar band WASSADO also featuring: Ben Kidson – drums, Nemo Lynn bass & Len Samperi guitar

    Sun Aug 16:  Robert Susz Continental Blues & Boogaloo Party :image

    Robert Susz Continental Blues & Boogaloo Party. "Continental" Robert Susz, ex Dynamic Hepnotics & The Mighty Reapers -singer, harmonica player & songwriter has assembled his latest soul/blues/down-home funk combo The Continental Blues Party, playing a combination of "Continental" Robert's compositions (including his national SMASH HIT "Soul Kind Of Feelin'") & treasures from the SOUL & BLUES vaults by artists like Ray Charles, James Brown, Muddy Waters, Cutis Mayfield, B.B. King, Joe Simon, they have been turning on audiences with their electrifying, soul charged, R'N'B workouts since their formation in 2007

    ..” one of the most soul testifying bands in Australia..”

    Sun Aug 23: Tabatha Brownrigg :image

    Tabatha Brownrigg  is armed with a voice ranging from angelic soul to Big Mama Thornton rock. On Sun Aug 23 Tabatha and her band will deliver some great arrangements of blues, pop & soul classics that give Tabatha the freedom to let her voice soar and shake off your winter blues..

    Sun Aug 30:  Kate Lush & Band :image

    Add to her devastating voice great original material and an outstanding band and you have a Sunday afternoon not to be missed. Think soul infused rock, Memphis blues with a dash of Susan Tedeschi..

    There’s a kind of infectious joy that comes out of Kate Lush’s music that captures your imagination. She puts her heart and soul into every song and every performance and it shines through with unmistakable brilliance. Add to that her devastating voice, great original material and an outstanding band and this is a singer-songwriter not to be missed. Go prepared to be blown away

    Music is every Sunday between 3-6pm  
    1860 Pittwater Rd Church Point – bookings 9999 2793



    Does Your Child Need Some Extra Help with Learning

    I am a fully qualified Primary School teacher (Kindergarten – Year 6) who can assist your child with their learning.

    Sometimes children need a bit of extra help, time and some alternative strategies in order to grasp key concepts in maths, reading and writing.

    I can provide tutoring and help for primary school children and those in the early years of secondary school.  Your home or mine - on the island.

    Reasonable rates.

    To discuss, please call Anne Dennis on 0435 870 096


    For Sale

    2011 MAZDA 3 - BT22AH


    50,000 KMS


    1 OWNER

    PRICE: $13,900.00

    ENQUIRIES: 0418 220 107


    For Sale

    Roto moulded Double Sea Kayak

    Linda and I are continuing to re-assess our changing circumstances and the next offering is our much loved double sea kayak.

    In our opinion the Dagger (brand) Trinidad (model name) is probably one of the worlds best plastic double's.

    What you will get;
    • Two people in the same boat, easy to talk and share
    • Stability - arguably the most stable craft we have ever owned. Total confidence that either you or your guest will have a first class experience with or without previous kayak experience. This has been our boat for nervous guests or first timers and we have never had anything but praise for it's capacity to deliver
    • Load capacity and room - this is a floating lounge chair and suits very spacious seating for either front or rear seat
    • A large central storage hatch (between the two paddlers) is ready for your camping gear or picnic hampers or dog
    • Surprising speed and handling - Palm Beach for fish and chips in 50 mins, even quicker on the home run with a nor easter.
    Here's a link to a commercial re-seller with the same boat;

    Linda and I will demo this boat for prospective buyers (if required), we are including; entry level paddles (2) 2 neoprene spray decks (brand new) and a storage bag (home made).

    Priced to sell at $1600.
    9979 4098 , 0419 232 913 or email us at;


    Free to a good homeCheep

    ... the bird, not the boys!

    Cheep Cheep, a Frizzle we think, has been with us since hatching on Island some time in January this year.

    She is a lovely bird, however recently she has shown her true colours and begun to crow, so it's time to go!!!

    Call Ian to collect - 0404 833 674.
    On Scotland Island.




    Mummy Nanny Available

    I have over 15 years experience in both large/small centres as well as nanny work both in Australia and overseas. I have my Advanced Diploma and have experience with children from birth to 6 (but I'm still learning something new about children every day!).

    I live locally at Elvina Bay & I will be bringing my very flexible and happy 10 month old with me to your place.

    (This also makes it cheeper for you than a regular nanny).

    Call me for more details. Samantha 0468718953


    Wanted boat boat

    Do you have an old boat you want to get rid off?

    I'm after this style of boat (see photo) please give me a call if it's free and needs a good home.



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