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Promises of February

February-- Has been known to be our coldest month of the year, snow and ice...however, at the moment it is rather like spring. What is not to love?

Indeed it is too early to think about putting anything into the ground except trees and shrubs, some perennials and bulbs, but it is not too early to start flats in the greenhouse environment.

Herbs, spring onion, and lettuces will do well if started now and then transition them to the ground in very early spring.

Looking for a plant (herb) to attract beneficial insects to your garden...think Yarrow--this pretty bloomer has earned quite the reputation for all the goodness it brings to the space around it. It feeds lacewings, lady beetles, parasitic wasp, syrphid flies, and tachinid flies. Having one of these in your gardens is a blessing, having more than one or all of them is a Hallelujah time!

Fennel--another herb that brings something very special to the is fodder for caterpillars of the anise butterfly. We can never have too many butterflies.

Parsley--feeds the caterpillar of the Black Swallowtail-the most beautiful butterfly in my opinion--if you look close you'll discover they have many shades of blue and black.

So much to think and talk about this time of year.

Do remember to plan and order seed early if you haven't saved your own....everyone who gardens will be doing the same, and it is first come , first served, for the pick of the best.

If it's sunny in your world...think spring~
If it's cold and wintry...enjoy the magic of whatever that brings.

Plenty to celebrate this month..., Candlemas ( groundhog day) on the 2nd, Lincoln's birthday on the 12th, Valentine's Day on the 14th, President's Day on the 20th, Washington's birthday on the 22nd, and Flag Day on the 24th, and...Mardi Gras is on the 28th... Have fun and give a little extra thought to each of these special dates-the importance of who, why, and what.

This is the time to prune ornamentals, grasses and summer bloomers/shrubs.

Do You Know ...A snow cover in Feb., moderates the soil temperature and protects the crown (where new growth originates) of many perennials.

In 1923, 'Abraham Lincoln' heirloom tomato seeds were released by the H.W. Buckbee seed company of Illinoise, the state in which the president had spent much of his life.

George Washington grew more than apples in the orchards at Mount Vernon....apricots, cherries, peaches, and pears were also healthy crops.

Update On GMO Salmon umerUpdates/ucm472487.htm
Read it and plan on other options for dinner!!

Bea Rigsby-Kunz
Sage Hill Gardens

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May the best of yesterday merge with the best of today and bring the most amazing tomorrow Make it so~