Hi everyone,

I hope you're all recovered from the debacle on Sunday night. What a way to ruin a perfectly good tailgate party! We're hoping to have pictures of that event posted on the website soon, as soon as our photographer emerges from therapy.

This Sunday, the Bills take on the Rams at the Ralph; kickoff is at 1 pm. According the Channel 25 website, the Bills will not be on local TV this weekend, so come on down to the Harp and watch the end of the Drew Bledsoe Era (Error?) run its course.

Here's the weekly release from One Bills Drive:

Speaking of Ralph, some folks have started an on-line petition to support his bid for the Hall of Fame. If you'd like to sign the petition, click here:

(Do you think can we petition the Bills to dishonorably retire #11, so that we'll never have to see it on the field again?)

And please, don't forget that Charity Day will be held on 12/5, during the Bills/Miami game.

See you at the Harp. Go Bills!

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