IAHF List: Clayton Douglas' radio show producer will be calling me tomorrow morningn (May 3rd) at 4:45 am Pacific time to give me 15 min. to throw a cold washcloth on my face to get the sleep out of my eyes, snarf down a few soft boiled eggs (already prepared), drink some sulfur.... & join him on the air from 5am- 7 am Pacific, 8 am- 11 am Eastern time! (Broadcast live from Studio A, where it will also be archived.)

Clay reminds me of all the biker outlaws I've ever known combined with the wisest characters I've met in my global travels- he's a throwback to simpler times, to an era where things were more elemental, more basic, like someone you might meet if you took a time machine back to 1776, back to Lexington and Concord, but instead of hearing the voice of Paul Revere thundering his urgent warning off the cobblestones as his horse thunders by, what you'll hear is Clay and I discussing life in America, and in the World in 2013 from a perspective you may never have heard before, as only two dyed inthe wool outlaws can tell their stories.

I might even tell the story of the FBI visit to my office in Hollywood FL, or about the time the Federal Marshals were on my doorstep in the very house I'm sitting in now, or about the goons who were sent to kill me following the death threats in Florida, it all depends on the mood I'm in when I wake up tomorrow, and the same with Clay- a fascinating larger than life character with a unique sense of humor and the sorta knack for spinnin' a yarn that the old time sailors once had during the age of sail, when men were men, and sailing vessels still rounded Cape Horn full of every kinda cargo you can name.

You'll learn how to spit in the face of the New World Order as never before, and you'll feel like smiling when you hear our stories because there really is nothing new under the sun, and what we have to say will simply throw a modern space age twist on the sorta stories gunslingers like Jesse James, Butch Cassady, the Sundance Kid, Billy the Kid and others of that era once told during equally desperate hard times. Prepare to be entertained, awed, amazed, and enlightened- and yes--- it WILL be archived for your listening pleasure!! So, if you're up early on either coast, we'll be on air from 5 am to 7 am Pacific, and from 8 am to 10 am Eastern if you'd like to listen live!! 

Here is the url for the show on Blogtalkradio: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/claydouglas/2013/05/06/the-free-american-hour

It will also be broadcast live on Studio A. http://freedomslips.com and archived there also. The sound quality is best there.

I have no idea if Clay will throw the show open to callers or not, but he just might!! If he does, you can ask me questions about Codex, Health Freedom, Sulfur, Chemtrails, Detoxification, pretty much ANYTHING I've been sending out in my e-alerts for the past 30 years- so that covers a LOT of territory!

Rumor has it that I might even tell the plain unvarnished truth about fear and loathing in Point Roberts, or what REALLY caused me to become the only person in history to ever be Trespassed from that Marxist Social Club down on APA Rd. that calls itself "Trinity Lutheran Church" (Whoa, eh? Shiver me timbers by Gawd! I MIGHT even sing the Bellingham Jail Blues for ya, a true story that even Martin Luther himself would have to High 5 me over, even if it was done sort of in REVERSE.

Clay and I promise ya that NOTHIN' and we MEAN NOTHIN' will be "outa bounds" for discussion, so hold onto your HATS, eh, el Scourge de la Norte is about to STRIKE AGAIN!!

Since LAUGHTER is the BEST MEDICINE, I urge you to drink some SULFUR while listenin' to us rant and rave and carry on, because if you DO, your laughter will be so damn uncontrolable you'll likely piss yer pants, not that that would ALWAYS be a "bad" thang, eh?

If you missed my "allergy special" e-alert, you'll find that here.

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If any of your friends/ relatives/ coworkers, etc haven't yet watched Why in the World Are They Spraying? be sure they do so they can be alerted to the need to go HERE to BUY SULFUR to PROECT THEMSELVES!!  Also be sure to send 'em to Dane's site.... and these for good measure to be sure to scare the living hell out of 'em!

 Need to lose that belly fat so you can finally lose the weight necessary to button those jeans or to wear that swim suit this summer? We might even spend some time on the two hour show discussing all the things sulfur can do for ya, but we want to see you fork over the long green NOW, because I ain't lyin' podnuh, I NEED that GREEN to BOOGIE THE HELL out of AMERIKA before I get turned into a GREASE SPOT fer doin' shows like THIS, eh?

So come on here folks, SUPPORT yer local ANTI FDA OUTLAW today with a GIFT, or a SULFUR PURCHASE so I can LIVE to FIGHT another DAY, somewhere on God's green EARTH!!!

Cause Rome wasn't BURNT in a day....., can't have two tigers on a mountaintop!!..... or CAN ya? Cool


HELL, I'd wager any money that even NSA Spooks wanna be horny as hell while losin' fat and beaten allergies along with chemtrails, eh? So kindly forward this more trash eatin' couch potato, beer guzzlin' sonsabitches, and we'll see ya on the flipside!