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 Dirty Animals
Release Date : 30th August 2010

Label : Asphalt Duchess / Bruit Blanc
Format : CD / DL

“Bastards sons of R. Smith and the Mary Chain… Just the right nods to the dark revival that’s been apace” NME
“Chaotic high standard”
“ the spiked punk of the Parisians nails you to the ground, dealing vicious blow after vicious blow and we delight ourselves in this with masochistic gratitude” Les Inrockuptibles
“Sonic Youth’s feedbacks, Queens Of The Stone Age fury and the memory of the MC5” Rolling Stone

Dirty Animals is proof of the unique energy of I Love UFO. Like an expanding universe - building and exploding itself at will but eternally in motion. Primal and cosmic Dirty Animals is a statement of a band who are more alive than ever.

Their debut album, Wish’ (via Record Makers, 2006) was released to both critical and public acclaim – billed as the best live rock performance to be seen in France. A band that on stage and in the studio could light the flame of rock in their home country comparable to their American and British counterparts.

Soon after its release, the band expanded from a three piece to a quartet, adding a second guitarist and reinforcing the band’s wall of sound which they honed into a beast with fortress-like proportions at festivals such as Les Eurockéennes, Rock En Seine and La Fête de l’Huma.

The band soon set to work writing their follow-up album, Dirty Animals. Four years since the release of their debut, the recording process has been a long one. Much of the recording has been done as ‘live’ in a considerable effort to make the record sound more powerful and true. If you listen carefully, minor mistakes have been left in making the album more natural, wild and beautiful.


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