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Unbearable by Jens Galschiøt. A natural-size polar bear in copper is impaled on an oil pipeline in shape of a graph showing the cumulative global fossil fuel carbon emissions. The graph shows the emissions since year 0. It continues along the ground for 17 meters, then rises dramatically around year 1850 as human consumption of fossil fuels like coal and oil takes off. The graph end in year 2015 five meters above ground impaling the polar bear. The Unbearable project is madein cooperation with WWF - The Worlds Wildlife Fundation. This exhibition ends on January 6th, 2016.
"At first sight the sculpture might seem foolish or tragicomical. That is until you realize that the polar bear is being impaled by a graph of carbon emissions created by your and humanity’s consumption."
Jens Galschiøt - the artist behind the sculpture.
Mountains: early warning systems for climate change (UNESCO photo exhibition). This exhibition aims to raise awareness on the impacts of climate change in mountains which are among the most sensitive ecosystems. The Exhibition is dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of UNESCO and the commemoration of the 50 years of UNESCO Water Programmes. See Exhibition catalogue.
”We know mountains are ’water towers’ for many regions, and we know at least half of the world’s population depends on water from mountain headwaters”
UNESCO’s Director-General, Irina Bokova 
Contact and information:
Unbearable and Jens Galschiøt
Lasse Markus, Cand Soc. Ms Management of Creative Business Processes.
Manager of International Exhibitions
aidoh@aidoh.dk, Phone (Paris) +45 6170 3083  / +45 4044 7058,
Phone (Denmark) +45 6618 4058
WWF Denmarkwww.wwf.dk | Head of Press: Rune Langhoff | Phone: +45 3147 1134 | r.langhoff@wwf.dk | twitter.com/runelanghoff 
Cité Internationale Universitaire - Contact presse: Ozlem Yildirim | ph.+33 01 4416 6554 / +33 06 1958 6049 | presse@ciup.fr / ozlem.yildirim@ciup.fr
Cite Universitaire – a peace project!
The International Campus continues to pursue the Utopian dream of its founders and offers its residents somewhere to meet other students in an atmosphere of tolerance and reflection.
The International University Campus in Paris was born in the aftermath of the First World War. In the pacifist mood of the inter-war years André HONNORAT, Minister of  Education conceived the idea of creating a “campus” intended to house foreign students and thus to contribute to the construction of peace in the world in a place dedicated to international exchanges, where the youth of the world would learn to live together.
Since its inception, the founders of the International Campus have wanted to contribute to the creation of peace in the world by creating somewhere dedicated to exchanges between people from different nations.
Nowadays these are still the core ideals of the Campus and many cultural events carry on the tradition of the founders’ ideals. These events are grouped under the title, “Campus for Peace”.
COP 21, Galschiøt and AIDOH
(Art In Defence Of Humanism)
Apart from Unbearable Artist Jens Galschiot exhibit a number of art installations around Paris during COP21, which highlight the climate crisis from different angles. 25 Danish art-activists will help make the sculptural manifestations a reality in Paris. So will 10 polar bear suits and a mobile klezmer discothèque. Herunder you will find some of the events we will attend. We are still a bit unclear about these exact events due to the state of emergency in Paris.  
Freedom To Pollute - a 6 meter tall smoking replica of the Statue of Liberty.
This kitschy blue statue emits smoke from the torch. The document in her hand displays the text 'Freedom to Pollute'.
The sculpture symbolizes the conflict between the western world's concept of freedom, as a right for unbridled consumption versus the concern for the climate and the planet. Do we have the right to live the way we do?


Galschiot - Art Manifestations
Nov. 29th Global Climate Manifestation, Copenhagen Denmark
This global event is likely to be the biggest ever made. On November 29 people around the world will gather to demonstrate for a better climate, demanding that the publicly elected take the responsibility seriously and make the necessary agreement to save the world from a climate catastrophe.
We bring a parade with the copper polar bear on top of a car, followed by the 6 meter tall Smoking Statue of Liberty called "Freedom To Pollute".
*Originally this event was ment to go on in Paris, but due to the state of emergency, the Paris manifestation have been canceled.  
Dec. 5-6 at the World Village of Alternative Solutions,
Montreuil, Paris
In these outskirts of Paris we attend the climate related activities with the 6-meter tall kitschy replica of the Statue of Liberty emitting smoke from the torch. The document in her hand displays the text 'Freedom to Pollute'.
The sculpture symbolizes the conflict between the western world's concept of freedom, as a right for unbridled consumption versus the concern for the climate and the planet. Do we have the right to live the way we do?
The parade will be followed by 10 polar bears (people in full body suits) and klezmer music.
Time and Place: December 5-6 (Station: Mairie de Montreuil)
* This event is still a bit uncertain due to the Paris state of emergency.
  About the Artist Jens Galschiøt 
"Internationally, Galschiot could be characterized as one of the most significant Danish artists of late modernity (after 1980). His artistic production covers a wide field of expression; from jewellery and small dainty figures to gigantic, politically emphatic sculptures.
He is among the best-known Danish artists abroad. His reputation extends from Hong Kong, and Mexico to Germany, Spain, and the U.S.A. Apart from clothing sculptures Jens Galschiot creates international happenings to highlight the present imbalance of the world".  
By Bruun Rasmussen, Scandinavia's largest auction of fine Arts
General information about Galschiøt
About Jens Galschiøt on Wikipedia:
Portrait of Jens Galschiøt CV (PDF) 
Galschiots Homepage: Galleri Galschiøt
Contact to Jens Galschiøt:
Internet: www.aidoh.dk
tel. +45 6618 4058,  mobil +45 4044 7058
Banevænget 22,
DK-5270 Odense 
19.15 Reception at Maison internationale
 Freedom To Pollute, 6 meters tall.
Making The Polar Bear  
  Cité internationale universitaire de Paris
 Artis Jens Galschiøt &Unbearable-model
This mail has been sent from the sculptor Jens Galschiøt's workshop.
Contact to the workshop: portrait of Jens Galschiot 2012
Galleri Galschiøt
Banevænget 22
5270 Odense N

Tlf : (+45) 6618 4058

Fax:(+45) 6618 4158
Overview over Galschiøt sculptures
Portrait of a sculptor Jens Galschiøt (PDF) 
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