IAHF List:

Several of you emailed me recently to inquire as to my well being because I've been so silent lately. Thanks for your heartfelt concern.

I am feverishly building a new website and hope to have it ready before leaving thursday morning to fly to Anaheim CA for Expo West http://www.expowest.com If any of you will be there and have cell numbers and or hotel numbers for me so we can have a meeting at the show, please let me know. I will have a cell phone with me but don't have the number yet. Could give it out to anyone who contacts me who will be there.

Much will be happening at Expo West that I can't discuss in this email because the walls have ears and the other side monitors what I send to the distribution list.

Suffice it to say a spy v spy scenario will be occurring inside the Convention center at Expo West as our team is pitted against those who are attempting to sabotage our movement in an effort to divert people into ineffective courses of action on Codex.

They would have you believe that sending a petition in to US Codex Manager Ed Scarbrough (an unelected bureaucrat) constitutes "Fighting back".

It doesn't as I will explain below.

They would also have you believe that their galivanting around in Africa to communicate with 3rd world countries about Codex constitutes "fighting back". It doesn't, as I will explain below. Its just part of a sophisticated psyop against those of us within the health freedom movement who are able to fully connect the dots and who see the issue clearly enough to fully understand who all the players are and what they're trying to do.


Go here: http://www.thelawloft.com/Freedom/050125_us_law.htm

and read

Who Says Whatever Happens at Codex
Does Not Affect US Law and
Why Do They Say It?

A journalist looks back to help you look forward

by Suzanne Harris, J.D.
Copyright © 2005 The Law Loft

Folks, in Africa, you can buy a politician with the proverbial blonde and a case of scotch. The "so called" Natural Solutions Foundation would have you believe that its possible to stop codex AT CODEX. They want you to think that they have the power to get enough countries to go against Big Pharma that they would be able to do the following:

Cause Codex to pull a 180 degree U-turn, and STOP their work to lay a very restrictive set of standards on the world.

Keep in mind where Codex is folks: they've finalized a FRAMEWORK for vitamins and minerals, and all they have left to do (via their electronic working group which we have zero access to and zero input into) is to formulate allowable potency levels for vitamins and minerals.

They're a totally closed shop. I know. I've attended two of their meetings and have seen how they operate with my own two eyes before being thrown off the US Delegation to the CCNFSDU as a whistleblower trying to get congressional oversight on Dr.Yetley of the FDA who I witnessed commit what I and many others still regard to be crimes at meetings in Germany in '96 and '98.

How do I know NSF's efforts to get people to flood US Codex Manager Ed Scarbrough with petitions is a complete waste of time- nothing but a DIVERSION, an urging of what Stubblebine and Laibow KNOW to be an utterly superfluous course of action?

Simple: Scarbrough threw ME off the US Delegation prior to the 2000 meeting in Berlin due to Yetley's urging. Yetley didn't LIKE my efforts to put her under a congressional microscope. Scarbrough played an integral role in the Whitewashing of the Codex oversight hearing on March 20, 2001, but so did ROGUE ELEMENTS within the supplement industry ITSELF, and Harris's article (see above) explains what THEIR gameplan is...... they WANT Codex....... they WANT one size fits all regs for the PLANET (even if this comes at the EXPENSE of consumers........

because all they CARE about is $$$, all they CARE about is grabbing increased marketshare, knocking off smaller competitors, pleasing investors, and it doesn't matter to them if all they're allowed to sell is a bunch of gelatin capsules containing only RDA level vitamins, just as long as THEY dominate the market.

So, back to Stubblebine and Laibow's little Africa gig and what I was saying about the blonde and the case of Scotch:

PREDICTION: None of the countries that Laibow and Stubblebine visited in Africa are going to turn against the Codex vitamin agenda for the simple reason that these countries are totally CORRUPT.

How do I know? Consider this: I have been to South Africa. I was invited there in 1997 by PHARMAPACT, a true grass roots health freedom organization: First their old site, especially note the explosive GENOCIDE REPORT on it http://www.angelfire.com/biz/pharmapact/MAIN.html then their latest site http://www.gaiaresearch.co.za/pharmapact/

I was the keynote speaker at an INDABA- a "gathering of the chiefs." There medicine men at this gathering from the Zulu and Xhosa Tribes. These men were very angry at Pfizer which via the TRAMED database at University of Capetown have been expropriating the knowledge of the indigenous healers all over Africa for the sake of STEALING it in order to turn their herbs into prescription drugs that are far more dangerous than the herbs and much less effective.

The person from PHARMAPACT who I work closely with is an herbalist named Anthony Rees: Director of HONERI http://www.honeri.org/ Rees has been on the front lines in the African battle for health freedom for many years and has risked his life for this cause. PHARMAPACT stands for "People's Health Alliance Rejecting Medical Authoritarianism Prejudice and Conspiratorial Tyranny" The guys who run it are radicals like I am. They have been kicked out of the South African Parliament for raising bloody hell against corruption. They have had death threats like I have.

Anthony Rees attended a Codex meeting in Montreal recently of the Committee on Food Labelling. He attempted to enlist the help of the delegates from SEVERAL African countries, including some of the ones which Stubblebine and Laibow would have you believe they have "swung". He tried to get these countries to join with South Africa against the Codex agenda and had a whole game plan going in to the meeting, but when push came to shove NONE of these countries sided with South Africa and the reason was SIMPLE: turned out the European Union is controlling a bunch of African countries that are former colonies of European countries, and the EU foot the bill for these delegates to TRAVEL to Codex meetings...... which for these African delegates who come from impoverished 3rd world countries is a chance to "LIVE LARGE" for a few days...... a chance to fly on jets and be put up in fancy hotels and dine on fancy food..............

"Ayuh" as they wryly say in Maine where I spent 7 years building boats................."A Blonde and a Case of SCOTCH, by Jasus!"

Any of you trust Stubblebine and Laibow of NSF? If so, let me know, I've got a Bridge in Brooklyn I'd be interested in selling you.


They don't want you to see that you have zero PULL with the unelected bureaucrats from the world's FDA's who make the decisions at CODEX meetings, but they want you to THINK that if you support THEIR SCAM that as if by MAGIC, they will somehow act akin to MOSES parting the RED SEA!!!

"AYUH, by Jasus." Something is ROTTEN in Denmark,,,,,,,, or in this case, perhaps I should say something is ROTTEN in Croton on Hudson New York where the so called "Natural Solutions" Foundation is located not far from the Rockefeller Estate.

What they don't want you to SEE is that while we DON'T and NEVER WILL have any pull with the corrupt, unelected bureaucrats from the world's FDAs who make the decisions in the SCAM known as CODEX, we DO have pull with our Senators and Congressmen, and Canadians DO have pull with their members of Parliament, and people world wide have at least SOME pull with their own local elected officials, but none of us have ANY pull with the unelected Codex bureucrats, ESPECIALLY not with Ed Scarbrough, the US Codex Manager, the guy who threw ME off the US Codex Delegation for attempting to get an oversight hearing on this issue.



When IAHF and ALLIES attempted to kill CAFTA, outlining the connections between CAFTA and CODEX, NSF generated no less than 5 SPIN PIECES against our message. All of this has been totally exposed by Paul Taylor of the Dr.Rath Foundation- see

Seems that some POWERFUL INTERESTS want to KEEP the vitamin consumers of America and Canada from taking the EFFECTIVE STEPS that we MUST take if we are to successfully THWART the genocide campaign arrayed against us.

These powerful interests are working through two phony "health freedom organizations" in the USA

1. Citizens for Health
2. The Natural Solutions Foundation

and via 3. Friends of Freedom in Canada.

Friends of Freedom is in a process right now of being sued by a true grass roots health freedom organization that they attempted to hijack. Stay tuned on that one.

The game CFH and NSF are playing is to KEEP you from focusing on:

1. The need to get congressional oversight on the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico via which FDA is flagrantly violating the Administrative Procedures Act as they sit down with their evil counterparts from the Canadian and Mexican FDA's and generate one set of harmonized REGS for all 3 countries that NO CITIZEN of Canada, the USA, or Mexico has had ANY input into WHATSOEVER!!!!! See http://www.fda.gov/oia/charter.html

This is bloody OUTRAGEOUS folks!!! TRY THIS ON FOR SIZE:

The co-chair of Citizens for Health's "Codex Working Group" is James Gormley, who was on CRN's Codex Delegation, and who is an employee of CRN member company Nutrition 21.

CRN has been doing MASSIVE SPIN against our anti Codex message: see http://www.crnusa.org/leg_CODEX.html WHY are they doing this spin?

ANSWER: See their membership list: http://www.crnusa.org/who_omc.html Look at all the multinational pharmaceutical companies amongst their membership: the list includes MONSANTO, WYETH, and many more.....

James Gormley is a very slick operator. He is highly skilled at PR and is able to come across as a true defender of health freedom because he edits a magazine about health and the company which employs him (Nutrition 21) really does manufacture a lot of great products. But he's playing the CRN game, he's a cog in their machine, and as such, he's attempting to divert our anti Codex efforts into dead ends along with his sidekick Jim Turner and their good buddies Rima Laibow and Bert Stubblebine.

They don't WANT the industry trying to get oversight on the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter any more than they wanted the industry pushing for Oversight on CODEX back in 2001. They're going through the MOTIONS of fighting for health freedom, but aren't warning anyone about the threats posed by the Trans Texas Corridor: INTERNATIONALIZING US ROADS

I am in touch with Phyllis Spivey author of this article. I'm also in touch with people in Texas who are spearheading the campaign there against the TTC: http://www.corridorwatch.org/ttc/index.htm and http://www.texastollparty.com/ttp_trans_texas.php

We need to generate national opposition to the TTC, to the North American Cooperative Security Act (which has nothing to do with providing us with "security" and EVERYTHING to do with forcing us into a N.American Union), and we need congressional oversight re the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter.

Together, we're going to STOP this planned destruction of America, and of Canada.

Together, we're going to STOP Codex from coming to our respective nations by working TOGETHER on both sides of the border to STOP the planned North American Union: http://www.cfr.org/publication/8102/building_a_north_american_community.html

As soon as I come back from Expo West, I intend to organize conference calls to get the ball rolling, but in advance of that, I need some of you to come forward to volunteer in the following ways:

I need you to pledge to help put up flyers in your area, in health food stores and other public places to get people ON these conference calls.

I will also need a CORE GROUP to help in case any hecklers and interlopers come on the line to try to interfere with our grass roots efforts. If you can build websites, I need to know that.

I am also going to need an influx of donations because while we got enough to cover our trip to Expo West (thanks folks!) the well will have run dry by then, and I'll need an influx to pay for cross country speaking and lobbying in DC and other locations.

We're going to need to create a phone tree and email tree.

So I need contacts info for anyone who'd like to be part of the core group of organizors.

I wish I could tell you all about whats going to go down at Expo West, but I can't. There are interlopers monitoring my emails.

If any of you are planning on being at the show, please email me your contact info and I'll get you the cell number I'll have at the show as soon as I have it. I have to get that cell phone activated today and its part of a very long list of things to do.
As soon as possible, I'll also send all of you the url of the new website.

PLEASE HELP OUR CAMPAIGN...... send your contact info if you can be part of the newly forming core group, and or if you can help on the show floor at Expo West http://www.expowest.com

We'll be doing the filming for an updated, expanded version of We Become Silent at this show.

As discussed previously, Rima Laibow and Bert Stubblebine of NSF have filed a frivolous lawsuit against Kevin Miller,producer of "We Become Silent" in an effort to try to SILENT him, but he won't be silenced, and neither will I. So called "Citizens for Health" isn't distributing "We Become Silent" (even though Turner is in it) because they're a controlled oppo group working against our cause, IMHO. Turner has ignored all questions posed to him about all of the above by our side. He is clearly not interested in defending health freedom.


The EDUCATION KIT contains:

1) A Letter that you can copy and hand out at your meeting to organize people against NACSA (and Codex via opposing NACSA)

2) A Copy of the DVD "We Become Silent" which you can show at your meeting to CATALYZE people and get them to HELP in this fight back.

3) A cassette tape of a talk I did last summer on these issues at the Pennsylvania Natural Living Assn conference. Hearing it will help you do your own talk.

4) The Codex Emergency issue of the Crusador Magazine (which you can get FREE extra copies of to hand out at your meeting for just the price of postage from Greg Ciola, the publisher.

5) An IAHF bumper sticker to get more people to sign up at http://www.iahf.com in order to swell the ranks of our growing grass roots army.

Any amount you can send beyond $50. would be very gratefully received and would be put to very good use. Can you send $100? $200 ? We'll need these funds after Expo West for a) building the new website b) travel for public speaking nationwide c) lobbying in DC against the North American Cooperative Security Act, the REAL ID Act and to push for congressional oversight on the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter, and on CODEX.

2. Making an expanded, updated version of Miller's film is ESSENTIAL to our ability to expand the scope and reach. It is ESSENTIAL that you help us to help you, because we're reaching out to all the vitamin companies to explain how NNFA, CRN and the other pharma dominated vitamin trade associations have been LYING to them re the CODEX issue. IAHF is the engine driving this effort.

3. Please send your generous donation to:

556 Boundary Bay Rd.
Point Roberts WA 98281 USA
or, pay via paypal at http://www.iahf.com (Paypal button is located on the top of the scrollbar on the interior of the site, first click on the white rectangle to enter the site and see the scrollbar on the left.)