Joseph Goebbels- Hitler's Propaganda Minister (Fox News is acting in his most infamous tradition)

IAHF List:

Censorship is a terrible thing, and right now Fox News intends to ban Ron Paul from a planned January 6th televised Republican candidates forum coming at the critical time of the Primary scheduled for January 8th. The New Hampshire Republican Party HQ issued a press release today urging Fox News to allow Ron Paul to participate, but Fox News has yet to relent: 

Since Fox news has refused to communicate with Ron Paul's Campaign Headquarters, ignoring numerous calls made by them in an effort to ascertain their supposed "Reasons" for banning the good Doctor from this forum (which all OTHER Republican candidates have been invited to), and since Fox news has ARROGANTLY IGNORED all emailed complaints sent to them about this matter, in the interest of preserving our access to dietary supplements, with Dr. Paul being the only candidate to ever assist us in addressing threats such as Codex and the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter- as we ring in the New Year I'm going to ask for your help in the following way:

1. Please see the letter (below) that I have sent to the email addresses (also below) of key people at Fox News and at the New Hampshire Republican Party. You can either copy my message to them into your OWN email and send it to them, or go ahead and use your own message, but if you use your own please keep in mind that we don't want to give Fox any ammunition to use against us.

Its ok to set boundaries on them, and to express outrage, but there are lines we cannot cross without running the risk of hurting Ron. So if you write your own message to Fox, please tone it down- don't go over the top with what you send them, you don't want to give them anything they could read aloud on the air and use against us.

2. Below my letter to Fox, please see the list of Advertisers to Fox. We want to call and also email them with a basic message that you'll see below.:

Subject: Do Not Exlude Dr. Paul From Your Televized Republican Forum on January 6th: Here is Why You'd Be Making a Huge Mistake

(I just sent the mssg below to the following email addresses at Faux News and at the New Hampshire GOP: (Now we must compile a list of email addresses of Faux News Advertisers as well, has anyone seen such a list? Has someone already compiled it? I am incensed about this, but have kept my message calm under the circumstances because we can't afford to give Faux any ammunition to use against us. There is nothing in my message that they can use against us. We have to be careful about that!),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, )

He has polled higher in New Hampshire than some of the others who have been invited.

He has consistently been winning all online polls, and he recently broke the single day donation record with $6.4 Million in donations, a truly historic occassion reflecting the depth of Dr. Paul's grass roots support which also spontaneously raised the money to put a Blimp up in the air in support of Ron Paul:

He is clearly the people's choice for President, and this is amply demonstrated by the 79,285 grass roots supporters Dr. Paul has in 1,424 meetup groups  in 1,075 cities around the country. Additionally, Ron Paul has another 8,216 supporters in Meetup Groups in 30 additional countries.

(Contrast these impressive numbers with the number of Meetup group supporters the OTHER Republican candidates have: If you add up all the supporters of all other candidates and combine them TOGETHER, Ron Paul still has 72,513 supporters more than all of them conbined, and thats EXCLUDING meetup group supporters outside the USA.

Huckabee has 6,296 grass roots supporters in 321 groups in 298 cities.

Hunter has 365 supporters in 21 Meetup Groups in 18 cities.

McCain has 44 supporters in 7 Meetup groups in 7 cities.

Romney has 38 grass roots supporters in 8 Meetup groups in 8 cities.

Thompson has 29 supporters in 11 Meetup Groups in 10 cities.

Giuliani has 0 supporters in 0 Meetup Groups.

I feel strongly that Fox News decision to exclude Ron Paul from the televized Republican Forum on January 6th reflects very poorly on Fox as a supposedly impartial news source. It would appear that Fox has corporate ties that strongly favor the War, and that by not supporting the only candidate who would return this country to the Constitutional Rule of Law, Fox cannot truly be described as a TRUE conservative TV Network. Increasingly, Fox is becoming known all over America as "Faux", and
people are tuning you out accordingly, in DROVES.

I will be complaining about this to all of your advertisers threatening to boycott their products, and would like to know why you intend to block Ron Paul from participating?

I am the organizer of the Point Roberts Washington Ron Paul Meetup Group, and am active in 3 other Ron Paul Meetup Groups. I am in a documentary film with Ron Paul titled We Become Silent which can be seen at I am deeply offended by your apparent intention to exclude Dr. Paul from participating and will work tirelessly in opposition to Fox News and its advertisers should you persist in this gross error of judgement. I have an email distribution list of thousands of people across the country, all of whom forward anything I send out to many thousands more.

I strongly urge you to reconsider this most unwise decision.

John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
Point Roberts, Washington

MSSG to Deliver to Fox New's Advertisers Listed Below, both by phone, Email and Webform:

"Fox News intends to ban Ron Paul from their January 6th televized Republican Forum (while inviting all other candidates, including several who aren't polling as well as RP is in New Hampshire. This sort of censorship reflects poorly on Foxes advertisers. Unless this situation is rectified, I won't have any choice but to boycott your products and to urge others to as well. Given that Ron Paul has 79,285 supporters active in 1,424 Meetup groups located in 1075 cities, and an additional 8,116 supporters in 30 additional nations world wide- and given that we are actively networking our concerns about this, we hope you grasp the fact that collectively we have some significant buying power. Please let me know what you intend to do to rectify this unacceptable situation?"


Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 15:58:03 -0800
To: Justin Mckay <>
From: John Hammell <>
Subject: Boycott FOX News Part 2--- I looked up email address and web forms to contact these advertisers also, how can we get this to more people quickly?

At 10:57 AM 12/31/2007, you wrote:
The second part of the boycott is to conctact FOX News sponsor and let them know you will no longer be purchasing their products.

Phone numbers below or you can go to websites and email.

Here are Fox's Sponsors, with blue links directly into their customer complaint web sites. Be cordial, but extremely firm about their continued sponsorship of Fox…. Then if they don't stop sponsoring by Jan 2 - follow through with a boycott for years! Don't forget to praise the ones that actually follow through, and disown or persuade Fox.
• Crest Whitestrips & Dawn (both Proctor & Gamble) 513-983-1100  contact via web form at
• Delphi (Driving Products) 1.888.809.9800  contact via webform at
• Mercedes Benz 1-800-367-6372  contact via webform, get to it from
• Comcast 1-800-COMCAST  contact via webform at
• Subaru 1-800-782-2783  contact via webform at
• GMC Suv's 1-800-551-4123 contact via webform at
• Best Buy 1-888-237-8289  contact via websorm at
• Travelocity 1 888.872.8356  contact via webform at,,TRAVELOCITY,00.html
• Capzasin 1 (423) 822-5020  (Chattem Inc.) contact via webform at
• New Phase  (not sure what this is)
• Orbitz 1-888-656-4546      Contact via webform at
• 1-800-DITECH-3  Contact via webform at
• (415) 786-3317   Contact via webform at
• Toyota 1 800-331-4331   Go to click on "legal", see "give us feedback" click on that for web form
• Centrum (Wyeth) 1-800-322-3129     Email their PR Dept at
• Nextel (aka Sprint)1-800-639-6111   Email them via,,

• 1.866.698.3449  Email them via   <>
• Gold Bond (Chattum) 423-821-4571  contact via webform at
• Aspercreme " "  contact via webform at
• via email or via other (212) 624-3700
• American Express 1-877-877-0987, 1-800-525-3355   Go to Scroll to bottom, see "Feedback"
• Holiday Inn Express 1 800-315-2621  contact via
• M Professional unk
• 1-800-774-2354   Not contactable via email or webform.
• L. L. Bean 1-800-441-7513   Use customer service form at
• Jet Dry (Dishwasher Products) 1-800-820-8939  Use this form
Chemistry (Matchmaking Web Site)  (unknown) (Mortgages) Use this form
Cars  1-888-CarsDirect or Contact via customer service at

Please Forward this to more people and urge them to join you in taking immediate action! 2008 will either be a year in which we turn things around and secure peace and freedom in our country and around the world by electing Ron Paul as President, or it will be a year straight out of our worst nightmares in which our descent into a police state could escalate to a point beyond our worst imaginings. As always, never leave something as important as actually doing whats recommended in this alert up to "the next guy". Far too much is at stake to not take the time to ACT!! Please let me know what you do with this and especially let me know if you hear back from either Fox news or from any advertisers. Thank you, and wishing you health, happiness, freedom and prosperity in the coming new year!