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  • Would you like me to be Trainer of the Year?
  • Why it is Good to Move while Learning a Language...
  • Did the Dutch Boot Camp win?
  • Free Dutch Camp Goodie Bags
  • New Dates for Boot Camps and Other Courses (like a Ladies Only)


Would you like me to be Trainer of the Year?

It would be super if you could spend 30 seconds of your time to fill out the poll about Learn Dutch Fast... Good for me and good for your Dutch ;-) (Only for clients. Beoordelen = to evaluate). Thank you!


Why it is Good to Move while Learning a Language...

Imagine learning a language all by yourself in your room, or maybe in a silent classroom. This can be quite difficult for kinesthetic learners, who often achieve more by learning through movement – since movement activates certain neuronal pathways in the brain that also enhance learning.

Sometimes, language learners may be afraid to ask/answer a question or start a conversation; in order to overcome the fear of talking in a new language, fun activities such as playing a sport may play a role in overcoming (or bypassing) the initial fear, as the focus is on the activity rather than on the talking itself.

Moreover, working as a team with native speakers could develop confidence and improve vocabulary more quickly, as the students do not only get to learn about the language, but are also challenged to interact by learning a language using this learning-through-sports strategy.

Learning through sports motivates students learn and use languages in an everyday enjoyable context and relevant physical response, as well as giving them the opportunity to play sports. The new vocabulary can be illustrated by the trainer (or in case you are a complete beginner, you could bring your language teacher as well).

Furthermore, isn't it great to combine two activities where you may even get the chance to meet new people? Plus, if you are sporting outside, the fresh air will nourish your brain and your learning skills will be enhanced, no matter what.

Therefore, I offer Dutch Boot Camps, which are delivered in an active environment with the focus on improving your Dutch. (If you haven't seen the impression video yet, click here)

I also train other language trainers to have their own Language Boot Camp. You can mail me for details: info@learndutchfast.nl.

This project has been nominated to win the European Award for Innovative Teaching (I won this title also in 2003).


So, Did the Dutch Boot Camp win?

Unfortunately, no... I had to present it to a jury last Friday (That's why this newsletter arrives this late). I didn't win a prize, but I was asked to pair up with an existing European project, which is great news. This way, we can help even more people learn a new language in a nice way.

It was a good experience that taught me a lot.

I have some goodie bags left (full with nice sport related vouchers /free try outs). If you like, you can pick up your bag at my house in Bussum;-)


New dates:

For the presentation, I fine-tuned the Dutch Boot Camp, so it has become even better than before! I planned two new dates:

  • January 15th - 17th (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
  • March 17th - 19th (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, not in the on-line schedule yet)

    The sports offered will depend on the participants' wishes and the weather.

For 2014, most courses are already fully booked, so here you can find some extra activities to join (they are not in the on-line schedule yet, so you can mail me for the details):

  • Meet Ton de Kruijk (The Artist From the Portrait Drawing Dutch Mornings) there will be an exhibition with works from his students. I will be present too: Saturday November 15th, 13:00-14:30. (Landstraat 107, Bussum)
  • Ladies Only Beauty Workshop & Lunch, Friday morning November 21st, only €17,50, mail me for the details: info@learndutchfast.nl
  • Dutch Morning: The Secrets of Playing Golf, December 12th, stay tuned for more information.
  • Winter Walk & (Tandem) Talk with Dutch, English and German speakers, Friday morning December 19th, only €7,- p.p. including (hot) drink.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Sylvia Clements




Winner of the European Award of Teaching

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