A little late but just as sincere...HAPPY NEW YEAR! <> 2007 promises to be a fabulous year for us, we have more than one project working and the wheels are turning, so don't be surprised if a new one shows up in mid year. So many great ideas, so little time. (and money) <> Speaking of money, just remember it is much more cost effective to plant seed and transplant than to buy potted seedlings/plants already 8 or 10 inches high. Plus, you will end up with a much stronger and healthier plant. <> Remember also, if you are saving seed or have seed from some other source, test them before planting just to be certain they are still good. <> To test, place about 20 seeds between two sheets of moist paper towel, tuck them into a loosely tied plastic bag and place bag in a warm area. Check every few days, if germination is less than 80%, throw them out and start with fresh seed. <> This is the time to plant seeds for early season crops, broccoli, cabbage, and kale are good starters. They will need 6 to 8 weeks to reach proper size for transplanting outside in late February or early March. <> Something you will surely enjoy if you are in a position to attend. The 20th annual South Eastern Flower Show on February 7-11, 2007-at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. The theme this year is "C'est Magnifique! The French Experience." <> You can find all the details here: http://www.flowershow.org. <> January is National Book Month....I encourage you to read something out of your usual choices. <> Example: I most always find myself reading about plants, old ones, new ones, herbs, vegetables, fruits, flowers...just as long as it pertains to gardening I can relate. <> I recently felt compelled to read " The Glass Castle" a Memoir by Jeannette Walls. <> This true story certainly jolted me out of my routine of tidy and safe thinking, that I have seen, heard, and experienced, most all that is available. It reminded me that the human mind is a far more complex machine than we ever think about, and that the spirit is nothing less than magical in a divine way. A protector of our sanity, and a promoter to keep our desire to go forward alive. <> Whatever you read, learn something from it, so as not to waste a day. <> I love that thought, it has been shared with me by a good and faithful friend...Carole Reynolds, it came to her from her grandmother, and it is a marvelous thought to keep in mind. <> We have had many questions about Medicinal herbs in the last year. We have thought very seriously on this subject and have arrived at a decision. That being, we are 'not' planning to grow, sell or offer any advice on medicinal herbs. With the exception of a referal to links or websites that we believe in and trust. <> My education is not in this field and I do not have the yen to make it so. <> I am a firm believer in herbs as medicine. But ,it is so much more than meets the eye, to being safe and getting results, by practicing this age old way of getting and staying healthy. <> If you want my advice, educate yourself on where you are, where you want to be in a year and do the needed changes to get there. You can't just switch from conventional medicine to herbal or alternative methods without some well educated guidance. <> I wish for you the best from me, I feel this is the very best I can give you on this subject. <> Have a beautiful January, enjoy the winter weather, it has a purpose. <> Blessings of Health, <> Bea Kunz