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We are being told to remain prepared for these ten days of darkness (see below) to come to pass and to not become complacent regardless of a date not being met. Please stayed prayed up and cover your families as well. One of the delays is that they have found hundreds of shipping containers that hold four missiles apiece that are ready to be launched by remote control. This is a threat from the DS to prevent or hinder the "white hats" from acting against them in this covert war. Disruptions both in the electrical grid and internet outages are occurring, The warnings received are coming to pass. We are not hearing of this because the MSM refuses to broadcast this truth.
Dear Saints

We are hearing that the ten days of darkness planned by the “white hats” are upon us.  IF SO: there is going to be an interruption of electricity which would bring down your water, power, gasoline and diesel pumps, gas, internet, and you should act accordingly and quickly. We are told that trucking and airlines are to cease. Airlines are already going down. The trucking interruption means food will quickly begin to disappear from the store shelves. During this time they are starting up the new StarLink satellites and taking out DS satellites along with the Main Stream Media. They are going to bring up a new internet that is much safer and much faster. They are going to bring down nuclear power plants and bring online free energy. Since all of these things are connected they will try to do all of this together. How long this will actually string out we don't know. Trump is coming back and the GCR will happen along with Nesara Gesara and blockchain voting on our phones and computers for the rulers of the new republic. The dominoes are falling, the states where the votes are contested are falling to Trump. The military will remove Fake Biden. Trump will quickly bring the economy back with the money the DS stole from the people over many years that was collected by executive order.  Be in prayer and listen to the Lord.

Your servant, David
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