Hi everyone,

Even without electricity in the stadium, the Bills gave a shock to the Chargers, and the rest of the NFL better take note. This team is for real, and has a pretty good chance of making the postseason this year. Yes, we Billieve!

This week, the Council of Trent travels to Miami in the first of three consecutive AFC East games. Kickoff is at 1 pm. There is no local TV this week, so make sure you're at the Harp! The downstairs room at the Harp will be open. Be advised that there is a gymnastics event at the Garden on Sunday, starting at 3:30, so parking may be an issue. Please plan accordingly.

Bills/Patriots Ticket Raffle: We have a pair of tickets (and a parking pass!) for the Bills/Patriots game on November 9 in Foxboro. This week and next we will be selling raffle tickets for $2 each. The drawing will be held after the Bills/Jets game on November 2. You need not be present to win, but where else would rather be, anyway?

Bills/Patriots Tailgate: As usual, we will be organizing a "convoy" into the stadium for the game so that all of us Bills fans can tailgate together. If you have tickets and are planning on tailgating, and wouldn't mind being the contact person for the convoy, please respond to this email.

Sabres/Bruins on November 8: If you purchased hockey tickets through us, they are in the mail. If you don't have tickets but still want to go, there are plenty available through the box office. We are in Section 321 if you're interested in sitting near our group. We'll be getting together at the Harp pre-game, too.

And finally, in honor of this important week in the schedule, we present a memorial haiku:

Not needed to fry the Fish
Squish them anyway!

Go Bills! Squish the Fish!