Richard Herring Newsletter
November 2015
Remember Remember Something Something November
Hello, we're heading for the end of 2015 and what a year it's been.... nope can't think of anything important that's happened. I must have been drunk and on drugs the whole time cos I can't remember a thing. Thank God I've got these newsletters to remind me of what's been going on.....
We've over halfway through the recording of series 8 and the first three have already gone out (Janey Godley this week).
You can see them on youtube, vimeo and iTunes on video for free (as well as audio on iTunes and the British Comedy Guide)
Only four more recordings for the shows for the next four Sundays at 4pm until November 29th.
8th November David Mitchell + John Robins SOLD OUT
15th November Scroobius Pip and TBC
22nd November Aisling Bea + TBC
29th November Richard Bacon + TBC

Happy Now?
The tour of my new show has begun.There's a couple more dates this year, but loads more in the Spring.
It's still early days and slightly work-in-progress but it feels like a special show and it's been going really well. And five of the first six gigs have sold out, so it might be worth booking ahead for the new year (perfect Christmas gift)
Dates are sill being added.
And these are the ones this year:
5th November Norwood (SOLD OUT)
19th November Corsham call +44 (0) 1249 468460
The Twelve Shows of Herring Podcast
These are all done now and thanks to everyone who came along. It went surprisingly well.
You can listen to the podcast about the run for free at the British Comedy Guide
PLUS I have put out audio of the first ten shows (not Lord of the Dance Settee or Happy Now? as they are not yet available on DVD) for the ridiculously low price of £12. That's 15 hours of stand up. Buy it here.
Other stuff
After the success of the RHLSTP kickstarter I have decided to prove to my wife the Me1 vs Me2 Snooker is worthwhile and financially viable by raising £1,000,000 to build a new arena and pay all the Mes for their hard work.
And with just 7 days gone we're nearly 3% of the way there. Why not join in this piece of modern art designed to show the valueless of money and pledge anything from £1 to £5000 to get this thing going. The link and the rewards are here.
Talking of which I recorded two frames of Me1 vs Me2 snooker last week. One of them is up already - Listen here -the other one will be up on Thursday. And I also recorded a frame for an extra for the upcoming Lord of the Dance Settee DVD (hopefully out by Christmas)
Monthly subscriptions - Pay a pound (or more) a month (or make a one-off donation) in return for a badge, entry into a monthly prize draw, access to a secret channel of exclusive extras (like additional backstage interviews at RHLSTP) and a badge.
Albert Hall gigs
I am compering quite a few of these stand up gigs at the Royal Albert Hall (Elgar Rooms) in October, November and December on Friday nights. Check their website for details.
Hope you had a good Halloween. We had an ewok turn up at ours.  
We've nearly made it to 2016. Don't give up now.
Richard Herring