You have seen the hi flying video to the track “A B-version”, now we have another teaser for you to the upcoming This Is Head album. Last summer This Is Head played at the Swedish country side at the Dalby quarry. Simon Kruse and John Arbén was there shooting the whole thing and put together this excellent live clip. The track is called "XVI" and will in its studio version be featured on This Is Head’s album “The Album ID” out in Europe March 27th.
Watch the live clip here:

The studio version has actually been revealed before in this pitter-patter mystical mixtape from Malmö DJ Oscar Villata. Listen here:
Furthermore; a remix version of this track “XVI” will B-side the first regular single that are coming in exactly 9 days, so stay tuned.
More news: VED is releasing a new album March 5th. It will be called "Spectra". The release party is held at Victoriateatern in Malmö on February 23rd. Be there.

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