Hello musical freaks!

Here's your first BodyBeats newsletter of 2010, updated with some new exciting events to come!
First of all we want to wish all of you a happy and prosperous 2010 and we hope to see you soon on our events!
We also would like to remind you that our Nitzer Ebb online ticketing page will close on Wednesday 20th of January @ midnight. So hurry up and order your tickets now to save € 5 a ticket!
16/01 New Wave Nights @ Aalmoezenier - Antwerp - B
BodyBeats Productions & Hivemind Productions
(Every 3rd Saturday of the month)
On these nights, inspired by the legendary parties at Antwerp’s Wave/Goth/Electro temple of the '90's ‘Limelight/Follies’, we try to revive the atmosphere and ambiance of those club nights without being, just like back then, too narrow-minded!

This time Resident DJ's BORG & Albi Voombastic will spin for you some of the best danceable Wave/Electro/Goth/Industrial & Alternative music that is out there.

Doors: 23h @ Den Aalmoezenier, Aalmoezenierstraat 45, Antwerp
22/01 NITZER EBB Industrial Complex Tour @ Trix XL - Antwerp
BodyBeats Productions
Industrial Complex tour 2010

NITZER EBB is back! The wait is over! The first new studio album since almost 15 years is here! INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX will be released on January 22th, the day NITZER EBB will stop by Antwerp for a full and exclusive club show. Although promoting their new album, they will bring allong all their classic club hits  like ‘Join In The Chant’, ‘Murderous’, ‘Control I’m Here’ and so many more! Supporting NEB on this night will be no-one less than the German electro terrorists PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE and our own Belgian E.B.M. and bass heads IONIC VISION.
After party with DJ's Skullscraper (aka Dirk Ivens) & BORG!
Tickets are € 20 in presale and € 25 at the doors!     Doors: 20h00
Go to our ticketing page now or click here to save € 5 a ticket!
22/01 VOMITO NEGRO releases new album 'Skull & Bones'
BodyBeats Productions & Vomito Negro
proudly present
(Limited Edition 2CD, Out Of Line)

"In times where every band that puts together tracks using a standard sound module and vocal distortion in their bedroom is hyped as the new hope in the “Harsh Electro” or “Dark Electro” genre, an album like “Skull And Bones” feels like a cleansing shock.
Belgian legend Vomito Negro, who have been active since the mid Eighties, still celebrate their sound with an intensity, creativity and passion that makes most recent hard Electro projects sound like a weekend trip to Disneyland."
Read this and more on the bands brand new website: www.vomitonegro.com
30/01 IMPLANT @ Beautifull Dawn IV - OCJ Kompas

BodyBeats Productions & Beatifull Dawn
(Electro, EBM, B)

IMPLANT, the solo project of Len Lemeire (32CRASH) will headline the 4th edition of Beautifull Dawn @ OCJ Kompas.
Other bands playing that night are Deviant, XMH, Misery & Novus.

So be there and support your local bands & scene!

Doors: 18h00                                                
Damage : € 8/ € 10
Crime scene: OCJ Kompas, Driekoningenstraat 48, St-Niklaas, B
05/02 BODYBEATS NIGHT @ Bar Mondial - Antwerp - B
BodyBeats Productions
(a solo project)

"Extreme Gentleman" is the new solo project of enfant terrible Luc Van Acker (known from himself, Arbeid Adelt!, Revolting Cocks, Ministry, Shriekback and much more!). This time our dare-all is armed only with his voice, a tape-machine and projection slides confronting the audience, as well as himself, with an experimental trip going from dark industrial and noisy soundscapes to more accessible tunes and back again.
Support band: Companions In Art (Electro-Wave, B)
After party with danceable weird shit spun by DJ BORG. Doors: 20h Damage: €8 Crime Scene: Bar Mondial, Suikerrui(g) 13, Antwerp
26/02 EMILIE AUTUMN @ Trix Club - Antwerp - B
BodyBeats Productions & Trix
(Or the Victorian version of 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'!)

We at BodyBeats are very proud to announce yet another passage of the enchanting lady EMILIE AUTUMN and her ‘Victorian’ Girls. On her last Antwerp concert E.A. managed to double the amount of visitors/fans so don’t wait too long to order your ticket!
Tickets: www.bodybeats.be 
Gates: 20h00                                                
Punishment : € 13/ € 15
Playground: Trix Club, Noordersingel 28, 2140 Borgerhout (Antwerp)
06/03 THE BREATH OF LIFE + SIEBEN @ Bar Mondial - Antwerp
BodyBeats Productions

The Breath Of Life , the great Belgian wave band around singer Isabelle Dekeyser will bring their unique & intriguing mix of dark wave guitar, intens rythms & beautiful, sometimes even opera-esk voice of Isabelle to Antwerp, finally! Sieben, the solo goth/neofolk project from Matt Howden, known from Sol Invictus, gives us sequentially build layered music layers of instrument & voice that hypnotically draws you into a world of emotion, all build up around Matts unique technique of playing & sampling violin loops live.

After party with danceable wave shit spun by DJ BORG.
Doors: 20h Damage: €8 @ Bar Mondial, Suikerrui(g) 13, Antwerp
And a grasp of some more things to come ...
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So, musical & party friends, that's all for now ... But rest assure ... there's is still more to come!
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