27th July 2016

Dear Roedale Valley Plot Holder,
Sent on behalf of RAGS
(Roedale Allotment Gardens Association).

'Call for help - Has anyone got any spare veg?

A decent meal made with fresh vegetables can make a big difference to people in need.    
This Saturday we’ll be trialing a partnership with volunteers who prepare meals for homeless people, refugees and similar groups in the city.

We’ll have a donation box at the Roedale Valley allotment shop this Saturday (30th July).

Whether you have any surplus food (too many courgettes?) or would like just to donate something anyway, it would be great if you could drop any food donations by 2pm.  We’ll then get the food to the volunteer cooks as quickly as possible so that they can turn it into a good meal.
Any ad hoc donations on the day will be great, but to help us plan – if you would be interested in donating something it would be very helpful if you could let us know in advance – with details of what you are likely to donate.

You can contact us on roedalefoodsharing@gmail.com
PS. Roedale Allotment Gardens Association RAGS is a volunteer group. We run the shop and tea hut at the bottom of the valley, arrange seedling swaps and the apple pressing day amongst other events.

We are always looking for more members. We usually hold our meetings bi-monthly in a community room nearby, but on Sat the 6th August we will be holding a meeting at the valley tearoom at 1pm to elect a new Chairperson.

If you would like to get involved please do. We have a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/RAGSpage/


All the best,


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