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Newsletter January 2019
Dear reader,
This month, Janet van Dam would like to advise you on medical thermography: with the help of digital infrared thermal imaging we are able to diagnose pathology in the breasts and in the whole body.
Janet van Dam, a thermal imaging specialist, is coming to our center every month to perform this test.
Best regards,
Bernadette Veeger 
D.I.T.I. Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging
Medical thermography or D.I.T.I. (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging) gives us a different way of looking at the body. The infrared camera can detect minute differences in body temperature, which show us how certain organs in the body are functioning. Different ranges of temperature reflected by the skin indicate processes that are happening underneath: in the breasts, organs, muscle tissue, in arteries and veins and in bone-structures and they can all be analyzed. The temperature in a healthy person is more or less the same on both sides of the body. An inflammation, anywhere in the body, can result in small changes in temperature in the skin, which is picked up by the ultra sensitive infrared camera.
Medical Thermography has been used in the U.S.A., Europe and Asia for the past 20 years. It became FDA approved in 1982 as an adjunct to mammography and ultrasound.
Breast Thermography
Non-Invasive, Easy, Quick, Reliable.
Medical Thermography offers women of all ages the opportunity to have a first line breast health check with a difference.
Breast Thermography is especially interested in finding subtle changes in the breast temperatures, which helps us build a picture over time of your breast health. Temperature changes may be due to changes in hormones, inflammation or an early sign of cancer.
Your first breast screening consists of 2 screenings: the initial screening and a second one 3 to 4 months after the first screening. Comparing the first screening with the second after this time will give a good stable record of your breast health for future thermal reference.
Thermography does not only try to identify a change in blood supply around the breasts / chest /armpits and upper back, it also visualizes all types of breast health issues, like inflammations, hormonal and fibrocystic activity (lumpy breasts), the latter being the most common complaint in women.
Your medical information and images are sent by email to a professional medical interpretation service, where specialized doctors will analyze all the data. You will get a report with the results within a few days.
If the thermographic results raise any concerns, an additional screening test may be advised. Solely on the basis of a mammogram or thermogram, no diagnosis can be made. It is the combination of thermography with other procedures which contributes to a more accurate diagnosis and the early, concise treatment in case of disease.
Medical Thermography has however proven itself as a safe early-risk marker for breast disease and is an excellent method for monitoring treatment results. By starting a monitoring routine early - especially in the group of younger women who are not yet offered conventional mammography - you can accurately monitor this group for breast disease.
Body Thermography
In a body thermography you can detect areas of inflammation and infections, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia or fever; slow healing after surgery; soft tissue injuries; nerve damage (RDS, Bell's Palsy); deep varicose veins; frozen shoulder; numbness and tingling in hands and feet; diabetic ulcers of the feet and legs.
For an appointment with Janet van Dam please call our center.
Latest News
  • Our specialists will be available for appointments on the following dates:
    • Dr. Pedro Chinchuretta, cardiologist: Thursday 7th of February.
    • Dr. Manio Maravic, neurologist: Wednesday 13th, 20th and 27th of February.
    • Dr. Vicente Aneri Más, dermatologist: Friday 8th of February 15th of March and 12th of April.
    • Dr. Victor Aguilar, gastroenterologist: Thursday 14th of February.
    • Janet van Dam, thermal imaging therapist: 7th, 8th, 11th and 12th of February.
  • Thursday 28th of February we will be closed for a national holiday.
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