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The so called "Mothers Act" could go to the Senate Floor for a vote today or tomorrow. With one mouse click at this site you can help kill it

I've been breaking my butt this past week helping Amy Philo get on a bunch of radio shows to generate opposition to it and today she was on the Gary Null show. Prior to that she was on The Power Hour with Joyce Riley, and if this thing goes on into next week I'll help her get on some more as well. Amy has been going great guns as an activist against this evil New World Order genocide legislation and was just on CBS evening news: see:

I also alerted Byron Richards of Wellness Resources, a tremendous vitamin company in Minnesota who was Johnny on the Spot by instantly creating the form letter at the first link above that you can send in to your Senators with one Mouse Click to drive a stake through the heart of this vampirish bill, and please check out his beautifully written article against the bill here:

Dear Readers,
In this Newsletter we are exposing an atrocious piece of legislation that is about to become law – The MOTHERS ACT – which brands Pregnancy as a Mental Illness. The real purpose of the legislation is to sell dangerous psychiatric medications to pregnant and nursing mothers for the profits of Big Pharma, exposing babies to serious risks including heart defects. Please take a minute and use our website to quickly and easily send a letter to your Senators. This legislation has already passed the House and could pass the Senate this week (prior to the two-week Easter Break starting Monday).

Branding Pregnancy as Mental Illness
The Mothers Act is pending legislation that will indoctrinate hundreds of thousands of mothers into taking dangerous psych drugs. It is a great example of how the Big Pharma lobby controls Congress to the detriment of health, as well as needlessly and dramatically inflating the costs of our health care system for everyone. Like any piece of legislation it purports to address a troubling issue – in this case the mood distress of mothers following birth known as postpartum depression.  Read more...

What can you do naturally?

In celebration of the miracle of birth and this wonderful natural process that is central to survival of the human race, I have completely and extensively updated my health topics for Prenatal and Postpartum nutrition – so that every woman can understand what to do during this important time to stay healthy and feel good. Please pass this on to others – there is no better information about pregnancy available to the public.

Prenatal Nutrition
The nutritional status of every woman of childbearing years is of immense importance to the future health and intelligence of our society. Important steps should be taken in preparation for pregnancy, during pregnancy, and following pregnancy not only for the health of the mother – but for the current health and future health of the child.  Read more...

Postpartum Nutrition
The birth of your children is one of the great joys in life. It is also a vulnerable time for both mother and child. It is truly unfortunate that families are not more aware of advanced nutritional science and how it can help ensure the postpartum time is relatively free of problems. 

In this Newsletter:
> Is Pregnancy Mental Illness?
> Prenatal Nutrition
Postpartum Nutrition

Release - The Leptin Diet: How Fit Is Your Fat?

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