The Lion's Roar
St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Chenango Bridge, NY
January 2014
From the Church Guy
     Did you know that January is "National Thank You Month"?
     I sure didn't know that.  And I can't find out who decided on it.  But I think it's a good idea.
     January is often a sad month.  The fun and excitement of the holiday season is over.  People often make resolutions they fail to keep almost immediately, and then get depressed.  The weather is, to say the least, maybe not the best of the year, and it's dark.  Lots of people get the blues this time of the year.
     The best antidote I know of for sadness is to count my blessings and to give thanks.  Take some action, and you'll feel better: write an unexpected thank you note to someone who has made a difference for you...make a list of the Top Ten Reasons I'm Thankful...picture what life would be like without those people you love so much who are still with you...take an inventory of what's really working in your life.
     Danke, grazie, merci, gracias, spasibo, thank matter how you say it, say it! 
                                                                         Father Mark +
 The Annual Meeting of St. Mark's Church
     Once a year, we are required by the rules of the Episcopal Church to hold an Annual Meeting.  Yes, it's required, but we try to make it fun!
     The meeting will take place at 11:30 on Sunday, January 19, 2014.  We have our meeting along with a meal together.  The people of St. Mark's love to eat together, and the fellowship is no less important than the necessary business.
     We will elect three new persons to the Vestry (see the nominees listed below), a Warden for a 2-year term and two Vestry members for 3-year terms.  We will also thank Senior Warden Faith White for her term now ending, and Jeff Jacobs and Tom Cirmo for their terms now ending.
     Our faithful Treasurer, Sue Surgent, will give us the financial statements on the year 2013, as well as present the budget for 2014 as approved by the Vestry at the December meeting.
     And we'll give thanks for the blessings that have been poured on our mid-sized Episcopal parish here in the southern tier!
2014 Vestry Nominees
     Warden:  Karen Van Kleeck (2 year term)
     Vestry member:  Carole Cirmo (3 year term)
                                Mina Tio (3 year term)
 Youth Group Overnight at Church
     Our teens love to be locked in at St. Mark's on a Friday night.  And so, by popular demand, and in spite of the Rector's loud groaning, we're doing it again.  The date is Friday, January 17, and it begins at 7:00 p.m.  All our kids in grades 7 - 12 are welcome.  Bring a sleeping bag and pillow (along with your personal toiletries), and a snack to share.  We'll be finished up at 8:30 Saturday morning.  We'll have games, food, fun, and maybe even learn something.       
 Here's What We Are Reading in Book Club
     Our discussion in January will center on THE DOVEKEEPERS by Alice Hoffman.  In 70 C.E. nine hundred Jews held out for months against armies of Romans on Masada, a mountain in the Judean desert.  According to ancient historian Josephus, two women and five children survived.  Based on this tragic and iconic event, Hoffman's novel is a spellbinding tale of four extraordinary bold, resourceful women.     
                                                                             Lillian Ruf
A New Episcopal Worship Experience: The Hungry Heart
     "The Hungry Heart" is a new ministry supported by Christ Church in Binghamton.  It's a non-traditional worship service designed for young adults, including those who call themselves "spiritual but not religious."  Everyone is welcome, but it specifically targets those in their 20s and 30s who are open to a creative, contemplative worship experience which looks and sounds different from Sunday morning worship in the Episcopal Church.
     The Rev. Kay Houck, the young priest at Zion, Windsor, is also the Coordinator for New Worship Development at Christ Church, and is the leader of this endeavor.
     "The Hungry Heart" gathers at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesdays in the lounge at Christ Church.  For more information, check out their Facebook page.
 2014 Calendars
     Thank you to all who purchased one (or more) of the God's Creation wall calendars.  The proceeds of the calendars go to help support our College Care ministry.  We have 9 calendars left. The cost is $6.00.  If you are interested in purchasing one please see Theresa Brom or Mary Taylor.       
Spring Women's Retreat
     A departure from the norm!  The date for the Sky Lake weekend retreat is April 26-27.  Registration will begin March 25th and end April 13th.  Accommodations at Sky Lake will be on a first come, first served basis, so please register early to be assured a spot.  Call Mary Taylor at 648-4400 to get on the list.  The cost has yet to be determined, but should be between $65 and $70 for an all inclusive stay.  More information will be forthcoming in future newsletters.
     We are really looking forward to the event and can't wait to see you there.
                                                                            Judy Kessler 
St. Mark's Table
     Due to our Annual Meeting and luncheon this month, we will not gather for St. Mark's Table.  We will see you all in February! 
Thank you St. Mark's Parishioners
     Thank you to all of our parishioners who made a pledge to St. Mark's Church.  Your generosity and support keep our church strong and caring.  Thank you!
2014 Pledge Envelopes
     It is time to start using your 2014 pledge envelopes - please throw out your 2013 envelopes!  Numbers are assigned to parishioners requesting envelopes each year. Numbers may stay the same for some and change for others due to the fact that new people may request envelopes and some parishioners may decide they no longer want to use pledge envelopes.  
     Also, remember that in order to include your donation on a statement we need to know who it came from.  In other words, if you put cash in an envelope without a name on it, that contribution goes to what is called 'loose plate' and no one receives credit for it.  If you use a pledge envelope, a check, or write your name on a plain envelope when contributing with cash we know where that contribution came from and can credit it to the appropriate parishioner.     
January Birthdays
Mary-Emma McRae 1/1/99 Dave Hoople 1/15

Katie Allen 1/1  Sandra Whittaker 1/16
Theresa Brom 1/4 Mark Phelps 1/17
Ann Hutchings 1/4
Val Young 1/17
Shamel Black 1/4 Elizabeth Jacobs 1/17/00
Sue Surgent 1/6 Leila Johnson 1/18
Melody Marinich 1/6 Amy Chianucci 1/19
Kenoa Tio 1/6/98 Grace Mellen 1/21
Loretta Place 1/6 Dave Rowley 1/21
Jenn Van Kleeck 1/8 Carl Wright 1/22
William Boyce 1/8/09
Deborah Arnold 1/23
Heather O'Connor 1/9 Carole Cirmo 1/23
Bob Zanot 1/9 Paula Giroux 1/25
Tony Guzenski 1/9 Diane Pierson 1/26
Sarah Place 1/9 Tracey Moppert 1/26
Peggy Knox 1/12 Lois McRoberts 1/28
Chris Samsel 1/13 Bill Black 1/30
Don Carlin 1/14 Sandy McDuffee 1/31
*  *  *  *
Anniversaries in January
Kevin & Tracey Moppert  1/1/2007 
*  *  *  *
For Your Calendar in January 
January 1
                Office Closed
12:00 noon Stasko/Deyo Wedding
January 2
7am        Men's Group @ Red Oak
7:30am   Women's Group @ Denny's
9am        Morning Prayer
6pm        Weight Watchers
January 3
4:30pm   Wedding rehearsal
January 4
2pm        Cooney/Lenga Wedding
January 5 - CHOW Sunday
8am          Holy Eucharist Rite I & Healing
10am        Holy Eucharist & Healing
9am          Bible Study
10am        Church School
11:30am   Choir
11:30am   Pizza with undecorating church
January 6
7pm       Al-Anon
January 7
             Diocesan Clergy Day in DeWitt
January 8
1pm       Prayer Shawl Ministry
12noon   Interfaith clergy lunch @ St. Mark's
January 9
            Rector to Commission on Ministry in Liverpool
7am      Men's Group @ Red Oak
7:30am Women's Groups @ Denny's
9am      Morning Prayer ?????
6pm      Weight Watchers
January 12
8am & 10am  Holy Eucharist
9am              Bible Study
10am            Church School
11:30am       Choir
January 13
7pm      Al-Anon
January 14
9am       Guy's Breakfast @ Red Oak
January 16
7am      Men's Group @ Red Oak
7:30am Women's Group @ Denny's
9am      Morning Prayer
6pm      Weight Watchers
January 17
12noon    Singles Ministry - out to lunch- weather permitting
7pm         E.Y.F. Overnight
January 19
8am & 10am  Holy Eucharist
9am              Bible Study
10am            Church school
11:30am       Annual Meeting 
January 20
7pm      Al-Anon
January 22
7:30am   Clericus
7pm        Altar Guild meeting
January 23
7am      Men's Group @ Red Oak
7:30am Women's Group @ Denny's
9am      Morning Prayer
6pm      Weight Watchers
January 26
8am & 10am  Holy Eucharist
9am              Bible Study
10am            Church school
11am            Canteen
11:30am       Choir 
January 27
7pm      Al-Anon
January 28
9am      Guy's Breakfast @ Red Oak
January 30
7am        Men's Group @ Red Oak
7:30am   Women's Group @ Denny's
9am        Morning Prayer
6pm        Weight Watchers
St. Mark's Episcopal Church, P.O. Box 458, Chenango Bridge, NY,