Award-winning Writer/Director Kevin P. Miller will be appearing on 'Coast
to Coast AM with George Noory' TONIGHT, Thursday June 11th at 10-11pm
Miller has been a staunch health freedom advocate for 20 years, beginning
with his award-winning film LET TRUTH BE THE BIAS. His 2005 Film WE BECOME
SILENT ( ) about Codex Alimentarius is still the only documentary in the world
about this critical topic.
Kevin will be discussing threats to health freedom, the FDA and his new
film, GENERATION RX — a powerful documentary about the drugging of
children with psychiatric medicines.
To find the radio station and times in your area, please Check your local
listings here:
IAHF NOTE: This is a VERY IMPORTANT George Noory interview- and I strongly encourage all of you on the IAHF list to TUNE IN and to forward this alert to lots more people to urge THEM to tune in too. We badly need to make an updated version of Kevin's film "We Become Silent" which at this point is several years old. It MUST be updated to include the issue of FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico which is HOW CODEX is being ushered into North America: see IAHF Take Action Section
I know many of you have long since signed my petition in cyberspace accessable from the link above. The petition has over 25,000 signatures, but it won't mean ANYTHING if we're not able to get an updated version of Kevin's film made. I need ALL of you to buy Kevin's films from his site and I need ALL of you to urgently forward this to everyone you know and call them urging them to tune this show in.
We cannot fail in our efforts to get Kevin Miller the support he needs to make this new film because if we do, we're toast, we will NOT be able to defend health freedom in America- its THAT important because only via this film will we have a chance to pressure congress sufficiently to overcome Pharma's blockade on Congressional oversight on FDA's illegal harmonization efforts with Canada and Mexico.
Trust me, I know this more than anyone. I've done the "boots on the ground" lobbying on Capital hill on this issue and I ran up against the proverbial BRICK WALL trying to get oversight thus far. I need a MUCH BIGGER LEVER, and Kevin and I need YOUR HELP to GET that LEVER.
Please buy one of Kevin's films now to help us make this new one, and if you already have, please by several more copies, get them to your friends, and urge them to do the same- go to  Now please SNOWBALL THIS after first remembering to delete the unsub link at the bottom! We CAN WIN, but not if we sit on our HANDS!!! You MUST ACT NOW!!!