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Here we are again with some nice treats for you freaks to survive the summertime!
Next to some exciting event that are worthy to put in your agenda we have also some goodies to give away … yeah yeah we know … we are simply to good for this world :-)

Anyway, for those amongst you that like to win one of the 5 KMFDM ‘KRIEG’ remix albums or a tour poster there is no time to waste! All you have to do to enter this competition is to have your ticket ordered on www.bodybeats.be BEFORE Sunday 27th June midnight and paid before the day of the show, June 30th! The names of the winners and prizes will be available at box-office.

Another thing we want to draw you attention to, is to vote LIZARD SMILE on the Mera-Luna Festival! Read more about it below and support your (local) scene!
Meanwhile we hope to able to announce some new events soon as well as the complete BIMFEST 2010 line-up!

Cu soon!
30/06 KMFDM + REVCO WORLD @Trix Club - Antwerp - B
 BodyBeats Productions presents
(Kein Mehrheit Fur Die Mitleid)
+ REVCO WORLD feat. Luc Van Acker
KMFDM or roughly Translated: No Pity for the Majority Spawned in Germany during 1984, and pioneered the crossover between techno/dance and heavy metal with their signature industrial sound. Moving to Chicago in the mid-80' s KMFDM was the pride of Wax Trax Records during the label's peak. The band brought in 2010 with a bang, releasing Krieg, 12 tracks of new, diverse and exciting remixes of tracks from Blitz reworked by top names across the musical spectrum. The self-proclaimed fathers of industrial-rock show no signs of stopping! REVCO WORLD, the Revolting Cocks tribute band of Luc Van Acker was invited by Kapt'n K himself to support the Antwerp KMFDM show! So be ready for a feast!
Tickets are limited! Order now on www.bodybeats.be and win a CD!
08/07 Martin Deville's Sigue Sigue Sputnik @MoonlightFest
 BodyBeats Production & Fano Moonlight Festival present:


The organizers of the Italian Fano Moonlight Festival have invited Martin Degville’s Sigue Sigue Sputnik to headline the main stage on Thursday 8th of July. The festival is free and takes place on the airport of Fano, Italy and lasts 3 days.
Some of the other bands performing on the festival are Red Zebra, The Names, A Certain Ratio, Peter Hook and Covenant .
17/07 DIVE + DJ BORG @ Gothic Festival - Waregem - B
 The Black Cave & BodyBeats Productions present
16/17/18 JULY - EXPO - WAREGEM - B

Like every year, BodyBeats will be present at the renowned Gothic Festival to support our local scene. Next our promo stall with loads of official BodyBeats band merch like cd’s and T-shirts, we have this year DIVE ripping apart the club stage with his harsh, pounding industrial noises and screaming vocals while DJ BORG will make you dance and sweat into the night on the best danceable weird shit out there!
Some other bands playing that same night (17/07) are Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly!
Don’t say we didn’t warn you!   More info on www.gothicfestival.be
07/08 LIZARD SMILE @ Mera-Luna Festival? It's up to you!
 BodyBeats Production presents:

LIZARD SMILE @ Mera-Luna Festival 2010
That would be a nice thing to announce, not? It’s clear the Mera-Luna festival needs some Belgian talent on stage! But to achieve that we need your help and it only takes 1 minute of your precious time! All you have to do is click the link below and vote for your favorite band! Even if you're not really into the high quality Goth-Glam-Bath-Cave-Rock of LIZARD SMILE, which we can hardly believe, but still …
Your supportive vote will be appreciated and can make the difference!
Please click Yes! We can! to vote!
25/09 THE NEON JUDGEMENT - Docu-vision @ Trix Club
 BodyBeats Production presents:

On this night you will not only be the first to see the brand new ‘rockumentary’ movie with never before seen vintage footage as well as interviews with prominent people from today’s music scene like The Hacker & Patrick Codenys (Front 242), to name a few…
But also you will be the first to witness of a special and exclusive TNJ live concert with an extraordinary playlist that will contain of course allot of their classics tracks, some never before live performed or almost forgotten TNJ tracks.
To end this evening in even more beauty we invited DJ NICK from the legendary New-Wave Club AVANTGARDE (St-Niklaas, B) who will, together with our resident DJ BORG invite you on the dance Tickets are limited so order them now! > www.bodybeats.be
Gates: 20h00    Docu-vision: 20h30        Presale dammage: € 15
Location: Trix Club, noordersingel 28, Borgerhout, Belgium
And a grasp of some more things to come ...
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So, musical & party friends, that's all for now ... But rest assure ... there's is still more to come!
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