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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
July 1, 2012
Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia - Volume 13, Issue 687

  • Gwyn's Drawing
  • SI Motor Vehicle Registration
  • SI Fire Shed Dinner
  • Offshore Wine Tasting
  • SI Fire Brigade Matters
  • SIRA Membership Renewal
  • History Corner with Leicester Warburton
  • Margaret Molloy Birthday Celebration photos
  • Author Talks
  • Local Council Notices
  • Bothams Beach Bush Regen.
  • To Rent
  • Wanted
  • For Sale
  • The Local Contact Guide
  • Join SIRA
  • Archived Newsletters
  • Your subscription Information

  • Gwyn's Drawing
    Picking up the Mail !

    To download a full version (A4 size) of the drawing, ready for printing,  just click on the calendar image.

    You can contact Gwyn Perkins by email at g.perkins@gwyn.com.au



    Scotland Island Annual Motor Vehicle Registration
    SATURDAY, JULY 7, 2012

    BACKGROUND:  In 1995, SIRA arranged for the removal of 15 unregistered vehicles, plus 1 truck!  There was significant concern amongst members of the community about the lack of third party liability cover for these vehicles. To assist vehicle owners with registering their vehicles SIRA negotiated and obtained permission for the Fireshed to become a registered inspection station.  Pink slips are issued annually and are valid until the registration date within the year.  Warriewood RTA is aware of this arrangement and renewals are accepted with these pink slips.

    SIRA supports the registration of all motor vehicles on Scotland Island.  Residents with unregistered vehicles in use are putting the community at risk through the lack of third party liability cover.  Should an accident ever occur that results in injury to the driver, passengers or pedestrians, it would devastate our community. 

    PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE AND MAKE YOUR VEHICLES AVAILABLE FOR REGISTRATION.  If your vehicle does not pass registration or you are currently the user of an unregistered vehicle SIRA requests that it be removed from the Island.


    COST:    $60.00  PER VEHICLE $10.00  S.I.R.F.B. $70.00 TOTAL




    Scotland Island Winter Fire Shed Dinner
    Saturday July 7th, 7pm


    Indonesian Dinner by Robyn & Tim
     Includes Dessert

    Adults $20
    Children under 12 $5

    Pittwater Offshore Wine Syndicate
    Wine Tasting Sunday 8th July 3-5pm



    Brrr...Winter Chills are best treated with a combination Paracetamol/Pseudoephedrine/Phenyephrine drug combination. What a load of rubbish!

    Winter chills are best treated with one or two glasses of your favourite wine from the new tasting collection from the Wine Syndicate. You know that, I know that and so we are all keenly awaiting the latest collection.

    The next tasting is on Sunday 8th July 2012 from 3pm at the home of George and Deryn on beautiful Scotland Island.

    If you are new to the syndicate, download the tasting notes (see below), bring them with you as well as your tasting glass and a plate of nibbles to contribute to the afternoon, and have some fun.

    Download Wine Tasting Notes HERE

    Please enter this date in your diary this very minute.
    See you there.

    Your Brigade
    Fire Brigade Matters - WATER
    Water is the main outside resource in the fighting of fires, although Pittwater is always at hand we are in most cases away from the waterfront going to be looking to use tank water. We carry some water on the two firetrucks for immediate use, but in an emergency we have the right to tap into private residents water tanks.

    On arrival at a fire one of the crew is sent to ‘find water’ in nearby tanks whilst the fire is fought with the limited water on the trucks. For this reason we ask that residents keep their water tanks as full as possible at all times, especially in the fire season. It is in the  fire season (the hotter months) when water usage may be highest so it is  important to make regular checks of your tanks to ensure enough water is available for firebrigade use should the need arise.

    We carry small portable pumps on the trucks, and can therefore pump from your tank, it is however possible and preferable to fit a Stortz valve on your  tanks outlet to enable immediate firebrigade connection of our 38mm hose.  They are easy to fit, I have one that I fitted myself, fitted in line (no need to empty the tank) just ahead of the water lines connection to the tank, and ahead of the tanks on-off valve. You will need a 38mm Stortz valve available from Waterworks in Narrabeen and elsewhere.

    In a bushfire emergency the firebrigade will take control of the Islands’ emergency water supply, we can then tap into any of the standpipes in the waterline around the Island. This however should not dissuade you from fitting a Stortz valve on your tank or from making sure your tank is kept as full as possible as private tanks would be first priority in our search for water as we need to work quickly for a house fire or bushfire.

    We have had one or two new people come forward to apply for active membership, which is very good, if you think you can make the commitment to active membership please contact me (details below) or talk to any member of the brigade.

    David Wardman
    9999 5944



    Another year has flown by and SIRA membership for 2012 - 2013 is now due.

    Please complete the form, all householders over 18 to sign, and return with $20.00 to:
    SIRA, PO Box 70, Church Point.

    click here to download membership form

    New residents can find more information on SIRA activities and Island information on the website: www.scotlandisland.org.au

    A new edition of the POD (Pittwater Offshore Directory) is planned for next year.  More details will be forthcoming closer to the production date and advertising copy will be invited for inclusion in this 5th edition.


    History Corner with Leicester Warburton

    When Andrew Thompson died on October 22, 1810, at the age of 37, Governor Macquarie attended his funeral as Chief Mourner. The rigidly conservative and influential preacher, the Reverend Samuel Marsden stayed on his plebe, the land attached to his parish church at Parramatta. Not even death could persuade him to give public recognition to "an evil-liver" for Marsden believed that his superiors in England would never approve of him associating with an ex-convict. He felt that this disapproval might not only besmirch his sacred character but also cause him to lose the respect of the people under his care. Such were the religious intolerances of the time.
    A few days later, the Sydney Gazette, which was edited by an emancipist like Thompson, wrote of Thompson's success in accumulating considerable property after his early lapse of rectitude. Only just under 10 months earlier, on January 1 of the same year, Macquarie had rewarded Thompson for his many community services with the grant to him of Scotland Island for an annual rent of three shillings. (See attached historic draft of the official agreement. Note the Government's right to "make a public road"!)

    At Thompson's funeral Macquarie paid generous tribute to Thompson saying "This most useful and valuable man closed his earthly career on the 22 day of October at Windsor of which he was the principal founder in the thirty-seventh year of his age with the hope of eternal life". In this way Thompson's death became the occasion for the first statement that the country belonged to deserving emancipists. At the same time Governor Macquarie identified himself more closely with their aspirations by earlier writing a tribute to Thompson in which he pointed out that "by persevering industry and a diligent attention to the command of his superiors he had raised himself to that state of respectability and affluence . His appointment as a JP also helped to restore him to that rank in society he had forfeited".

    These words made a profound impression on the grateful Thompson that he bequeathed a quarter of his fortune of 36,000 pounds (the equivalent of millions today) to the governor. His estate had included 1585 acres of prime land. A distillation of Macquarie's words appeared on Thompson's headstone.

    As for the Reverend Marsden, 20 years later, in the district where he had taken his unforgiving stand against Thompson's lapse from rectitude, he suffered a fatal heart attack.
    Excerpt from Sydney Gazette - 1810
    National Library of Australia - Trove

    At Hawkesbury, Green Hills, on Monday the
    22d Instant, after a lingering and severe illness,
    aged 37, ANDREW THOMPSON, Esq. Magistrate of that District. In retracing the last twenty years of the life of this exemplary and much  lamented Character will not be held uncharitable to glance at the lapse from rectitude which in  an early and inexperienced period of youth destined him to these shores, since it will stamp a more honourable Tribute to his Memory to have it recorded, that from his first arrival in this Country he uniformly conducted himself with that strict regard to morality and integrity, as to obtain and enjoy the countenance and protection of several succeeding Governors; active, intelligent and  industrious, of manners mild and conciliatory,with a heart generous and humane, Mr. THOMPSON was enabled to accumulate considerable property; and what was more valuable to him, to possess the confidence and esteem of some of the most distinguished Characters in this Country; the consciousness of which surmounted the private solicitude of revisiting his native Country, and led him rather to yield to the wish of passing the evening of his life where his manhood had been meritoriously exerted, than of returning to the land which gave him birth. Mr. THOMPSON's intrinsic good qualities were appreciated by His EXCELLENCY the present GOVERNOR, who soon after his arrival here was pleased to appoint him a Magistrate, for which situation Mr. THOMPSON's natural good sense and a superior knowledge of the Laws of his Country peculiarly qualified him.

    Nor can we close this Tribute to his Memory
    without recurring to the important services Mr.      
    THOMPSON rendered this Colony, and many of hisfellow-creatures, during the heavy and public distresses which the floods at the Hawkesbury produced amongst the Settlers in that extensive District; Mr. THOMPSON's exertions were on a late occasion for two days and two nights unremittingly directed to the assistance of the sufferers, and we     hasten to add, that in these offices of humanity, he not only exposed himself to personal danger, but  laid the foundation for that illness which has de- prived the World of a valuable Life.    

    During the unfortunate Disturbances which      
    lately disrupted this Colony, he, whose death we
    now lament held on the even "Tenor of his Way,"   and acquitted himself with mildness, moderation         and wisdom, and when the ruthless Hand of Death arrested his earthly career, he yielded with becoming fortitude, and left this World for a better,with humble and devout resignation, and anexemplary confidence in the Mercies of his GOD!


    Margaret Molly 80 Birthday Celebration
    Images by June Lahm

    Full size images can be seen at the Offshore Photo Gallery HERE




    AUTHOR TALK AuthorTalk

    Two Feet Forward
    Authors Share the Adventures of a Lifetime -
    Linda Benton and David Rule

    Mona Vale Library will host co-authors Linda Benton and David Rule who share their amazing journey through 22 countries in their recently published adventure journal Two Feet Forward on Thursday 5 July.

    Linda Benton and David Rule were both made redundant at the time of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC).  Meeting through a mutual friend, they soon realised they had both shared a desire to travel and used the GFC as an opportunity to live their wildest dreams.

    They took a leap of faith, packed up their lives and set off for a journey that covered 22 countries over nine months.

    Events Librarian Catherine Buddin said their book is a visual adventure, taking the reader on a journey of fun and sharing a light-hearted love story in rare and picturesque locations.

    “The book is beautifully presented and captures recipes, memories, budgeting tips and stunning photography,” said Ms Buddin.

    David Rule has a background in finance and has returned to his career managing sales, marketing and events for Two Feet Forward.  Linda Benton has a background in graphic design which she has drawn on to produce this visually engaging book.

    As well as being a travelogue, the book also provides inspiration on how to manage a dramatic shift in life plans such as the sudden redundancy experienced by the two authors.

    The talk will be held on Thursday 5 July from 6.30pm to 8pm at Mona Vale Library.
    Mona Vale Library is located at 1 Park Street, Mona Vale.

    Bookings are essential; to book phone 9970 1600. Following the talk there will be book signings and light refreshments.  Admission is $8 adult, $6 concession.

    Learn more about Two Feet Forward at www.twofeetforward.com.au


    Local Council Notices

    Families in Pittwater now have access to a confidential referral service launched last week and provided by Relationships Australia through their ‘Community Builders’ program.

    The program has been extended to Avalon, with a project worker from Relationships Australia located at the Avalon Early Childhood Centre every Friday from 9.30am to 2.30pm.

    Pittwater Council’s Mayor Cr Harvey Rose said the program, which was funded by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services, aimed to build stronger communities.

    “The program provides a support worker to help individuals and community groups with referrals for services they may need,” added Cr Rose.

    Sue Johansson from Relationships Australia said the focus of the Community Builders program was to connect with families.

    “Often many young families are faced with difficult decisions, and don’t know where to turn for advice or support,” she said.

    “Our program offers a one-stop-shop service, where residents across Pittwater can seek free confidential advice on all matters affecting their families,” said Ms Johansson.

    To launch the program Relationships Australia will hold a 'Resilient Kids' workshop for parents of primary aged children at Avalon Recreation Centre. The workshop is on Wednesday 27 June at 7pm. Bookings are essential by calling 1300 734 120 or emailing cbpittwater@ransw.org.au

    Residents are welcome to drop in for a chat each Friday at the Early Childhood Centre, located at 59 Old Barrenjoey Road. Residents can also call 1300 734 120 to make a confidential appointment regarding any issue.

    To learn more about Relationships Australia and the Community Builder’s program visit

    Media contact:
    Melinda Hewitt
    Ph: 9970 1170


    Pittwater Council and the Pittwater Natural Heritage Association will hold a free workshop on Pittwater’s weeds next month.

    Residents can learn all about which weeds are native to the Pittwater area and how to deal with them on Saturday 21 July between 1pm and 3pm.

    The workshop will be held at the Coastal Environment Centre, Lake Park Road Narrabeen, hosted by local experts.

    Council’s Natural Environment and Education Manager Mark Beharrell said the workshop was designed to help residents identify local weeds, particularly those likely to spread from their gardens.

    “Our bushcare experts will explain what a noxious weed is and how to remove them, using tools to assist in the process. Residents will also get advice on the best natives to plant once the weeds have been removed.”

    Mr Beharrell residents were encouraged to bring along an example of a weed they are having trouble eliminating as well as any questions for our local experts.

    “You’ll have an opportunity to find out how to get involved in one of Council’s many bushcare groups.”

    Attendance at the weed workshop is free and refreshments will be provided.

    Bookings are essential and can be made online at www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au/cecbookings

    Media contact:

    Sonja Elwood, Pittwater Council Ph: 9970 1308


    Bothams Beach Bush Regeneration

    The Pittwater Environmental Foundation is committed to restoring the endangered Spotted Gum Forest on the foreshore at Bothams Beach at the entrance to McCarrs Creek, west of Holmeport.

    Weeds are disappearing and native plants sprouting, transforming this lovely patch of Spotted Gum Forest into healthy bushland once more. But we need help with some extra weeding and planting of native plant tubestock.

    The Pittwater Environmental Foundation was set up by Council as an independent body to attract donations and seek other funding to support preserve and enhance our native bush. The restoration of the Spotted Gum Forest foreshore at Botham Beach is one of six projects currently funded by the Foundation

    We'll be there 8.30 to 11.30 on:

    July: Thursday 5th and Tuesday 17th:
    August: Thursday 2nd, Tuesday 14th
    September: Thursday 6th, Tuesday 18th

    Tools, training and morning tea provided. Even an hour or two will help the restoration of this site.

    Entry is opposite 55 McCarrs Creek Rd. The track to the site starts near the green telecommunication kiosk.

    Funding from Hawkesbury Nepean Catchment Management Authority has enabled the Foundation to provide onsite management through Pittwater Council and heavy duty bush regeneration contract work through private contractor Big Picture Bush Regeneration.

    T: Lesley Stevens 9979 9477
    E: contact@pittwaterenvironmentalfoundation.org.au
    W: www.pittwaterenvironmentalfoundation.org.au


    To Rent
    Large Room..
    Large Room to rent on Scotland Island Water front House 160pw
    Female preferred avaliable @ the end of July
    Phone 040 2583 230

    Water Tank

    If anyone has one available.
    Any size is acceptable just as long as it can collect water as a holding tank.


    For Sale
    Leather Lounges
    Leather lounges for sale.
    Chocalate colored and in great nik.3 seater, 2.5 seater with matching arm chair and matching ottoman.pick up from Florence Terrace.
    Very good condition.  $680.00
    Contact Essie 0418253870.


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    Scotland Island Traders - On-line shopping from your computer, through your door on Scotland Island. Contact Graeme on 0419 460 331 or click here for full details
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    Nila Chambers - Celebrant (marriages, funerals etc)  Discount for all offshore residents. 9999 2445
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    Electrician Wayne on Scotland Island 0418 229 277 - offshore community sparky - www.sparky.com.au

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    Pilates, Meditation and Group Fitness with Patrice -  0406 483 036 patrice.corrie@gmail.com
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    Art with Max - Watercolour classes. Phone Max on 9997 4527
    Art Classes- drawing and painting in oils, acrylics and mixed media- Marion 9979 3993 or 0431 457 431
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    Offshore a capella choir –  Saturdays at 2:30 pm, SI Community Hall. Call Gordon on 9997 2035.

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