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Award-winning author Lorraine Elzia is the author of "Mistress Memoirs" and "Ask Nicely and I Might." Visit Lorraine online to learn more!
Shift into Your New Season...
As we come to the close of another year it is not unusual to reflect on the year that has passed as we embark upon the year to come. And whether we managed to complete all our goals and accomplish all our resolutions or not the fact we are still here is a testament to the grace and faithfulness of God. We have one more opportunity to get it right. Another opportunity to show up and be present in on our own lives. However being present isn't always easy.  
It requires one to identify their truth; looking in the mirror at the reflection and seeing who you really are rather than who you've allowed people to say you are. Failing to do this causes us to waste time on a cover up that stops us from living the authentic life God designed for us to live-raw, unencumbered, pure.
As we move into the new year let's covenant to identify who we are; to be comfortable doing and being what is natural to us. Let's Do the work necessary to become all we can be. After all knowledge is only power when its used. Let's align ourselves with people who are purposeful and remove those who bring us down. Learn what you fear and have the courage to confront it. Finally beloveds know what you have, know what it takes to get what you want, and know you are more than enough. God has impregnated you with purpose and with greatness. Don't allow the enemy to abort what God has already ordained.
Happy Holidays!
Evangelist Cheryl Lacey Donovan
The F.A.I.T.H. Walker
(Fearless Anointed Inspiring Thought Provoking and His)
Jacqueline D. Moore's
the issue of Sexual Abuse head-on...
Peace In The Storm Publishing invites you to join our crusade to have Jacqueline D. Moore's Chains of Deception nominated for an NAACP IMAGE AWARD for her outstanding contribution to literature and for having the courage to make a difference.
Please hashtag #ImageAwards and submit your support for Jackie to @NAACP and @naacpimageaward.
It is with Heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation that we extend our warmest gratitutde for joining us in honor and support of Jacqueline D. Moore.

Sharel E. Gordon-Love returns in 2014...
Sharel E. Gordon-Love returns in 2014 with
Change Me for My Season. Peace In The Storm Publishing is proud to present this new profound work of art from the award-nominated storyteller.
Elissa Gabrielle was interviewed by and featured in Black Expressions!

Full Interview here: http://alturl.com/i352f
Happy Holidays from Peace In The Storm Publishing!

The Storytellers of Peace  In The Storm Publishing wish for you a holiday that's better than your dreams. We pray that the New Year brings you all the desires of your heart.

A NOTE to all the DREAMERS out there.  Make your dreams come true in the New Year.
2014 is your year!


This goes out to all of the dreamers and the people on the voyage to fulfilling those dreams. Although I am nowhere near where I want to be in my literary career, I am very far from the place I started. I understand how hard it is to pursue your passion and purpose when the world is telling you “No,” in so many ways every chance it gets. Don’t give up.

It is a beautiful thing to HONOR how far you’ve come in the first place on this journey because someone needs to see and understand that impossible circumstances can make possible miracles. Amen?

If you can give thanks for the little things you will always find that you have enough. And, if you’re blessed enough to surpass that, you’ll always be grateful. But you can’t give up.

My Dreamers, don’t give up. Even when you’re tired. Don’t give up. The world is full of abundance. There is a place for you at the table. Never, ever give up.