IAHF List: This makes it very easy to oppose the Stimulus package conference report which will be voted on either today (Friday) or on the weekend. Please take a minute to go to the website below where with one mouse click you can help defend this country from its planned destruction.
If we fail to oppose this nonsense, we'll see our nation destroyed by the rampant inflation this pork laden spending bill will cause. Moreover, the Medical IT section creates a new bureaucracy just as dangerous as the FDA that would be used to digitize our medical records to track us like dogs and so the government would be able to micromanage all health care decisions- removing us and our doctors from the decisionmaking process. This is a DIRECT ATTACK on alternative practitioners who will be rapidly driven out of business if we fail to stop this.
I am going to DC on Saturday, and will be there through the following Saturday addressing health freedom issues. Please forward this widely and urge massive action after taking action yourself!!! Note that the evil bastards are laying this on us on Friday the 13th. I'm sure they think thats very funny, but I don't.
Congress, Vote NO on the Spending, oops, Stimulus Package Conference Report!

Take Action Immediately! A vote on the Stimulus Package Conference Report is expected in both the House and the Senate today, Friday, February 13.
Conclusion: It's high time for We the People to demand from Congress: (1) accountability; (2) fiscal responsibility, and (3) trimming government back to the size specified by the U.S. Constitution.

Tell your representative and senators to vote NO on the Stimulus Package conference report!

Take Action Now!

P.S. If you live in Pennsylvania or Maine, take special care to convince Senators Specter, Snowe, and Collins to vote NO. Their votes in support of the Stimulus Package enabled the Senate version of the bill to be passed without complications due to filibuster and would enable passage of this conference report also.